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  1. Put zip ties or twist ties on the outward loops of the retaining spring before installing the tranny - when fighting to install my 5 speed I kept bumping the spring back into the housing (I was getting very frustrated...there was a lot of swearing) Have the same jack. Place something non-slippery on the top of it before adding tranny - if not, metal on metal can be rather slippery, especially when you are fighting to line the tranny up with the motor. Note, having a 5 speed land on your outstretched arm hurts! Just saying.
  2. Malaga! Don't have to squint at it on a bright sunny day like I do with Chamonix! 🙂
  3. +1 on first making sure the throttle linkages, components in the tuna can, and gas pedal pivots are tight but move freely. Also check to make sure the rear horn of the air cleaner assembly isn't making contact with the throttle linkage when returns to its top range of motion. Found that once on my tii. Just needed to twist the horn up a smidge. If all of the above checks out, I would start looking for a vacuum leak... John
  4. Yes it does Checked a number of locations in Canada including QC before posting. My step son is in fourth year at Bishops U. 🙂
  5. Note: In the first pic, the black mark on the right spoke is a reflection from something in the room. It is not a blemish. Another pic attached.
  6. 360 mm Nardi Classic in nice shape. No nicks or scratches in the wood. Comes with mounting hardware, trim ring, and Nardi horn button. $225 USD includes shipping to lower 48.
  7. Hi Steve - not sure what's up but over the past week have found FAQ pages to be loading slowly and sometimes I have to wait a long time for links to turn active. Sometimes, after following a link, returning to the previous page takes a long time and/or the page only loads partially. Occasionally, Chrome indicates the site is unresponsive and asks whether to wait or reload. Using Chrome Version 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit). Not having this problem on any other web sites. Tried clearing my cache but that didn't help. Have the problem on both my desktop, laptop and smart phone. Using McAfee as my virus checker. Windows 10 on the two computers. Android for the phone. Thanks for all that you do! John
  8. Good to know. He /they replied to my recent parts wanted request using the exact same wording. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Can't find the part number anywhere. This is the black plastic panel that fills the hole in the cowl beside the left front corner of the battery. See picture. PM me with cost and shipping to Canada, V0N2W2. Thanks
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