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  1. Rogerstii has them on their site
  2. Looks like great weather. Plan to come from the Sunshine Coast on the first ferry.
  3. JAS

    tii Water Diverter

    Thanks. Was unaware of this. Decided to purchase new from Maximillian. However, still looking for a reasonably priced second one for my spare tii engine. Lesson learned the hard way. Broke the short ears off two diverters before I realized the long stud on the manifold was slightly angled (bent) towards the direction of the radiator.
  4. Looking for a tii water diverter (11531255158) in good shape.
  5. That sounds encouraging! Would be nice to lose the vibrating hood :-)
  6. The driver's side on mine has separated. Spoke with an autobody pro about it. Not sure about the 3M Automix Flexible Foam Harold mentioned, but the autobody guy warned me that applying an adhesive might "suck" the skin down too far if the hood's frame wasn't perfect. As my hood's frame is slightly out of wack, I chose to leave it as is. I can see it vibrate a bit as I drive but I can live with it. Will have to read up on that 3M stuff though...perhaps it doesn't shrink when cured. J
  7. By 'clock' I assume you mean orientation? Here's a photo of one of mine, showing the arrow pointing towards the body when mounted. Is this one clocked correctly?
  8. Pair found. Thanks BavarianKlasse.
  9. Looking for a pair of 3 dot upper rear spring mounts (PN 33533450106) in good condition. Shipping to Canada, V0N 2W2. Thanks.
  10. 😂 Said almost the same thing just the other day! Too funny!
  11. Your engine should have the hook bracket as circled on the pic.
  12. When I walk into my garage and see that iconic styling that I fell in love with as a teenager in the 1970s, I smile. See the thumbs up from drivers and pedestrians as I drive through town? Smile again. Hear that amazing sound the M10 puts out past 4K RPM? Bigger smile. Toss it into a curve and power into the next? Big, stupid grin! Gone up in value? Cool. But not the reason I own my 02.

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