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  1. Hi there, still have shifter platform plate + lever + selector rod + support lever (25111203776 + 25111201562 + 23411466115 + 25111201238) and the battery tray?
  2. I have spares for the Left side so I could trade? here is what I need...
  3. Need the Right side front window guide with rollers. I have 2 spare Left window guides available for trade perhaps?
  4. I have 3 of these and all for the LEFT side! I need 1 for the RIGHT window. Please help!
  5. from your broken transmission? need the 4 hole output flange ( and nut and lockplate would be nice.. this is the fine spline version thx
  6. arifeder


  7. looking for a pair of halfshafts to do the lsd currently I have 1974 2002 hubs on the trailing arms, the e21 diff and a pair of original 2002 halfshafts.
  8. Hi Andrew, sent you an email, not sure if I got the address right? im curious what exactly does the +$55 x1 OEM Hardware Package (includes retainer clips, insulators, grommets, and rear T-fitting) Include?
  9. what agm battery fits under the back seat???
  10. thanks for this diagram! very helpful. I know there are 3 lines through the car for fuel, 2 plastic ones inside the car and one metal pipe under the car on the drivers side. there is one supply one return and one vapor return line... so is the metal pipe for supply and the plastic lines for the returns I lost my metal line (dont ask how!) this is an nla part. also, I dont remember and activated charcoal filter in the vapor return?
  11. I am restoring a US1974 tii. I have read different accounts regarding the fuel system and would like to see a diagram showing the entire fuel supply and return system from tank to k-fish pump, including the vapor canister behind the rear seat. Is there such a diagram out there?
  12. any quarter window angle supports? the ones that bolt on with the door hinges? also any idea how to replace the undercar solid metal Tii fuel pipe? lost in the resto
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