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  1. Crap, my mistake. Looked at too many cars in a row - I thought this was a '76.
  2. Is it safe to assume that this car has to be smogged in here in CA? Any problems with that?
  3. LOL. Not on purpose - mine has bottle caps, too. What color and year is it?
  4. Oops, sorry for the multiple post then. I searched for it, but it was from my phone and all I found was a thread about NorCal guys cruising down together. Here's all I saw that was '02-licious, along with some other favorite finds, etc. - remember, you asked for it.
  5. Great show, and just an overwhelming number of BMWs in one place. I've been meaning to make this show for about 25 years, and finally did it - and was incredibly impressed. Was happy to see quite a few more '02s than expected, too. (Got pics of just about all of them, if anyone's interested) Would be interested to know if any of them belonged to someone here!
  6. Good stuff! Here's my son (now 26!) and I back in '91 or so, right after the car's original re-furbishing:
  7. ^ You beat me to it! Still, whatever you choose to call it, OP, your car looks great!
  8. Excellent - thanks, guys. And yes, just rolling; no cornering or braking forces involved. I figured they'd work, but it was nice to verify before driving 60+ miles round trip to my storage unit and digging them out from under all the other crap!
  9. Very nice! I wish I was at your point now!
  10. I need something just as rolling stock on my '74 for working on it and transporting it. I've got a nearly new set of '93 Miata 14" alloy wheels in storage (the ones that kind of look like Panasports). Does anyone know if they'll work??? TIA -
  11. I drove mine for about 2 years on a 60-ish mile round-trip commute and managed about 23MPG in L.A. traffic...right up until my darling ex-wife decided it was OK to continue driving it home after it had over-heated...
  12. It's the Greek Steve McQueen!
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