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  1. http://gawker.com/everyday-superhero-in-trouble-for-using-city-asphalt-to-743289494 I like to imagine the trunk is just full of asphalt, as if it were a dump bed, but he's probably more practical.
  2. Hi, With about 40 miles left in a 600 mile trip I noticed a sulfur smell, assumed it was a combustion issue and decided to deal with when the drive was finished. Well, as the subject of this post might have betrayed, opening the hood revealed a cooked battery. I'd replaced a 4+ year old battery a few days before the trip out which, I figure, must have been wrecked by whatever killed the newer battery. I replaced the alternator two years ago with one of those 80 amp BNR remans off of ebay. It has a built-in regulator and so I rewired, per their instructions, to bypass the stock external regulator when I installed it. Since I'm out visiting family and don't have access to my multimeter, and the car doesn't want to turn over anyway, I haven't been able to get an output voltage off the alternator. I know that it's possible that bad grounding, or possibly some sort of short could have cooked the battery, but the most probable-sounding culprit is the voltage regulator. So, if any of the electrical experts on the forum would care to chime in, my questions are: Are there tests to distinguish between a bad voltage regulator and bad grounding, given the symptoms, without having the car running? If the regulator is the problem (internal regulator on the bnr reman alternator) is there a way to just re-attach an external regulator while leaving the faulty internal regulator in place? Thanks, Colin
  3. Might need the heater motor or whole box, I'll be certain in a few days. - Colin
  4. I'm working on some lasercut/thermo-form lenses that won't look like euros, but will be clear/white. I'd started out looking at casting, but couldn't find a water-clear casting resin that set hard enough at normal atmospheric pressure to be durable. ought2- what type of resin did you use?
  5. Definitely could make a trade, I'll check the condition of the ambers i've got.
  6. Jim, Do you still have the right side red center lens? I've got a left side red center that I'd like to get a match for. - Colin
  7. i think the honda engine is one that some people have talked about putting into an '02
  8. why did it get flagged? what did it say? does craigslist patrol for stolen engines?
  9. One more thing- from my experience with furniture design and art projects, you'll get a more even/flat look if you're careful with the direction you sand. No circular motion! Work straight in one direction, and then work perpendicular to that direction when you switch up to the next grit. I'd strongly advise staying away from power tools if you can. Use plenty of water and paper. - Colin
  10. The radio they're studk to is non/half functioning if i remember correctly. I'd rather send you the whole radio and not have to try removing them without messing them up. Shipping looks to be ~$10 using flat-rate usps medium box. Email me colinrichardson at gmail - Colin
  11. I've got a 'sacramento' with some faulty electronics. are these knobs similar?
  12. I'm looking for some turn signal assemblies or just lens frames that have either badly damaged lenses or are completely missing their lenses. I think i'll start @ $25 per pair and see if there are any takers. - Colin
  13. HA! I'd been googling 'ronal basket' and getting no results, 'basketweaves' is the proper term, i guess. Thanks!
  14. They look really common, but I haven't been able to find any photos of them. They came as an extra set when I bought my car last year, took them to a shop to see about having them mounted but was told that some of them are slightly out of round. The guy at the shop recommended a wheel shop that he said could get them into good shape for ~100 each. I like how these look. Can anyone tell me what they are and whether they're worth saving? Thanks, Colin

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