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  1. Shupe


  2. Interested in the 90 318is fuel pump. Please email matthew underscore shupe @ sbcglobal.net or email from site.
  3. I'm running the FAN-PWM-V3 controller and FAN-PWM-TS sensor by Spal. Super easy install and setup.
  4. Shupe

    L Jetronic Parts

    Lucky, Hello Luckyz02, Thanks for posting the pictures, they look pretty good. Didn't see the air flow meter, is it included with the other '84 ljet parts? The price you mentioned of 500 is a bit rich from my blood, I’ve been a week or so late on the last two similar setups sold here in the $200- $250 range. Not sure what's up with my email address getting bounced back from the gmail. I've emailed you through the FAQ, replying to it will allow you to respond to my work address. Thanks, Matt
  5. Shupe

    L Jetronic Parts

    Lucky you can email me pictures at matthew underscore [email protected] or reply to the email I sent your email on file at the faq.
  6. Shupe

    L Jetronic Parts

    Right on. Unfortunately I don't have any of those parts. I can help you find them if thats what your asking. Are you interested in selling the '84 - '85 318i injection conversion parts?
  7. Shupe

    L Jetronic Parts

    Any idea what you'd like for your setup? Also do you have any pictures you could email?
  8. Looking for some '84 or '85 l jet conversion parts. Fuel, intake, air metering, computer, engine wiring. matthew underscore [email protected]
  9. Very nice work! I've been wanting to do this for awhile only i'm having trouble tracking down all the needed ljet parts.
  10. Curious if you have any 84-85 ljet conversion parts. Email me at [email protected]
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