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  1. sandblasted and ready for paint, $150 plus shipping thanks,
  2. Year:: 1969 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Location: : GLENDALE AZ Selling 1967 1600 and 1971 2002 project cars with Tons of parts for the BMW model 2002 from 1969-76 blocks, tyranny's, trans axles, alternators, starters, intakes, carbs, etc, etc Would like to sell whole lot one price. ACCEPTING SERIOUS OFFERS, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE , HAVE A WEEK AND HALF FROM NOW 2/28/16 CALL only for more info. 623-680-3312 much more than you can see in pictures. keyword: BMW Projects, hot rod, classic cars, restoring, restored, rebuilt, Porsche, Bentley, kit cars, motors, engines, BMW, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota, track cars, vintage racing, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976,
  3. TII pulley assemble in a anodized finish For all M10 Tii Motors. 300.00 shipped to USA Accepting paypal only
  4. I have the pulley you are looking for 300.00 plus 10. for shipping
  5. I will be at this event selling an array of parts for the 69-76 BMW 2002. Call me Saturday afternoon for Sunday Space Number to find me at the meet. Parts include fenders, hood, rear deck lid, door glass, butterfly window, internal door parts, dizzyies, heads, starters, alts, gauges, front rotors, rear drums and brake parts. Many other misc. parts Look for me at the Foreign section of the meet. 623-680-3312
  6. cannot install the Recaro seats in my 73 BMW 2002, Original sliders dont bolt on Recaro seat. You mentioned adaptors? will this work for my application? Price? thanks
  7. I have a Sunroof panel for sale along with the hardware, If interested in, make offer
  8. Did you find a clip? Have one here in Phx. Thanks
  9. Question I have a Bosch 008 JFUD 4 Dizzy in which has some play when i pull and push on the shaft (dam that sounds dirty) . Is this Normal? Can the play be corrected? What is rebuilt? Want to save the dizzy. Thanks
  10. I have a set with the chrome rings and center caps that are faded Let me know if interested, Thanks Ron, in Phoenix
  11. can you send me a picture of one? I might have 3 of them
  12. Looking for the hardware to mount the side view mirrors on both the doors, approx size ¼ inch x 2 ½-3 inches long, has two small mounting screws. Don’t need the mirrors, just the hardware Also the two front turn signal seals for this car Thanks Ron
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