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  1. A meet up would be great now that the weather is awesome.
  2. I am in PHX/Scottsdale. Now that the weather will be cooling off we should arrange a drive!
  3. NM/NA...would be happy to take a look at it for anyone interested. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/2920611713.html
  4. Kris, do you have any additional photos of your Sahara with the gold BBS inserts? I have the same color and same wheels but with silver inserts and have considered painting them gold, just have not done it. Any photos would be appreciated! Thanks, Lach
  5. I am also in PHX and interested in the front and rear bumpers, as well as the hub caps...
  6. Here is my 75 with the IE air dam. Fitment and quality are very good. Hope this helps!
  7. Awesome advice, thank you! I will update the thread on my progress...
  8. Hi All, Need a little help, and I have searched but not coming up with good results. I have had my new BMW factory engine for about 800 miles now, and am starting to stretch its legs a bit. Unfortunately, the car still seems to run out of steam around 4500 rpm. I have checked the Weber 32/36 carburetor, and both the main and secondary valve are opening, but the secondary seems to be coming on at the very tail end of the pedal travel, is this normal? I have a pertronix unit, with a 6A MSD ignition. The car otherwise is running great, nice and smooth...just a little disappointed with the acceleration. Am I expecting too much, or should the car spin up the rpms with no problem? Thanks in advance for any advice. Bob
  9. Should I replace them? The ride is a little bounce with more and more rubbing up front. PO installed them about 10 years ago...are they at end of life? Any good way to test? Thanks in advance! Lach
  10. Yes (I think) Sahara... My car looked exactly like yours when I first got it!
  11. Thought I would post some photos from a car show this weekend. Finished installing the BMW factory fresh M10 last Saturday and immediately proceeded to put on 150 gentle miles over the weekend. Feels great to have Gracie up and running again! Thanks for everyone's help.
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