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  1. my specs are 4 jenvey 45mm 306° IE wossner 11.8/1 => a real 10.2/1 valves in 45mm, out 39mm rockers reinforced IE double springs+titanium retainers H beam PPM .... i don't think that the valves are "lofting"..
  2. Thanks for your answers, just wanted to know if several people who have a schrick or an IE and who have passed their cars have this same kind of curves;or if this is specific to my car but I do not complain lol it's quite the power I had estimated, the engine is expected to take 8500 ,run like a stock M3 evo2!!! more light !!!!here the datasheet black 3rd speed, orange 4th speed, No, more seriously either it’s the cam or not enough air, bmc airbox filter wide open but airflow limited? it's like it's choking past 6200rpm, and strangely it’s there that I reach my max torque you can’t say that it doesn’t fill !!!
  3. No the ratio at full power is ok :lambda of 0.83, its not that
  4. Hello everyone, does anyone have a power curve performed on the test bench with a 304° or 306° camshaft, I have a flat at the top of the curve of almost 500 rpm, is it the shaft that is clamping or a lack of air? My dyno run run
  5. hi everybody ,looking for infos about this, thanks
  6. ok going to clarify this, ok now parts comparison to a 901 or 915 Porsche gearbox anchor blocks : different more long by Porsche stop blocks: different for the first speed, the others(2nd,3rd,4th;5th) means equal brake bands: different more long by bmw and only one for Porsche 1st speed synchro ring: to measure, Porsche 1st and 2nd speed =86,37 mm +/-0.17mm for the others 76.3mm +/- 0.18mm, measuring on the gears snap ring; means equal depends of the gear theeth diameter symetrical gear theeth: to clarify for 1st /2nd/reverse 3rd/4th/5th shifting sleeve : different for the 5th/reverse ,the others to clarify (bmw 1st/reverse different of 2/3,4/5) if the diameter of the gear theeth as the same i think that all the Porsche parts are montable maybe with modification the big problem is the gear theeth doesn't exist by BMW,must change the gear !!!! no one knows who restored a Porsche gearbox !!! lol!!! if you're answers please you!!!
  7. Différent in what ? Diameter? Teeth?
  8. in fact it's more to change the gears teeth like that https://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/SuperCat/911E/POR_911E_TRANSM_pg3.htm#item8 by BMW, we must change the pinion and achtung the price !!!!!!
  9. yes I have seen it, but it uses Bmw parts that are out of price for maybe the same thing used in Porsche for 2 or 3 times cheaper
  10. Hello to all, I just found a Getrag 235 and I would like to start restoring it, but as everyone knows, the interior is Porsche : synchro, Brake, Anchor, etc... but these parts must be common with Porsche gearboxes of the time? Gearboxes like 901 or 915.Is what someone has information on it, my research makes me think that if I take 911 pieces from 70-73 I am not far from the truth thanks best regards Damien
  11. hi everybody where can i find this box or other like this ? thanks bye
  12. fast90


  13. Hi,

    Do you still have the new brake booster for a 1600?  



  14. hello, today i started my engine (TII with jenvey throttles) for the first time ,but it doesn't run ,i've a 123 tune ,but inside i put the original timing curve ,but i think it's a bad way , is there anyone who's something about that?some experience ? i've a 306 IE cams but i think 304 schrick is the same problem thank you for your answers Damien
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