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  1. Chuck, I have an extra wing window and maybe a knob, I'm sure I can come up with something. I am fairly busy this weekend, having a garage sale today and tomorrow. I'll see what I can find, and it would help if you left me some contact info.
  2. I have been trying to get rid of this long neck differential for years now. CV shafts, so it is from an early 2002 instead of a 1600. If anybody is interested, I'll take lowball offers on this one. Asking $25, will take to scrapyard next week. Also have doors available. Drivers and Passenger. None are perfect, all have window regulators and glass. No panels included. Asking $20 obo
  3. My original OE BMW 2002 bra is for sale. It is lined with soft felt on all contact surfaces, will Never damage your paint. It features a large BMW roundel logo in the center, and hole openings for your kidney grills and turn signals. Elastic clips mount to multiple points on the fender lips. Also has reinforced bumper slits for Early and Late cars, so it fits perfectly over any year car. No scratches or damage. The felt is starting to fluff, but the vinyl looks amazing for it's age. Always stored inside, no mold or mildew. I would like to get $200 obo.
  4. My wheels have no symbols or writing on them, but you found a match. I would say that you are correct, sir. I am certainly not offended by the information you have presented. Thank you for the knowledge. I still paid far more than I am asking for the wheel set, so I don't think the new info will change my asking price. I will further my research on the subject! Cheers, Patrick
  5. WOW, what a contribution. I purchased them from a local BMW racer. He advertised them as Borranis, and so I'll do the same. These wheels are actually better looking than other Borrani wheels I've seen, so whatever they are, it is a good deal for somebody
  6. I have about 5 rear windshields taking up space in the garage. If anybody wants to upgrade to the non-defrost early style, this is what you need. I also have some weatherstripping available. Asking $30 obo for the windshields. Sorry, no front windshields available.
  7. I have a classic set of 13x5.5" Borrani steel wheels. A set of 175-70-13 Pirelli P77 tires are currently mounted. These are my dream wheels and I would love to keep them, but I am moving and can't take all my treasures with me. Asking $250/set or best offer. Located in Seattle, will not ship! Thanks!
  8. I have original wiper arms with and without the little wind-lip piece on the front. I can slip it in the mail for you before the weekend if you have paypal. Let me know, Patrick
  9. sorry, but I would rather not ship delicate 40 year old glass across the nation. I've tried and failed twice in the past year.
  10. I am selling a perfect 320i exhaust manifold that will work perfectly for your turbo conversion. All you do is flip the manifold upside-down, and build your own adapter of choice to the turbo. I also have the downpipe available for free. Asking $25 obo Prefer not to ship.
  11. From a '69 2002 4-speed. For Sale: used 8-bolt pressure plate, clutch disc, and flywheel. I have a couple to chose from, you take the best pieces. Lots of life left, and stored in a dry garage. Asking $40 obo
  12. I can do that. It is sitting on the deck and I just cleaned it up a bit. Give me an email at drivegerman at hotmail dot com. Thanks, Patrick
  13. I pulled beautiful rear bench re upholstery out of the rafters in the garage. Looks to be very gently used, there are mounting holes that show it has been installed on a bench, but they are not stretched at all. The material is very heavy vinyl, and has a very soft feel. If you are going black leather front seats, this is a great option to keep the theme in the back seat. No bench seat included, just the material. Asking $100 obo
  14. I have lots of defrost rear windows, and maybe some early non-defrost type as well. Some have nice weatherstripping. I haven't tested all the defrost for continuity, but the glass is in very nice shape. Asking $30 obo for rear windshields, and rear 1/4 pop-outs are free for the taking, along with door glass. Thanks Patrick
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