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  1. What book is that with the turbo information?
  2. Amazing Pre, that isn't what I would have expected. The few that are out here I think people mainly take to shows. I don't think they just drive around in them like I am. Thanks for weighing in here.
  3. Those seats look a bit puffy to me. Course I’ve never seen brand new ones back in the day. Anyone else has?
  4. Hey Steve, Yes the other guys Turbo had spent time in the UK where it probably got that sunroof. He bought it in Switzerland.
  5. Wow, was there a difference. We had both done things to our cars but still we were both struck but how two exactly the same cars drove so differently. My car has the Ireland Engineering handling package, I just love this, makes the car tight and more fun on the twisty's for me. I was chasing a friend in an Alpine Renault for a few hundred miles one day when it became apparent to me I needed to do something His car had a custom short shift and a clutch from a later model. Funnily enough he was happy with his suspension as it was and I was happy with how my stock four speed trans shifted! Now what was different was how the turbos came on, mine took quite a while steadily building boost and speed, a giant hand so to speak getting a round to shove you along, as you feathered the turbo in and out of the green on the gauge. His was in a way a more violent reaction, with the turbo gauge needle going through the green part in the blink of an eye. Neither of us could figure out why there was such a difference. I don't know about his KKK by the way, but mine is a NOS one I got in Germany a while ago. That said, it is similar to how my car drove with the older more loose turbo I replaced with this one. I will say before, there was an amazing whistling as my my loose turbo spooled up that is no longer there. His car had wisps of white smoke under boost I should add. It was a lot of fun.
  6. Thanks E and P. I had the cooling system gone through and had the fan come on sooner and it seems to be doing the trick, running a little lower the mid point as a norm, not starting out the day running a bit hot and not getting towards the red after a spirited drive and then waiting to pull into my garage on a hot day.Thank you for your advice.
  7. I park in an automated garage in NYC.The garage is only 10 years old but it is rickety. A lady drove into one of the bays and could get her car centered and then someone came by to pick up their car so while the first woman had backed out the bay elevator filled with the exiting car which cause some sort of Laurel and Hardy type car jam.. All this meant I was waiting to park for 20 minutes or so at which point the water temp started to climb. So I shut the car off. When I turned it back on it was not in the red but it was pretty high. I do have an extra fan running. And it will stay on after I shut the car off but I wondered has anyone come up with something to keep the engine cooler? I worry there is not enough cooling going on.
  8. Can you provide a link to what you mention above as I am having trouble finding it.
  9. Has anyone replaced their probably non working clock with a guage or multi gauge? I would like to see oil pressure, oil temp and charging. All in one gauge if possible. Perhaps there is some experience here from other 2002’s? Thank you. Yale
  10. Thanks so much for writing Lars. It’s so great to get real information over ‘fake news’ my side bolsters are stating to wear through, how do I fix this? Does the whole seat need to be redone? is the best contact for you through the faq? Thanks again.
  11. Well I sent them parts of a turbo because Justin at Comp Turbo said they could make the rest in the same spec as the original. What I got back had very little to do with the original unit and I basically had to throw their work out. Not only that, that packed what they sent me so poorly that mounting pieces broke off. It was yet another pointless excercise in my turbo oddessy.
  12. Sorry I have not come back to this post. It turns out when my alternator was rebuilt they replaced the voltage regulator with a new one from the same company as the original....but....it wasn't the same and was putting out 17 volts when on the gas! So the exhaust gas reading equipment was compromised. Luckily they didn't throw the old one and I had them put it back in. Now I have to wait for better weather to go through the exhaust gas readings again.
  13. Here’s an interesting thing that could be relevant to the photos of your turbo. When I bought my new old stock turbo in Germany the guy I bought it from said that they have figured out how not to have problems with the turbos, they grind down part of where the turbo attaches and that has stopped the cracking. Here is a diagram he drew for me:
  14. Anyone else ever deal with this situation? it is 10% rich at idle so we are looking at an injection pump issue.

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