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  1. Yale

    Turbo seats

    Thanks so much for writing Lars. It’s so great to get real information over ‘fake news’ my side bolsters are stating to wear through, how do I fix this? Does the whole seat need to be redone? is the best contact for you through the faq? Thanks again.
  2. Yale

    WTF bearing fretting

    Well I sent them parts of a turbo because Justin at Comp Turbo said they could make the rest in the same spec as the original. What I got back had very little to do with the original unit and I basically had to throw their work out. Not only that, that packed what they sent me so poorly that mounting pieces broke off. It was yet another pointless excercise in my turbo oddessy.
  3. Sorry I have not come back to this post. It turns out when my alternator was rebuilt they replaced the voltage regulator with a new one from the same company as the original....but....it wasn't the same and was putting out 17 volts when on the gas! So the exhaust gas reading equipment was compromised. Luckily they didn't throw the old one and I had them put it back in. Now I have to wait for better weather to go through the exhaust gas readings again.
  4. Yale

    WTF bearing fretting

    Comp turbo strikes again.
  5. Yale

    My Turbo and Exhaust manifold

    Here’s an interesting thing that could be relevant to the photos of your turbo. When I bought my new old stock turbo in Germany the guy I bought it from said that they have figured out how not to have problems with the turbos, they grind down part of where the turbo attaches and that has stopped the cracking. Here is a diagram he drew for me:
  6. Anyone else ever deal with this situation? it is 10% rich at idle so we are looking at an injection pump issue.
  7. I talked to BMW last month and was told the factory is finally ready to make the new turbos. They are tested over long term usage in a car and have passed the tests. They are ordering materials and -they say- will have turbos ready for sale in the spring of 2019. I’ve explained to them that a lot more people may need turbos then they realize as they have been telling us this will be ready for the past five or six years! So most people have given up on the factory ever getting their shit together.
  8. Yale

    Turbo seats

    I’ve noticed a joke in my drivers side seat bolster. Anyone have solutions for this situation?
  9. Seem to post last topic body posted, as below. Anyone else experiencing this? The center muffler has quite a few holes at this point. Though welded shut I assume this will continue to a problem. What are people doing about turbo mufflers these days? Anyone remaking them?
  10. Yale

    Turbo mufflers

    Of course I have a side exit version. Though there is a center muffler and pipe fitted at this point.
  11. The center resonator has quite a few holes at this point. Though welded shut I assume this will continue to a problem. What are people doing about turbo muffler parts these days? Anyone remaking them?
  12. Put me down for a manifold and are you making scrolls too? If so yeah! I started asking Bmw again about their turbo program, as always no real information to report.
  13. This is the rug I’ve seen that comes in the turbo trunk. I know some owners were able to purchase in Germany.
  14. Actually I’ve heard that turbos only came with either painted floor boards and seen Turbos with original carpeting. Boy elephant skin. None the less that’s what I have.
  15. Ok smoking stopped - or went way down. Possibly it was oil going past rings on new turbo and older engine.