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  1. I think auctions are a good way to get out of a car without a lot of buyer investigation. Some people don’t want to be picked apart by the BAT peanut gallery.
  2. Re your iPhone. When you photos are on your desk top just add .jpg and they become jpegs. No biggie.
  3. Looks like you need to buy 10. I would buy one if folks are going to go in on these.
  4. I think they made it and it didn’t hold up. So they put one on their own car which is used sparingly but don’t want yo actually sell them as they feel they will look bad if their newly designed turbo disintegrates upon use.
  5. Well check this out, in 2012 Florian Lautenbacher If BMW told me that bmw are making turbos for our cars. In January of 2013 he said looks like we will have the turbos in April or May. Of course I called him a number of times and the turbo was always just a few months off. In September Florian disappeared from BMW and I wrote to Karl-Heinz Adamski but didn’t get anywhere. In 2016 a friend who was a German banker asked about my issue to a friend who worked for BMW who said have Yale contact Georg Blumoser as he is in charge of the classic parts department. In March Georg told me Florian has basically messed everything up and they had to start from scratch. But the turbo part would be ready in a few months. I asked for and got the new part number, 11 62 1 259 307. “The turbo will be ready July or August.” in May of 2016 Georg had told me he would be at Legends of the Autobahn In August and possibly bringing a sample turbo with him. So I went out to car week in California with my German banker friend who by chance was in nyc on holiday. Georg wouldn’t speak to me, he would talk to my German friend however and there still seemed to be unexplained issues with the turbo. I called Georg a few times after that until he told me he is no longer at BMW Classic parts and that now I should talk to Jutta Fischer. I wrote and called her as well over the years and basically got the same rainbow pot of gold story from her. So BMW tries to make parts for these cars, but they seem to have no better luck then anyone else.
  6. Some guy named Stephen L in El Paso Tx won this. Perhaps we’ll hear about it here soon?
  7. Everything turbo related of course. The turbo, when these cars were new you could send in a core and get a rebuilt one, that’s what sort of wear item they were. The fuel pump, it is not set up like a normal tii pump so you need specialized knowledge to work on it, the manifold, no longer made and the turbo gets pretty hot and is poorly lubricated, the trans, either four or five speed has unique no longer made parts. Nothing is insurmountable, but if you have someone who works on lots of these like Brian (Preupy) and a few other mostly Cali based folks, then they have solutions to the problems that come up. Sometimes those solutions aren’t that quickly in coming I should add. I’m not saying don’t get a turbo, in fact I think the opposite. But if you are going to use it a lot, as I do, you will be dealing with the inherent issues about owning a car that was designed and sold perhaps a bit before there was enough technology and knowledge to make it robust.
  8. I always read threads like this and grit my teeth though what Preupy said is good advice. I live on the east coast. My car was at SCR for about 11 years waiting for a solution to a turbo needing a rebuild. (There is a very very long write up of that odyssey here somewhere. ) There really is no one out here who works on Turbo’s enough to know their vagaries. 90% of the car is really no problem for any decent mechanic to work on. The last 10% however, it makes a big difference if you have some one that has ever seen more then one or two of these. That said, I did finally get a nos turbo from Germany and have put about 9000 miles on the car in the last 2 years and I love driving it. I do push it pretty hard, though since it wasn’t a restored car, even with all the waiting around for a turbo, I do have to keep working on things. It’s not a cheap car to keep, its not a cheap car to use. It has wear items that you can’t easily get, and even though BMW started a new turbo program they found so many pitfalls they have never put them on sale. But still it’s a ton of fun. And I’d do it again, though hopefully I wouldn’t make the same mistakes vis a vis the turbo issue the second time around.
  9. Yes final drive ratio is factory. Ignition timing is a constant issue with the cars, yes? Where it can go from rich to lean. What do people do about that? Anyway I’ll check, that good thought.
  10. 100mph. I recored the turbo radiator, yes it’s a turbo. I’ll ask about the thermostat.
  11. Yes it is a four speed. I will check the thermometer.
  12. When I’m driving on the highway at 90 or so the water temp shows pretty high, not in the red but high nonetheless. Mechanic suggested it could be time for a new radiator so I replaced that. Didn’t seem to really change anything. In fact yesterday, driving up hill at about 100 it got even hotter. Is this normal for these cars. Or is there something that should be done. (Other then slowing down of course :).
  13. Isn’t that something that could be CNC’d?
  14. There is also the Ireland engineering headers back system. I believe it cost a bit less sounds good but is normal steel not stainless.
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