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  1. I haven’t looked under the car, one thing about living in NYC is you can’t just go out to your garage. I looked under the hood, checked the oil and it all looked fine. I will say there used to be a good deal of oil mist sticking to the back of the car that had come from the exhaust, perhaps something was dislodged when they messed with the exhaust so now that oil is somehow on the side. Pretty weird. Taking it to a mechanic on Monday. I’ll report back.
  2. I am getting a light spray of oil on the right hand side of my car. First I noticed it on the rear wheel skirt but now it’s covering more of an area. I’m not using more oil then usual, about a quart every 1200 miles, but this is new. There would at times be some oil thrown up on the underside of the hood. But this seems to have replaced that. Anyone else experience this?
  3. I took off the front resonator as it was leaking and not available. The car sounds better, which is good, but I’m sensing a back pressure issue as there is less umpf before the turbo cones on boost. So I’d like a local to me (nyc) muffler shop to put something in. Problem is most ny area muffler shops are not really to be trusted. Anyone know of one that they like?
  4. I seem to need to deal with alternators in most of the cars I have and have had, and it seems to me I’ve had more problems then most. I rebuilt the turbo alternator after it stranded me on a 500 mile drive with some friends. Now that very same alternator is showing a lit L light in the dash which I hear is a diode issue, ( as the light stayed on while the car was shut off). So I’m hearing it needs to be rebuilt again. There are no new or off the shelf rebuilt alternators for these cars, is that the story? Or what is the story. Thank you all.
  5. Ok Pre, thank you for the explication. Now - what is a pan baffle???? and you raced at Lime Rock? Did you live out here then? thanks!
  6. Nice article, would be able to post the rest of it? Thank you.
  7. Did you guys notice the boost gauge under boost? Totally different then what it does in my car. On this one it slams into the end of the red line. Anyone else drive with their turbo over the gauges red line?
  8. I have been talking to BMW Classics For the past six years! The turbo has been imminent. The fact is they have made them and they did put them in the factories own 2002 turbo but they don’t seem to be selling them and are obfuscating left and right. It will be an interesting story if it ever does come out I’m sure.
  9. What book is that with the turbo information?
  10. Amazing Pre, that isn't what I would have expected. The few that are out here I think people mainly take to shows. I don't think they just drive around in them like I am. Thanks for weighing in here.
  11. Those seats look a bit puffy to me. Course I’ve never seen brand new ones back in the day. Anyone else has?
  12. Hey Steve, Yes the other guys Turbo had spent time in the UK where it probably got that sunroof. He bought it in Switzerland.
  13. Wow, was there a difference. We had both done things to our cars but still we were both struck but how two exactly the same cars drove so differently. My car has the Ireland Engineering handling package, I just love this, makes the car tight and more fun on the twisty's for me. I was chasing a friend in an Alpine Renault for a few hundred miles one day when it became apparent to me I needed to do something His car had a custom short shift and a clutch from a later model. Funnily enough he was happy with his suspension as it was and I was happy with how my stock four speed trans shifted! Now what was different was how the turbos came on, mine took quite a while steadily building boost and speed, a giant hand so to speak getting a round to shove you along, as you feathered the turbo in and out of the green on the gauge. His was in a way a more violent reaction, with the turbo gauge needle going through the green part in the blink of an eye. Neither of us could figure out why there was such a difference. I don't know about his KKK by the way, but mine is a NOS one I got in Germany a while ago. That said, it is similar to how my car drove with the older more loose turbo I replaced with this one. I will say before, there was an amazing whistling as my my loose turbo spooled up that is no longer there. His car had wisps of white smoke under boost I should add. It was a lot of fun.
  14. Thanks E and P. I had the cooling system gone through and had the fan come on sooner and it seems to be doing the trick, running a little lower the mid point as a norm, not starting out the day running a bit hot and not getting towards the red after a spirited drive and then waiting to pull into my garage on a hot day.Thank you for your advice.
  15. I park in an automated garage in NYC.The garage is only 10 years old but it is rickety. A lady drove into one of the bays and could get her car centered and then someone came by to pick up their car so while the first woman had backed out the bay elevator filled with the exiting car which cause some sort of Laurel and Hardy type car jam.. All this meant I was waiting to park for 20 minutes or so at which point the water temp started to climb. So I shut the car off. When I turned it back on it was not in the red but it was pretty high. I do have an extra fan running. And it will stay on after I shut the car off but I wondered has anyone come up with something to keep the engine cooler? I worry there is not enough cooling going on.
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