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  1. Bump for this hard to find bit of sheet metal. It will go back into storage July 29 if it's not bought before then. If you're doing a resto, and are working through front end rust/damage issues, buying this will likely be less than the cost of the bodywork.
  2. $80 is for both, shipped to the lower 48. One is an Ireland Engineering "pertronix" type unit, lightly used. Worked fine when pulled off the vehicle it was on. The second is a Bosch vacuum advance unit, part# 0 231 176 084 (JFU4). it's missing the two cap mounting clamps and associated screws, but otherwise appears in good shape. I'll throw in two new Bremi caps. Plus a used cap and rotor for the IE unit. Thanks for your interest!
  3. $50 is for both mirrors shipped. Here are two aftermarket mirrors, one left and one right. The RH mirror is missing it's glass but the seal is in good shape. The glass and seal are still available new here: http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-320i-530i-outside-mirror-glass/ The LH mirror rubber seal is a bit worn, but otherwise in good shape. I will throw in a base seal and mounting plate. I'll also include another mounting plate and a base seal for what I assume is the trapezoidal mirror base....but I'm not sure. whatever. It's yours if you buy the rest of this stuff Thanks for your interest!
  4. Bump for these. They are new OEM...and are half the price if bought from a parts supplier!
  5. ...and apologies. I just realized that a few of the pictures I meant to include somehow were not included. Not sure why the price is not showing up either. I'm sure it's all about lack of skill posting on the forum.🙄 I've tried an edit...hope that fixes stuff.
  6. Bump on these very nice set of rear door cards. Price includes shipping to USA lower 48
  7. It was priced to move, and it moved fast 😜
  8. Dropped this on Craigslist and it was gone in four hours...
  9. Wow! Very nice! With Niki no longer with us, I can imagine that wheel is only going to increase in value. GLWTS, John!
  10. I've dropped the price to $1600, and I can't go any lower on this. If no one buys it before I leave for France, it's just gonna get tucked away for who knows how long. If you're in need of one of these, this is the time...
  11. Dropped the price on this guy as well. But I still would like to have a local pickup. Thanks!
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