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  1. It was priced to move, and it moved fast 😜
  2. Dropped this on Craigslist and it was gone in four hours...
  3. Wow! Very nice! With Niki no longer with us, I can imagine that wheel is only going to increase in value. GLWTS, John!
  4. I've dropped the price to $1600, and I can't go any lower on this. If no one buys it before I leave for France, it's just gonna get tucked away for who knows how long. If you're in need of one of these, this is the time...
  5. Dropped the price on this guy as well. But I still would like to have a local pickup. Thanks!
  6. Price drop...let's move this stuff along!
  7. No worries, Dave... Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Hey Renn, Nope, these are pretty much limited to the square tail light years: 74, 75, and 76.
  9. Stuff in the picture for $35, shipped to the lower 48.
  10. New, probably aftermarket, front windshield seal. And a new seal that attaches to the hood inside the engine compartment. This one did not come from Connor, but its still not bad and never been installed. You get both of these for $40, shipped to the lower 48.
  11. This is one new aftermarket trunk seal, and a set of the aftermarket engine compartment seals offered by Connor Elkington at Vintage '02. Sorry. just a little shameless plug because I like his stuff. You get all that's pictured here for $45, shipped to the lower 48.
  12. one of these is pretty good (ding lower right side...as you face it...or drivers side if you're in the car...see photo closely...chrome a little pitted) that would probably polish up ok, and one kinda rough. Price is for both, shipped to the lower 48.
  13. Still available. Holding out for a US buyer that I can ship a flat rate USPS box to....

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