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  1. Hey, can you send me a pic of what you have left to my email?  Thermalsea@gmail.com. Perhaps we can strike a deal  for the remainder...




    Carson City, NV

    1. MrAdams


      sent you an email just now. 

  2. Just finished with that "how to". Here's the link:
  3. I JUST finished my Ireland Engineering swaybar (or sway bar) install on Swarz today. I have to say it took a combination of your helpful notes above and Jeff's (Ireland) pdf instruction manual to get it together. But it all went together nicely. It's late, I'm gonna get some sleep, but in the next few days, I'll put together some of my lessons learned. Hopefully this will help other '02 owners who have purchased this popular kit.
  4. Hey Lisa, We're coming in from the Folsom area with the Nevada Malaga tomorrow morning on 80...I know it would be a long shot, but it would be nice join in on the fly if possible. About what time do you think you will be hitting the Bay Bridge?
  5. swizman


  6. swizman

    High Sierra 02 Fest


    Hey Ed, Wow! Fantastic idea. I've been dreaming about trying to get the '02 owners in the Reno/Carson/Minden area together for years. I'll shoot you an e-mail with my contact info... And for anyone who hasn't been down that way, Minden is a very scenic town, great location. And the CVI is a nice place to stay.
  7. I locksmithed for 12 years. We charged $5 to code cut a key. It shouldn't cost that much. So...let's do a little math: Rogers is selling blank OEM keys for about $12 each...the ones I got were not factory keys, so lets cut that price in half...about $6 a key...heck let's call it $5 a key for the blank. Then there's cutting it and shipping it from AUS. I paid about $12 a key. OK, a little more than the "1985 price" 2fysh quotes, but I was happy to get it, and I didn't spend $20 in gas running around town to find someone who would do the job. I guess we all have a choice, and if someone can tell me where in the Reno area I can get old BMW keys cut from code for $5 each out the door, I'll be sure and head up there next time.
  8. BTW: Keys4Classics Cost was $47 for two sets of nice quality steel ignition/truck keys, shipped. Took about 2 weeks to arrive. If you're in a hurry, I'm sure they have "needed it yesterday service", however I can imagine the shipping cost will go up quite a lot. But they were on it...always answering my e-mails in a few hours. BTW: Keys4Classics Cost was $47 for two sets of nice quality steel ignition/truck keys, shipped. Took about 2 weeks to arrive. If you're in a hurry, I'm sure they have "needed it yesterday service", however I can imagine the shipping cost will go up quite a lot. But they were on it...always answering my e-mails in a few hours.
  9. I know this is a bit after the fact...but here's my experience getting keys made only from the key codes. My situation: bought a "barn find" 1976 Granatrot a couple of months ago. Just sitting for about a decade...clean title, but the owner had lost the keys over the years. Thankfully the trunk was open and the wheel lock not engaged (allowed me to dolly it home). After checking around on this site, I got the Bxxx code from the trunk lock tumbler, and the Wxxxx code from the small slip of paper under the ignition housing. So it looked like I was set to get a key set made from code. I tried the "key men" web site mentioned above, but after THREE e-mails, I heard NOTHING from them. Then I found Keys4Classics (www.keys4classics.com). These folks are from Australia, but were very prompt and responsive. I sent them the codes, they made a set of keys for the Granatrot that worked well. I was very impressed. Highly recommended.
  10. Wow, that's a VERY complete resto job...what a beautiful car...in Fjord no less...one of my favorite '02 colors. Thought this was going to be a little cheesy, but I'm glad I checked it out...
  11. I ended up getting what I wanted in trade from a party in Reno, which had a big plus in the convenience factor. Thanks for everyone's interest.
  12. It's probably apparent to everyone that I'm not one of those dudes who lives on his computer (or who types regularly!). So patience, please, with my day or two delays in responding to e-mails. Thanks so much for the e-mails from all interested folks. Obviously if there is someone out there with a good '74 and later nose and hood (please note the trade is for BOTH a good used nose and hood), where we can meet and make the swap, that is preferable. I've had many want to know the price on the thing as it sits. If I recall correctly, the price on that item from bimmer Parts Co. in about 2003 or so was about $750. The price for a '74 and later nose piece was quite a bit less than that. I'll dig out that old catalog and correct myself if necesary. I will try to post photos tonight so that if a trader is not available, I can get some inputs on a fair price and go from there. If it goes for straight cash, then I'll give preference to the following: 1. You pick it up 2. I'll deliver it to an area nearby (not more than a 3 hour drive from Carson City, (there will be an extra charge to cover my gas) 3. I gotta ship it (in which case there will be a chage above and beyond the posted price). So, more tonight.
  13. I've recently acquired a new old stock nose piece sheet metal to a '73 and before 2002. It was sitting in a garage in Carson City for several years. The sheet metal has never been mounted or painted, and is in very very good shape. The only faults I can find on it are two slight (I know that's a relative term) bends on the left and right side of the "air dam" area, possibly incurred during shipping or storage. All of my cars are the '74 and after vintage. About 6 months ago, my '76 polaris, which was weeks away from paint, suffered at the hands of a neighbor's crappy parking job, damaging the nose cone and hood. I would be willing to trade this NOS front end for a good used hood AND nose cone for my '76. Of course polaris would be the preferred color of the used parts, but I'm not going to be too picky if the items are in good condition. For interested parties in SanFran, I'll be in the SF area the weekend of Sept 9, 10, 11 for pickup and delivery. Honestly, I'm not too thrilled about shipping the thing. If there's any interest, I'll post some photos Tuesday or Wednesday as time allows.
  14. May 17, 2008 at the Bay Area '02 Swap and Show...I won an SiGarage 3 core radiator in the raffle. The only time I've ever been lucky in anything like that. Curt donated it. Kind of silly, but it was a very cool moment for me that he made possible.
  15. I have not heard back from Drummerbro yet. I think there is one "maybe" in line ahead of me, but he seemed undecided. I am definitely in, but need to chat with the seller to arrange pick up and / or drop off. I think he is in the middle of moving, so other stuff might be a priority rather than shedding $100 in parts.
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