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  1. Are these posters available? I'd like to get one if possible. Thanks, David
  2. I recently converted my front suspension to coilovers and am looking to sell the bilsteins and H&R springs that were previously on the car and now take up space in my garage. They have been on the car for approximately 3500 miles and are in good shape. All hardware (top nuts on the struts, gland nuts and shock boots will be included) To be clear, this is for the front springs and shocks only. Bilsteins - $150 H&R Springs - $100 I'm located in Tacoma, WA and am happy to deliver them anywhere between Olympia and Seattle. Otherwise, I will ship them Fedex. Shipping will not be more than $20 (if it is, I will cover it) and if you want both the shocks and springs, I'll pay the shipping since you're making my life easier. Thanks, David
  3. looks like quite an affiliation for all that smack talk toward the VW crowd there Dougles... just sayin'
  4. looks like quite an affiliation for all that smack talk toward the VW crowd there Dougles... just sayin'
  5. Since I had such a good time on the drive after not driving my car for a while, I decided to put a few more miles on the touring in honor of 02/02/x2 and took it snowboarding the following day. 8 mph in an empty parking lot has never been so much fun
  6. Definitely an event worth checking out and even more worth digging into the history of some of the cars there... I believe I saw the Blue Train Bentley at this event a couple years ago (probably one of, if not the most famous english car of all time) which was awesome, and that's coming from a guy that really has no interest in pre-war type cars. Just my .02. Wish I could be there this year. Have a great time!
  7. In my opinion, short of sending your motor to a dedicated engine builder, your best bet (yes I'm biased, because of the great work he has done on my touring) for work on an 02, regardless of location is Patrick O'Neil in Seattle. He operates a small shop called Midnight Motorsport, and his attention to detail, professionalism, and knowledge of these cars is second to none. Also, he charges very reasonable rates due to his low overhead for shop space and being a 1-man shop, and not having costs associated with other employees. I realize this doesn't answer your original question regarding SLC or Spokane, but if it comes down to making the additional 400 mile trip, at least it's a start. good luck!
  8. I've heard that mk1 vw rabbit inserts work, I'm guessing you'll still use a bilstein sport or equvalent?
  9. While we're on the topics of 2000cs, my personal favorite http://motormavens.com/2009/07/carspotting-1966-bmw-2000cs/
  10. Thanks for the pictures, love that you snapped one of me in the tunnel... I loved the 4 banger symphony we got going through there. Hope to see all you guys again soon! - David
  11. I wish I had seen this earlier, if anybody wants to meet up next weekend let me know, I'd love to meet some other 02 owners around Seattle!
  12. Just sent you a quick email about the touring that I have.
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