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  1. +1 on the fin saving the board sliding back..... Just take it easy if your brakes are up to snuff. Aerodynamically backwards is better. From the tail of a board to a little past the center it is basically flat. Then the board starts to rocker. Point that rocker into the wind, and you get lots of front downforce, and tons of turbulence. Too fat to surf, or SUP at this point, but used to! a board strapped on this was just looks cooler anyway! Oh yeah forgot about visibility!
  2. Looks like the eccentric drive hubs found in the first gen hummers(the real ones)! Extreme clearance, Clarence!
  3. Four wheel drive is great for getting unstuck. As soon as you are moving it makes no difference when you try to stop. I'm a New Yorker living in Ga. and it scares me how some people gas it in the snow here. I went to culinary school in Hyde park NY, back in '94 and we had two or three big snow storms. My 74 once dug out from being plowed in got around awesome. Junk in trunk and pizza cutter tires and these cars will get through it all!
  4. +1 on Volvo 240 cables. I've got them installed in my roof. The metal parts replacing the plastic leads me to believe they may last a bit longer. Speaking of longer, they are... By an inch or so. The extra length does not effect the proper function of the roof. Golde sunroofs of similar design were used in porshe too... But I'll bet there not as inexpensive as the Volvo ones
  5. Wife freed up the weekend and planned for us to roll up to the vintage (our first time)! Sweet! what a birthday present! Here's where I hijack a bit and informally poll the 02 masses. Should I bring my '76. It needs a little TLC before it can go, but I can't really do all the things I would like. Will I regret leaving it behind, or will I regret it more if it worries me the whole trip there? I think I just need an encouraging word...
  6. Indeed a great day ..... Now bleach that cutting board!
  7. Yes the gift shop is still there... Right at the main entrance. Also go poke around the performance center. There is a gift shop there. Father in law got me a hat! It was a great time, but today I am a bit hungover from adrenalin.
  8. Took the Factory tour then over to the performance center for the 'ultimate experience' portion of the pay a bit extra, totally worth it tour! Wish I was taking delivery...... Sounds like the way to do it though.... Half a day on the track thrashing their car, then getting behind the wheel of your own.... Nice! Now where is that lottery ticket........
  9. First off no pics...... Sorry! Our tour was heading into the factory when either a white or silver turbo pulled up in front of the museum! It looked super clean from 30 yards. It was parked next to an inka M1. Anyone here!? The Zentrum, the factory, the driving , the hot lap (thank you Bill, our driver) and all who answered my father in law and my own questions aplenty! Awesome experience,highly recommended if you haven't yet! Only drawback is going home to drive around in the Mazda 5 while the 'o2 is resting. I may be ruined altogether after ripping it up in that M3! Some pics tomorrow I hope.......won't sleep well tonight thinking of all the apex's I missed!!
  10. As to avoid warping, I believe you make small stitch welds around the perimeter of the patch in a pattern like tightening your lug nuts. That should keep any one place from getting too hot and pringley.
  11. I believe the larger port was part of the idle control system....but was it...I like the intake runners!
  12. More like black and blue with the whoopin they took!
  13. You should go with a new/good used tank. And as for a name - Mrs. Rusty Juggs.
  14. Thanks Tom!..... Not my origional post but... When my mowers batt kicks the bucket, I'll know where to go! Norma should just get a 6v... I agree. What I was asking is , can a 12v batt be converted down to 6v.... The more I think about it, it also sounds like a hassle. Input?
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