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  1. Well I thought this was THE best forum, and the search did not help. Most are for sale. WHY did BMW even have a switch if not in the wiring diagram..Am I the only one who likes it from the console. The search continues....
  2. MY 1970 has HELLAs rally lights on the bumper, Yet I took them off and they were wired into my headlights. I think I have a console PuLL switch on Left Lower, below the Headlights, is that correct? I noticed that the 74 2002 has the fog light label in same position. Now i want to reinstall but do not see in my wiring diagram, and would like to know the best way to connect and have on separate switch. HELP with suggestions, pictures, diagrams, anything.
  3. Touche', much better after loosening the differential bolts. Preliminary run upto 40 mph...thats pretty good since she had been dormant for 4 years or so! Thanks for the three O2 amigos. Need a couple of shake down runs, any suggestions to cleaning downdraft 38s or additive to fuel (93 leaded..the real stuff), hoping the carb will clean as i drive.
  4. So I have a 70 2002 4spd, doing the conversion, motor in, tranny in, 3.91 rear et al done too. My problem is that the drive shaft and 5 speed were in another car, I purchased it for my conversion. And upon putting in the driveshaft and guibo...IT IS TIGHT. TOO tight i believe. ANY SUGGESTIONS! One suggestion was to grind the guibo metal guides 1/16 on both sides to give an 1/8 of an inch. How much slack or play should I expect. Appreciate any feed back.
  5. I am finishing up my 2002 5 speed conversion, which cable is best for speedometer in my 2002: an 2002 automatic speedo from which years? or the two piece from the 320I? thx
  6. still for sale, better than the pictures. Any interest??
  7. find shipping in FL 60 dollars, and to NYC or Portland OR for about 110 dollars, for info and about 75 pounds in weight. Thanks for the interest. Selling as a group.
  8. et 18, 13 x 5.5 size rims. Price drop to ! $150 OBO. Melbourne FL 32901
  9. For sale I have 5 alpina style wheels from 320i (4 1977 and 1 1980) with a tire also as spare. Looking for $200 or best offer. Will ship greyhound at cost but prefer pick up cuz its free. got pics of 3 of 5, if you need more i will email to you. thanks.
  10. Cleaning out parts. For sale L and R front fenders with Wide wheel well preformed. $250 or best offer. Prefer pick up but will ships also.
  11. Hey blunt I have one with two drive shafts if ya need also!
  12. Sorry for the short note. I have a 2002 with 320I 5 speed conversion and a 3.91 LSD. I have the tranny mount bracket yet need a short shift kit. If you need more info let me know! I had bought the kit from Bav Auto, and he made it special for me but my mechanice lost a bushing then the whole rest of the shifter. I got mad but that does not help me. SO I need something the same or different. I hear blunt is the man for parts too! thanks The car is 70 2002 with a sunroof.
  13. Have a 5 speed conversion complete, need a new short shifter to complete the deal. Had one from bavauto but my mechanic lost it..wtf..MOVIN On now soo any suggestions or items for sale. Prefer pics if possible. thanks!
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