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  1. It's the Blunttech platform that they developed for their Ultimate 5Spd Conversion Kit.
  2. I'd like the driveshaft...how much for shipping to Canton, OH 44708?
  3. Update on this having just been through it. First: The Dorman #13973 readily available at the corner parts store does not fit. It's too big and stout enough that manipulating it doesn't work. It's the closest thing they make per corresponding directly with Dorman. I searched for the Avonride trailer dust cap from the UK that Rob Siegel used (Pick with the "A"). Yes, it's readily available if you can find someone who ships it to the USA. None of the ebay options or vendors I found would ship it here. Having read that one from an old Ford Cortina or Escort would fit I searched that. You would think "Ford", I'd be able to find one in the US and you would be wrong. I found a vendor in Germany of all places. They shipped it as an uninsured letter without a tracking number and it took 15 days to get here with a $16 +/- price for 2 dust caps and shipping. Worked great! Link: https://www.motomobil.com/front-axle-wheel-bearing-grease-cap,3237,14767990-9.html Other options that I did not try were a small trailer vendor or NAPA. I was waiting on those two if the caps from Germany did not work.
  4. MarkC


    Bummer...I have five (5) FPS alloys that are blasted and ready for powder coat or paint I'm ready to part with.
  5. This, right here...I never liked the TEP drilling thing or the marine batter box version either & also having a Tii, getting the battery out of there makes things much easier under the hood.
  6. (4) 14" BMW E30 Basketweaves w/ Center Caps Straight, no bends. Need a good cleaning or acid bath and good to go. $200 + Shipping
  7. SOLD Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  8. Back of the top wheel in the pile. All the wheels look like this, clean, shiny & smooth on the inside.
  9. Yes. Sent you a PM. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  10. E30 14" Bottlecaps w/ Center Caps Straight and no bends Some curb rash Prefer local pickup
  11. Hopefully it doesn't fall on my son's birthday again (9/22)...that's been my limiting factor the past few years not attending the Fall Ridge Run.
  12. Ireland does it. http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/2002-clutch-driveline/02flywhlight.html
  13. So I'm going through the search function, I know what I'm looking for and know I've seen it, pull up a topic thread that has a link to an older thread in it, click the link and 99.9% of the time I'm hit with the error code in the title? I'm sure this is from when everything was switched over to the new site, but what good is trying to be proactive and doing my own homework if every link I find goes to the error code of death? Frustrating. Thanks in advance.

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