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  1. Compared to my M10 the cast iron MGB engine made it feel like I was driving a model A. And the suspension could be a lot stiffer. Over all a much more primitive automobile. I loved it for the pretty penny it turned though
  2. Your problem could also be water in the tank. Ethenol laden gasoline attracts water. I recently experienced this problem with my Jeep. Old gas in my Jerry can. If you live in an area where ethanol is added to fuel, it should be used within a couple of months.
  3. Jim, is it well grounded? Or, I know that with our 40+ year old cars the antenna can be the issue. I have no idea how an antenna can wear out but apparently they can lose reception capability with age. Try hooking up your new radio to an external antenna borrowed from another car?
  4. Awww. Historically speaking, the Germans and the Brits haven't always been that cozy but these two look like a happy couple. They're not breeding are they!?
  5. My car came Polo red and was resprayed the same about 20 years ago. Paint isn't perfect but it's still surprisingly good.
  6. Sun roof works flawlessly and doesn't leak. Pretty cool considering the car is 50 years old now. I think they put electric sun roofs in 200 911s in '67. On another note, Porsche apparently screwed up on the COA. I checked the slam panel plate and no S so the body is not an S body. Oh well, I'll never sell this car anyway.
  7. Tranny yes, engine unfortunately no. Have no idea where the original motor is. The car has a hot rod motor in it now. A '75 fuel injected 2.7 rebuilt with better pumps, chain guides, etc. It also has RS Pistons and cylinders. It's a screamer but I would love to find the original engine, not that I would install it though. I hope this isn't a COA typo, the engine number doesn't make sense for an S. Need to do some research
  8. Thanks guys. I'm all out of breath, been dancing in the street
  9. Whoopi! and wow! I sent a request to Porsche for a COA on this car found out it's an S! and a very early one at that, manufactured 3/3/67 the first year of the 911S I'm thrilled with this news, this is the best Christmas ever in May!
  10. Yup and a good time of the year to sell it
  11. Ha, my first thought. The Brits call it bronze orange, I call it BSB. Besides the unfortunate color the car is in amazing shape. Even the seats are like new which is unusual for a drop hood. The car was in a garage except for the 22K it was driven.
  12. A 1973 roadster with 22,464 true miles. 0 rust and runs great. Couldn't pass it up for the price I negotiated. It's no BMW or Porsche (or keeper for that very reason). I'll be selling for a profit before the prince of darkness strikes.
  13. Ok, talked to PMB. "There's nothing wrong, just drive the car, the pedal will get better" he said the new parts have to break in. I've driven it about twenty miles now and I have more pedal now. This is a first for me. Aside from that, I loved the handling before and now it's even better.
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