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  1. Just got back from the VARA High Desert Challenge: Car was FAST, but luck went the other way for us this weekendTeam kicked ass, turned the best lap time but Sam had to start at the back of the pack. In qualifying Saturday the #49 510 spun after the RX3 blew up his diff and oiled down the track. Rolled back and hit our car...Sam followed the rules and came into Black Flag. (The 510 was Black Flagged after the shit show and finally came in) The second place car started on pole even though he spun under a yellow during qualifying and corner workers missed it! Going to paint next week. Next TABS2.5 Challenge race is the VARA British Extravaganza at Buttonwilllow Race Track May 4th, 5th and 6th, to continue our quest to BEAT the 510’s in the 50th year of theBMW 2002! All02 folks welcome to stop by for Beer/BBQ and watch the race Mark
  2. Elfhearse, Hodgepodge, We will be running both the PGVP and Schenley Park. We will be rolling in July 6 thru the 15th. Please stop by our pit and join us for lunch or a beer. We are looking forward to towing the car East and checking out Pittsburgh! See you guys there, Mark
  3. Jim, we are planning to bring the #20 BSedan out. Looking forward to seeing you! Mark
  4. Tups, we will gladly take 9 second a lap!!
  5. Fastest 2002 in the West Coast TABS2.5 Challenge VARA opener: Driver Sam Smith smoked the field!
  6. Nice Kenny! I just scored an original 1500 block in a junk yard, been sitting in the car for 25 years. Pulled it and now “seasoning” it to build a Race motor... It will get its 15 minutes of fame!
  7. Great movie Steve, thank you for sharing.
  8. You need to cut the rear lip away and add a 2 or 3" wide sheet metal tub to do the rears. My car's flares are all original german steel, without any heat or welding, just cold forming and lots of finish work with a hammer and dolly Mark
  9. Dude, if you have the $$, an S14 crank, rods and custom pistons for an m10 is a sweet, powerfull, reliable motor!
  10. Hi Paul, I will be there, racing my M10 powered Elva Sport Racer, please look us up in the pits. Mark
  11. It is a great track, you will have a blast. Make sure you plan ahead and get there early, the traffic can be a bear around 8 am. Maybe even check it out the afternoon before if you have never been there, you can make a wrong turn trying to find the paddock Mark
  12. Easy, Contact Carl Nelson at La Jolla Independent, and get him to look at car...
  13. Great job out there Ken, nice to catch up with you and Tom at Willow Springs on Saturday. Sam is a "HOT" shoe for sure... I lent the "kids" the #20 car for the season, I'm running my Elva this year. I put the team together when both cars were acepted to Monterey last year. We had so much fun they asked to borrow the car to hunt down the 510s this season. Very enthusiastic group of young men, good food, fun times, Fast Laps! Mark
  14. Pigpen


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