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  1. NIce overview! I rebuilt mine a while back using the older article and it worked great! That is until the car was stolen…
  2. I have placed these doors (a driver side and passenger side) on Craigslist at this address, click this link to see more pictures and contact information: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/pts/4680519434.html Both doors are in good condition and includes everything in the pictures. I would much rather they are picked up locally. The doors are located in the Santa Monica, CA area. $250 for both $150 each. For more information contact me at (310) eight six nine - two nine two three Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA
  3. Yes the car was stolen when it was parked on the street. Of course it was always parked on the street, usually with a cover. I lived in a neighborhood where just about everybody parked on the street as the driveways were too narrow for using it for it's intended purpose. I think the post about ignition kill and steering wheel locks being almost worthless is pretty accurate. These days thieves will just pick it up on a tow truck and cart it off... I think a lowjack or some gps system is the best bet for these types of cars given you will never get replacement value out of it through insurance. All those hours of combing the junk yards, forums and ebay for used parts, and your own labors, will not be considered in evaluation of claims. Again a hearty thanks to everyone on this forum for your responses.
  4. 2002 FAQ'ers Thank you all for your replies, and thank you Ray for the global announcement. I really don't expect to get the car back but I do want to make it as hard as possible for them to do anything with it. I have always known 2002 owners to be very passionate about their cars and am very happy to see it confirmed in this forum, again thank you for all your advice and kind words. Best regards, Doug
  5. Good day 2002 enthusiasts, I thought I might try to enlist the help of the forum in tracking my 1974 Taiga Green 2002 that was stolen on Sunday night or Monday, June 14. I don't hold much confidence in the police finding my car that I have owned and pampered for the last 20 years given when I was filing the police report, after they asked a bunch of random questions about the car, I had to ask them if they were interested in knowing the color before they hung up. It is a very unusual color (factory Taiga Green) that I have not seen on another 2002 for several years. Distinguishing characteristics might be the rust bubbles on each door in the front bottom corner and a bluish colored imperfection in the paint on the driver side rear quarter panel. It has a sunroof and a Behr air conditioning system. The interior has newly reupholstered Recaro seats with a matching bench seat in back, 320IS steering wheel and a rear view mirror with map lights from a 325IS. Other mechanicals are a 5-speed transmission and a limited slip differential. You can find more pictures here: http://s922.photobucket.com/albums/ad64/2002bmw/1974%20BMW%202002/ . If you see it or know someone who has please contact me at [email protected], or call the police. Your help is greatly appreciated. Best regards, Doug
  6. I have a solid, standard differential, off of a 1974 2002 that I removed from my car to install a limited slip differential. Very solid with no play. This item is for pick up only. I am located in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, CA. Send me an email if you are interested, [email protected] I will try to post picks tonight.
  7. Try reading the post in the FAQ section of this site in Electrical and Ignition under Flasher relay or something like that...Might help?? Good luck! Greenmachine
  8. I have a used Bosch blower motor with fan. I have tested it and it works great. I can provide you with a short video of me testing the fan if you are seriously interested. I would like to get $110 for it but make me an offer. I am located in Los Angeles, CA and you can send me an email at: [email protected]
  9. Sounds like a smokin' deal, where are you located?
  10. Please send pics of cylinder head, if still available. my email address is [email protected] Willing to buy immediately if this is not an auction. I did not see your email address in the post...I'm new to the forum so it probably is there. Thanks, Doug
  11. I am also interested in the cylinder head, if it is still available... Doug LA, CA
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