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  1. I have a period correct steering wheel you can have for free but shipping FedEx ground would be about $40. 1EFCF245-B877-4BF4-B277-2CB095B642FB.heic E9343E17-5CD8-4642-B3AA-22C4629DE56F.heic F2358506-0EEC-4FAE-B126-BF9470895933.heic 9F93143F-C755-4908-B71A-D59A8C546B39.heic
  2. Realize that this is a long shot, but looking for a Turbo horn button made by Petri. FA7A4E48-DB01-49A4-A6B2-FBC8220F2B80.heic
  3. Looking for 3 or 4 quarter window latch covers. Any help greatly appreciated. Steve
  4. Looking for a new or used radio antenna
  5. Would like to buy decent driver quality belt line trim for the left rear quarter panel.
  6. Looking for decent driver quality belt line trim, all three pieces for the hood of a '73 2002.
  7. Looking for a decent driver quality black passenger/right interior door card/panel for a 1973 2002.
  8. Looking for a crack free e21 dash for a 79 320i. I am located in Seattle. Thanks
  9. So, haven't heard from you, assuming you are declining my $700 shipped to Seattle 98105
  10. Would like to purchase a pair and have a set of good cores on my desk. Please let me know if you are still producing.
  11. My offer is still on the table, doesn't look like I am able to PM you. You can contact me at 206 799-5824 if you would like to discuss further. Thanks Steve
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