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  1. Looking for a crack free e21 dash for a 79 320i. I am located in Seattle. Thanks
  2. So, haven't heard from you, assuming you are declining my $700 shipped to Seattle 98105
  3. Would like to purchase a pair and have a set of good cores on my desk. Please let me know if you are still producing.
  4. My offer is still on the table, doesn't look like I am able to PM you. You can contact me at 206 799-5824 if you would like to discuss further. Thanks Steve
  5. My offer is still on the table, doesn't look like I can PM you

  6. NLA PaRT PRODUCTION POLL REQUEST I think you called it a cable loop
  7. Genuine ALPINA valve cover in nice condition
  8. Is there any difference between an early, 1969 steering column and a later 74-76 column? I would like to re wire my '69 and mount the later stalk switches. Thanks for any and all help.
  9. Would like to purchase a late, '75-'76 shift lever with the 10mm pins. Please PM or email [email protected]
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