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  1. I bought some rings on E-Bay from somebody in Poland in June. I think they look great.
  2. My crude video's of the show. https://youtu.be/kWNnuRPYrvM https://youtu.be/BjO2Ve3I-RM
  3. I would like the heater control bezels mint if they are 10.00. Thanks Thomas Kowalke
  4. I have found one and put it on my car. But now I have a new manual one as a extra.
  5. That might be an option, but I was hoping that someone that did a 5 speed conversion to a automatic would have one lying around. Also the automatic one is a bit longer.
  6. Still looking for a exhaust bracket for a Automatic. Part #18211245383 Its is the one on the right in the pic below. The one on the left is for a stick I need the one on the right it has a bend in it. The one on the right is not mine it going back on someone else's car.
  7. Looking for exhaust support bracket for the down pipe for a automatic. Part# 18211383 it has a curve to it.(one on the right) the straight one is for a stick (the one on the left). Again I need a curved one.
  8. Sponsored links No. Description Supp. Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes No. Description Supp. Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes 01 Joint sleeve 2 18211712091 $2.86 02 Spacer sleeve 2 18214690169 $6.18 04 Hex bolt M6X30-8.8-ZNS3 2 07119904116 $0.38 05 Holder 1 05/1969 10/1975 18211103182 ENDED 06 Hex nut M8-8-ZNNIV SI 6 07119905515 $0.16 07 WAVE WASHER B8 6 07/1977 07119932095 $0.09 ENDED 07 WAVE WASHER 6 07119904115 $0.09 08 Bow M8 1 18211245377 $3.43 09 Exhaust support 1 05/1969 10/1975 18211245383 $4.35 ENDED 10 Base 2 03/1966 07/1977 18214490157 $3.18 11 Rubber Ring 2 03/1966 07/1977 18211105638 $4.23 ENDED 11 Rubber Ring 2 03/1966 07/1977 18211105635 $4.83 12 Bow 8MM 1 03/1966 07/1977 18211245376 $3.62 14 Set mounting parts 1 03/1966 07/1977 18211245391 ENDED
  9. Looking for a exhaust support bracket. part#18211245383 thanks
  10. Looking for silver or chrome rings for instrument cluster. Thanks
  11. Saw these on ebay, not an exact match to original but close. You are looking for the metal ones and not the plastic ones right. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cromodora-set-of-4-hubcaps-for-magnesium-wheels-/142160035465?hash=item211965fe89:g:RS8AAOSwYIxX8CJX&vxp=mtr These are not the ones I have on my wheels. I think I paid over a $100 for my set of 4 center caps.
  12. I am looking for one. I am in so-cal. Thanks Thomas
  13. If you want you can combine and send to Chris M. and I can pick up from him.

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