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  1. Also - please select hose clamps that are for fuel injection use. They have a smooth surface that wont dig into the rubber hose.
  2. Note the wiper pivots (from BMW) will have numbers stamped into them on the bottom - I believe that indicates the center-to-center distance in millimeters. My left and right side pivots have different lengths.
  3. I really want to comment on some of these cars...so I wait until someone else does it for me. Funny how even the auctions with 100,150 or even 200+ pictures and some videos aren’t enough.
  4. I’ve only seen parts made by SWF. If the parts have the same FFF (fit, form and function), run whatever supplier you can find. Wiper linkage parts are sometimes difficult to source.
  5. I installed a 3.64 LSD in my 69 (with 5 speed OD trans). I like it.
  6. Whatever you do, please do not get rid of those rare narrow grills.
  7. I see remnants of a “Maryland mouse nest” under the fuse block. I remember seeing the ad for this Malaga 73. Thank you for saving it! Please add it to the FAQ registry database.
  8. After inspecting the carburetor, my suggestion is to inspect the mesh filter on the bottom of the fuel tank sending unit. If you are lucky, the fuel tank will have a drain plug (that hopefully will loosen). I’ve seen some cars that the mesh filter has dropped off into the tank - others the filter will be clogged with sediment.
  9. I had a U bracket on my tii- later swapped it with modified stock 4 speed piece and Lee’s stainless steel tunnel brackets. No issues. I sold my U bracket.
  10. Having (2) 2002’s and (1) e30 with the M42, my suggestion is to keep the M10.
  11. My replacement is bent. My two originals are flat. I asked about this same thing back in 2009.
  12. I have previously posted some technical details regarding transmission numbers - like the change from Porsche to Borg Warner type synchronizers.
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