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  1. Luckyz02


  2. I am in need of getting rid of everything 2002 related. I have parts email me. [email protected]
  3. I need to sell some stuff ASAP... DIVORCE SALE!!! email me. [email protected]
  4. Here is the Facebook link of where my pics are uploaded. https://www.facebook.com/groups/38681969075/
  5. I am on the hunt for the rebuild kits and no one has them. any leads? I am also in the need of a set of manifolds... Solex 40's PHH rebuilds kits
  6. Luckyz02


    So finally got off my lump and started getting back into my 02. I am having issues with timing and carb sync. Since the weather has change my 02 has been running rough. Here is what I have done so far. Set all my valves to .008 Set idle to 1500 and used a timing light with ball dead on with no movement. Perfect. I have a XR700 Crane ignition and a Vac advance dizzy with a 40/40 Weber. When the car was running perfect the vac was blocked off. I assume the ignition box adjusted the advance? After talking wit a few 02ers the VAC should be hooked up. I checked the breaker plate in the dizzy and it is not sticking or rusted to where there is no movement. I had the vac hooked up no advance and no pickup in the carb when acceleration. The car looses RPMS and cuts out. I need some advice. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. I have not found any 02ers here. Thanks, Jeremy Email [email protected]
  7. $450 for carbs and K&N filters. $200 for original 69' BMW DCOE manifold $40 polished air horns $45 velocity stack filters $100 Sidedraft linkage unused $45 Accel 8mm red hot spark plug wire set
  8. I found a 73' Inka Orange 2002 Tii in Jacksonville... Overall a great car... Numbers matching original Inka Orange Tii... The trans in upgraded to a 5 spd. Its a Cali car here... The car has new chrome... New paint Black interior The guys name is Payman Rouhani tel: 904-620-0880 cell 904-463-7071 car is located @ 12027 Beach blvd. Jacksonville, Fl. 32246
  9. I have a set of front and rear bumpers off my 74' for sale working automatic transmission and drive-shaft needs a new guibo, (took out to mod my car to manual) EFI off a 84' 318i, intake plenum, throttle bosy, TPS sensor, fuel rail, uncut wiring harness with all connectors, stock injectors, with distributor, coil, fuel pump asking $350 plus shipping...
  10. I have been up here for about a month and I only found one 02. email me if any [email protected]
  11. I have a late starter. 74' auto converted to manual. It has a Bosch blue and petronix. The car has no resistor. I am getting mixed information on how to wire this back up to get it running. I assume the car has been wire hacked since alot of the color codes do match the HAYNES diagrams. I have a black/red, black suppose to go from coil to starter... and what I also read that a green wire is suppose to run from ignition switch to starter? But my question is where do they go on the starter solenoid?
  12. I want a hood and a rear lid... Where did you get the idea or how did you do it?
  13. Do you remember where you bought it... I am hunting that one down. I need that exact linkage...
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