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  1. I shifted into 5th on a stellar morning a couple weeks ago and my weekend was ruined. A two-day break in the rain gave me the green light to hit the backroads – I wasn't going to be stopped. I downed two cups of coffee. Warmed up the little car while I polished the roundel on the hood. Checked the tire pressure. During the walk-around, I noticed may driver's side mirror was - ahem - not tight. I wonder if a kid bumped it on the way to the garage toy box. "It'll be fine" ... pedal down. Shortly after I slipped it into 5th, my grin turned upside-down as I noticed the mirror about to jump ship. "I better grab that" I thought. Rolled down the window and before I could grip it ... tink tink tink. Shit. I've been battling this loose mirror for a couple of years. Carefully tightening the cage nuts in the worn out metal. I don't have the cash for a sand-down, weld-up, re-drill, re-paint type of fix. Here's what I came up with. Remove the door card. Drop the glass. Cut out a 4" piece of aluminum. Dig through your plastic tubs and find two #8 x 1" bolts, washer, and lock nuts. I had to tape the nut in place in order to start the thread for front hole. Tighten in all up. Then, remount your road-worn driver's side mirror.
  2. Hi Sebastian, I’m looking for this mirror for my ‘71 02. Do you happen to know which year your mirror is from? I’m not a parts professional; I’ve just noticed that the e1 engraving is in a different location than my original. I wonder if it’s a year differnece? Mine also has the word Frese engraved under the e1 number. Maybe that’s a NA import thing.
  3. I just replaced the seats in my 71 – can’t hold onto them till the Bay Area swap in May – need room in the garage. I’m open to trades and offers. I just tossed some digits in the box above. Both seats are in decent shape; but, need new pads. As you can guess, the drivers seat is a bit more warn than the passenger. The weave on the bottom section of the drivers seat has separated from the solid face panel.
  4. Thanks everyone. And reyes02, do you want to come over and use my wire brush while I' have it out? Ha!
  5. I'm prioritizing the todo list for my car. I stumbled onto this situation in my spare tire bay. What is the best course of action here? Leave it alone and deal with it later? (doesn't sound smart) Sand and prime? Something else? I do not have a lot of experience with rust and I really can't tell how bad it is.
  6. giusto


    Random pics of the car.
  7. Looking for sunshine in Woodacre, CA.
  8. Those seats and that Princeton would look good in my car. Let me know if you want to move either of them along.
  9. giusto


  10. Anyone have a pair of GTS Classic seats installed in their 02? I'm looking at the Sport S seats. I'm curious about the fit, comfort compared to the stock (non-turbo) seats, and there are any modifications needed.
  11. giusto

    e30 steelies

    Hi members, I'm looking for 4 (or 5) e30 steelies for my 71. Anyone have some laying around? I'm in Marin, CA. NG
  12. Thank you all. I'll post the result ASAP.
  13. Hi All, Took the car out today to make sure everything was in order for the Anti-Football Run on 1/1. Things are not good. I haven't driven the car for about a month. Took it out and it drove fine at low speeds. Hit the freeway and the little guy turned into a wild animal ... shaking, wild steering wheel action, and pulling hard to the right. I figured it was one or a combination of three things: flat spots in the wheel, damaged sidewall, or tire pressure. I began with the easiest. Tire pressure is fine. I then rotated the tires. It drove fine for about 10 min under 35 mph. I hit the freeway and WOWZA ... shaking, pulling, etc. Almost worse than the first time. Got off the freeway and checked things out. Tightened the lug nuts (they were fine). Then I touched the lug nuts on the right passenger front wheel ... they were crazy hot! There has to be something up with the brakes. The brakes definitely feel like they are sticking. When I slow to a stop, it doesn't roll freely. And the car sticks on a slight incline. Any suggestions? Searched the forum and I couldn't find an exact match for this issue. The nearest is this: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/160641-pulls-left-after-brake-job/
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