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  1. Hi Toby, I have a new little Sony camcorder I can't wait to use it, you and a few others said the same thing to me. Hi Mike, My best time with new tires and no push 57.6 average was around 58.8 I was not at my best and the tune was a little off it was running a little weak. I was hitting 8900 at end of strait I should hit 9300 it pushed on down hill. Unfortunately I lost engine at Pocono, dry sump pan screen cracked and a piece went into pump, oil light came on push the clutch in and motor was done at least it stayed together no boom and fire. I have built a better one someday it will run.
  2. It is tough to watch I have much better on video tape of tube car but not in the tube chassis car I am convinced Go Pro cameras dislike my car I had three on and in car and the all shut off in half of a lap with fully charged batteries it must be the flux capacitor radiation.
  3. I have the worst luck with in car cameras its tough to watch its vibrates so much that is why i never post videos. You will see why. Just a few things on car 2.0 liter 50 mm Jenvey throttle body's dry sump 13.8 to one crazy connected to Saenz five speed. I quantified in the rain and my defroster did not work so I started almost last I could not see I only did one lap with multiple crashes and 8 lapse of caution car had a bad push in left turn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXuCPQgXRW0
  4. I like it, nice clean racecar. Oh yea take lots of pictures before you race it will never be that clean again I know. But always drive it like you stole it. John
  5. Yale Rachlin's 1974 tii I would not usually say anything about a car for sale but this is kind of a famous car Yale was one of the founding members of BMWCCA. I remember this car well it and looks pretty good. http://www.ebay.com/itm/131768314746?forcerRptr=true&item=131768314746&viewitem&sspagename=ADME%3AL%3ALCA%3AMOTORS%3A1123
  6. He's doing it right. If you want it to run right you need a good tuner on their laptop on a dyno to fine tune . Track time is to valuable and not the place to messing with the engine of course with a car like this one some serous cash and the last thing you want to go lean and toast an engine. John
  7. I'm sure that's a fun drive, complete with a Lester Owen power plant too.
  8. Nice car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=gWF5UGgadRQ
  9. K&M just sent me an update, a new lighter version M10 rocker works out to be around $ 347.00 plus shipping for a set of 8. I have used there original type and are top notch. These rockers look like the Lester Owens from the UK but there's are almost 2 grand for a set. Just my 2 cents I have no affiliation with K&M but I have run many rocker arms and broke all but the K&M's they make there cam pad wider and longer. John http://kmcams.com/collections/ventilloftere-vippearmer/products/bmw-m10-m30-steel-rocker-arms
  10. Think of an engine is like a vacuum cleaner, an engine with out a filter will suck up sand and destroy the valve job and cylinder walls there are plenty of filters available that you can run air horns do a search on EBay for ITG filters. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ITG-Megaflow-JC50-Universal-Large-Twin-Carburettor-Air-Filter-Race-Rally-/301086552818?var=&hash=item461a2832f2
  11. Joe Gibb or Brad Penn break in oils is a must on a fresh engine its cheep insurance take it from someone has learned the expensive way this really applies with new high lift camshafts John
  12. I have seen this before, some of the shafts have removable ends so the can be cleaned. They can also be tapped for pipe plug. I like to know that they are clean it is one of two hidden oil passages the other is the sprayer bar.
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