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  1. Need more info. Are you looking ofr a running/complete engine to drop in, or one to build/complete. What are your requirements? Hi-compression/low compression? E12 or 21 head? I have a rebuilt head Im trying to sell( info in my thread in the Parts for sale section) that is ready for a turbo application. Just needs a block to be mated to. I have that but no pistons. Take a look at my thread and see if its what youre interested in.
  2. Sways are sold. Prices dropped. This HAS TO GO. I wont be able to ship anything past 23May12, and wont be around the car/parts for ~7 months after that date...
  3. Updated first post. Head pending payment Make offers and this stuff could be yours.
  4. rear tails sold. Make offers on this stuff. Its gotta go.
  5. It's together with poly bushings. I can take pics tonight and upload them to the photobucket link in the first post.
  6. Updated price for everything I have thats related to this car, in first post.
  7. Thanks for the reply Dane. response email & offer sent. Dane, paypal sent - thanks! Thanks. Email replied to.
  8. Thanks for the reply Dane. response email & offer sent. Replied
  9. Updated the first post. Make offers on this stuff Id hate to scrap the shell, its a great one with minor rust issues.
  10. Its a double row E12 rebuild. Im emailing you the link to the pics now.
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