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  1. SOLD I'm asking $500 plus shipping for the diff. Car had 147k miles on it. Oil was clean when I drained it with no signs of burnt clutches. I am asking $550 for the front seats but they may be sold already. SOLD Transmission is the later type that will work but I believe most people prefer the earlier pre-82 transmission.
  2. Price:: 1 Location: : Charlotte NC I just picked up an 83 320is and will be parting it over the next couple of days. Build date is 10/82 so it is an 83. Everything is available and I will get pictures posted as I pull items.
  3. It's in the title: 390mm or 15.3" Thanks for asking though.
  4. Price:: 275 Location: : Charlotte NC I have a pretty nice Nardi steering wheel for sale. I've been saving it for the right project but have a 16 year old daughter who is bleeding me dry so it's time for it to go. The wheel was recently refinished and while it has been a while, it's still in pretty good condition. It's not perfect but still very nice. The finish on the wood is good with no cracks or stains and the spokes are polished nicely. The pictures show the wheel with an adapter but the adapter is for a Jaguar and will not work on a BMW so is not included. The sale is for the wheel only (see last picture).
  5. Price:: 200 Location: : Charlotte NC I have a couple of vintage radios for sale. The first is a Becker Europa which I believe is period correct for the 02's. It's pretty clean. the chrome trim around the face plate is bubbling a little but the glass and buttons are clean. I have NOT tried it out so I do not know if it works. Asking $200 shipped. I also have a Blaupunkt AM/FM radio. I believe it is correct for the early 924 944 and 911 Porsche's. Like the Europa, I do not know if it works. Asking $100 shipped for it.
  6. I think you said $200 plus $25 for shipping. If so, I appreciate the offer but that is significantly more than I want to spend. Thanks again though.
  7. The only message I received from you was "I will think about it". Did I miss something?
  8. I have a set of medium size 3.91 gears available. I think I also have the e36 diff cover as well. No clutch parts though. PM me if you are interested.
  9. I am in need of a single VIAL 13" wheel. I currently have three but needless to say, they are useless without that 4th one. If you have one, please let me know the price shipped to 28097. TIA
  10. Those look great! I can only imagine what the rest of the car must look like. And it never ceases to amaze my at the knowledge on this board. This is just the third or so time I have ever posted to this board. Each time it was with a question and in each case, I had an answer within a day. Unbelievable. Can donate a couple of bucks to the site somehow? Given all the help/info I've gotten, I feel I owe someone something.
  11. They're dirty but from what I could tell all original. Whoever put them in went to some expense with them as he even had the rear seats covered in the same material (You can just make it out in the picture below). Thanks for the info/advice.
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