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  1. I would like a pair. Please email with purchase details. Randy Anderson, [email protected]
  2. Shawn, Please send me your email address and I will send you some pictures. I might have the speaker you are looking for. Randy Anderson, [email protected]
  3. Brandon, Looking for a windshield wiper motor from a 1971 or 1972 before April.
  4. Looking for an early windshield wiper motor, up to 4/1972 with the round plug.
  5. Looking for a wiper motor for an early car, up to April of 72.
  6. Wanted to buy a working windshield wiper motor with the round plug. (71 or early 72) Hopefully one that was just pulled and working or tested. Do not need the rubber dust cover.
  7. Is anyone parting out an E-21 that had a/c? Have a friend that has just purchased an E-21 that has had the a/c removed and he is wanting to put it back in service. Does not need the console, just the parts under the hood, less the pulley. Please email me at, [email protected] if you can help. Thank you Randy Anderson
  8. The Black's from Rogers Arkansas and the Anderson's from Bartlesville, OK. will be arriving in Fredricksburg on Thursday. Looking forward to seeing everyone, please drive safe.
  9. John in VA, The plate inside the head rest had come loose from the foam and they reattached it. They were able to do it without damaging the original head rest material.
  10. Just got a headrest back from GT Classis that I sent in for repair and it is wonderful. They did an excellent job on a head rest for my Sport Package Seats. Thought I would pass along the name of a source for excellent work. Randy Anderson
  11. Wondering what the dates for the Windy City meeting is, thank you for any help. Randy Anderson
  12. For a price comparison check with Steve Peterson or Brandon at "Blunt Tech". They always have competitive pricing and excellent customer service.
  13. until

    Our reserverations are made. Looking forward to another one of Bo & Barbs great drives. The food is pretty good also. Hope to see alot of our old friends. Randy & Marge
  14. I used silicone grease on the intake air runners and both of the sealing rings for the fuel tank without any problems. Thank you Jim G. for the part number for the "O" ring.
  15. I can help you with 7 of the 8 square plastic inserts needed for a square light car grill. Randy Anderson
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