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  1. What he has really been up to: Apparently he builds Portal Guns as well! http://www.viddler.com/explore/engadget/videos/217/ Pretty cool. I though it was funny when you name showed up at the end of the video and the first thing I though of was MS wiring and LED instruments. And here:
  2. I read somewhere that the F7 emulsion tubes would help with the momentary stumble. I believe that it was to help with the stumble between the primary and the secondary opening, not from starting from idle, but I could be wrong. I think I read that here on the FAQ, but a quick search didn't pull up the thread. My carb had F66 tubes in it, but I replaced them with F50s and followed the prescription. HTH.
  3. Hey Jake- Any update on the progress or ETA for the brackets? Thanks!
  4. No, No, thats an Ipod dock-- you must just shove it in there.
  5. I have one that I just pulled off. Shoot me an email. adv_nut (at) yahoo (dot) com
  6. I am preparing to do this job also, with Varco's kit. The main thing holding me up is the staples. I thought that 1/4" looked like they would be too long and go through the front. Is that what people are using? I have looked for some 1/8 inch staples w/o much luck.
  7. Great write up! It is very inspiring, especially watching your Megasquirt progress. Now I see what I can't find the crap I need from the local Junkyards-- you've pulled it all!
  8. Throw it in the trash and replace it with a length of steel tube with holes drilled for the bolts.
  9. $250? Bavarian Auto has drums for about $40 a piece. You can probably get them locally for anywhere for $30 to $40. I'd just replace them rather than turn them. M
  10. Lookup Driveline Services in Norcross. They have 2 locations in Atlanta. Norcross (770) 242-9365 I have not used them, but know several that have. Not sure how they are on pricing. Matt
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