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  1. not a first.... go to my webpage: http://iinet.net.au/~georges and click jobs current, then handbrake and click handbrake again to see the pictures.... cheers ozgeorge
  2. HAHA very funny post. how did you find that photo! still.... it does look pretty cool. giving me some ideas for decorating my study- a series of well framed matching black and white shots of 02 parts.... nice. ozgeorge
  3. actually looks like you have two drivers sides seats. weird.
  4. actually looks like you have two drivers sides seats. weird.
  5. or i could just swap out the pistons i guess.... ozgeorge
  6. yeah.. i have a freshly rebuilt engine and am gathering cash (selling cars!) to build it up to my ideal daily drive. the EFI turbo route is looking like the way to go so i was just wondering what people thought about performance. the compression on the new engine is 10:1 (built it before i was thinking about turbo) which might be a bit limiting but should be ok for mid boost and electronic ignition? damn pinging.... cheers ozgeorge
  7. does a 200is HP '02 feel very fast? my current late model car is a turbo charged 205hp and weights 1600kg... it feels very fast when turbo kicks in. an 02 weights about 1000kg... should feel FASTER?? thoughts? experience? ozgeorge
  8. how hard would it be to convert a non sunroof 02 to an electric sunroof? ozgeorge
  9. has anyone tried to put a more modern, better shifting auto transmission into an 02? just a thought ozgeorge
  10. i have bought a lot of stuff from walloth and nesch. service is excellent, shipping is fast (germany to australia!) prices, moderately high with conversion rate for euro taken into account. range= outstanding. quality of parts: very high. i would definitely recommend them george
  11. doesn't look good mate. you need a new regulator. which side is it? i bought new regulators a few years ago from W&N- they are great and a worthwhile addition but expensive. I have my old regulator lying around somewhere which wasn't too bad (at least it worked). which i could send you but you would have to cover postage (and im in australia!) cheers ozgeorge http://iinet.net..au/~georges My 02 Restoration (with regulators!)
  12. exactly.. main problem would be lack of torque for a car weight. having said that someone a couple of days back was thinking of doing a suzuki set of gsxr carbs for Individual Car Bodies (iCB) hahah noice george
  13. love super wide angle barrel distortion. looks even better with very curvy cars... (like vw beetle) nice ozgeorge
  14. BLUNT: what is an HID kit and who is cris/how do we buy his kit! cheers ozgeorge
  15. i know this probably gets asked a million times, but the search has not given me definitive answers! can anyone tell me what these two spoilers are, and where to get them? cheers ozgerge
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