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  1. Sorry if this is off topic... My son is getting to the age that it's time to transition from a crib to a bed. I'm working up something special for him. The obvious features are there. I'll paint it up like mine. The door will be primary access. The hood will open as toy storage. Headlights, taillights, an instrument cluster, steering wheel, all with lights. A horn sounds like a bad idea... I'm looking for cutting options for the big pieces, but I have a few ideas so far. So, I'm interested in any suggestions folks have. I can also share the files with anybody that wants to do the same thing. They're SolidWorks 2016, but I can save them as dumb solids of your choice.
  2. Guys, I bought these two years ago and can't make them work with my goals. They're brand new, unpainted, untouched. I have the gaskets as well. They're located in Enfield, CT. I work in Ellington. I'd like $200 for it all (I paid Ireland $354). I'd really prefer not to ship as I'm shocked that they arrived safely. If you really insist I can have the shipping guys at work do their best, but I'll take on actual cost. I'll take pictures if you want them, but they're really as Ireland provides them. No dish on their product at all- they're awesome and I wish I could make them work. With some life changes coming up I just can't swing it. Email is best- rtheriaque@gmail.com Location: Enfield, CT<br />
  3. I need the mounting plates with set screws for both sides. My E21 has 2002 mirrors on it and the set screws are rusted in place. I'm trying to find a new set before I drill the old ones off. rtheriaque@gmail.com or PM me here. Thanks!
  4. Folks, I'm looking for an E21 project car. It doesn't need to run. I'd like it to be relatively complete. Condition isn't that critical. I'm looking for something to bring back to life- I'd prefer a crusty, near-death old girl to a restored runner. Please let me know if you have something rusting away you'd like to sell to a good home. Thanks! Rob Year: '77-'83 Make: BMW Model: 320i, 323i, 320/6
  5. This book is going to get me divorced. I was laughing so hard in bed last night I nearly got sent out to the car. Usually I have to screw something up to get that treatment.
  6. So, with my overly stickered car, I have little room for criticism. That said, there was quite the import show in Connecticut Sunday. My first sniff was on my ride back from the grocery store- I was in my E30 and surrounded by a pack of WRXs with fart cans, pillar gauges, and insane toe-in. All day I could hear angry mosquito exhausts on the main road. Lots of cars with rims painted in stunningly uncoordinated colors flashed by at regular intervals... I figured something was up, but I didn't figure out what until later in the day... I took the sticker car to Petsmart for dog food in the afternoon. I had cars pulling k-turns to follow me. By the time I got to the store I was terrified on an unbelievable level. Cars followed me in the lot. About a dozen. Once I overcame my terror, the guys seemed okay. But, let's be honest- my car is a pile of crap compared to most of yours. These guys were horny over it. My quick run to feed the animal turned into quite the journey. Though I disagree with their choices in modifications, these guys were genuinely interested and actually fairly knowledgable. I guess car modifications aren't that far off clothing choices- no accounting for taste! We're all bound by a passion for our cars, though, and that's pretty damn cool.
  7. Guys, I appreciate some of the cool new features, but spamming the Facebook feed with the For Sale/Wanted stuff isn't cool. It's now locked up my feed entirely- Chrome is trying to pull something from the site and locking up. I enjoy having occasional pictures and comments from the FAQ, as well as the great site updates when something is wrong here, but this is just too much. Please reconsider this feature. Thanks, Rob Theriaque
  8. Long drive... I've got about $8k to spend. I'd prefer something close enough to daily drive over the summer.
  9. Need an okay runner as a temporary commuter. 325i/is, 5 speed preferred, but I'll look at any. She'll get plenty of TLC- an '87 325 was my first car. Once it's done with the temporary commuting duties she'll be dutifully brought back to glory. Post here or drop me a line at rtheriaque@gmail.com. Thanks!
  10. There's very little that can be done incorrectly with the sync-link install itself, so there's a baseline setting somewhere that's off, in my opinion. Problem is... Carbs are black magic devices to me. My normal recipe for repair is some variation of rain dance/chicken sacrifice/ouija board in the Crouching Tiger-Filling BMW refueling position. My secondary is totally closed. If I were to guess, there's a baseline setting wrong somewhere. I may have opted for the route of getting the stock 32/36 installed and cycling properly, then installing the sync-link, but that ship has sailed. Can you close the secondary at all by hand? Is there slop in the system somewhere that's allowing vacuum to pull the secondary slightly open? And choke doesn't make a difference with a sync-link. In fact, mine is disconnected.
  11. I'm interested in the clock if you're willing to ship.
  12. Holy cow, how'd you get them on with the factory trim and bumpers? I have the flares and that's exactly what I want to do, but I've nearly given up on making it work with the lower trim!
  13. Car doesn't need a brand new one, but I'd like one in better shape than what she's wearing. Drop me an email- rtheriaque@gmail.com. Thanks!
  14. I've had two rolls of this stuff sitting in the garage since the original post. I finally got off my butt this morning and did the install. I'm angry at myself for waiting so long. Ridiculously easy to apply and takes ten years off the car's age. It's amazing how that trim can make or break the whole appearance. Seriously considering the rain gutter now...
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