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  1. The spacer just has to be long enough to allow the nut to tighten down. plus or minus a bit will make no difference.
  2. Yes I sold the business to Andrew Thorum. I sold the assents of the corporation not the corporation. This is standard procedure. Andrew has his own corporation but has the right to use Ireland Engineering Motorsport name, website etc. Should be business as usual. I am still helping with tech questions. You can still use my email address to ask questions. Jeff Ireland
  3. Clamp or immobilize one out put flange and attach a torque wrench to the other flange. Turn flange with torque wrench. 30 ft-lb is correct for a 25% LS.
  4. There is lots of info on the FAQ about wheels. ALSO - There is a simple explanation on the IE website. Bottom of main page under "Technical Articles"
  5. Free play off center is correct. When turning you are putting pressure in one direction. You don't want the gears to be tight in the other direction. The same reason you want a tiny back lash in your diff gears.
  6. Yes you can get it separately. We just have not had time to post it.
  7. As of this week - Ireland Engineering has a supply of the correct oil pump chains. They are the continuous ones (no master link) It is no longer necessary to make do with the S14 chain.
  8. It is best to just plug the hoses at the pump and cylinder head. If you don't too much flow will bypass the block. Yes when the heater is on water bypasses the block but the heater valve is smaller than the hose ID and when you are using the heater it is probably rather cold outside.
  9. Before you mess with the carb, pinch off or plug the booster vacuum hose and see it it makes a difference.
  10. Finally the kits to convert regular steering boxes to close ratio have arrived. We should have them up on our website very soon. We have both left hand drive and right hand drive kits. We also have some kits to repair original left hand CR boxes. We will be converting some boxes here to check out the process and offer them for sale as well. Jeff Ireland
  11. Mike: I grew up just a couple miles from Blue Ball. The bar there is called the "Toddle Inn".
  12. I've actually been to Fucking Austria and have picture to prove it. I ask at the little store for a post card and she said "We have no Fucking post cards". I see they are changing the name. It seems British tourists keep stealing the signs.
  13. You can get small ball hones from McMaster Car. They have a good on line catalog.
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