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  1. +1 for larger primary air corrector. My guess about 160.
  2. Rockers are probably Febi or factory that have been cleaned up and shot peened.
  3. For you that live in Canada-- Parts for cars over 25 years old are duty free.
  4. We have seen the same issue with the INA bearings. Wrong part in the box. Same as the issues with the oil pump chains. BMW dealer has the right ones
  5. just tell us what you have and we'll include the correst seal
  6. Eric Vaughn, 111 N Myrtle, Monrovia, CA
  7. You have the crank in backwards.
  8. 5.5 and et 37mm will have a back space of right at 4" and outer edge spacing of 2.5. So it should work in the wheel well and diameter will be ok. If it is a steel wheel you will need to check that the center clears the outer face of the caliper.
  9. We can shorten it. No Problem. We will need your driveshaft. Jeff
  10. The last couple sets of Proterfield brake shoes fit very poorly. I had to grind them a lot to get them to fit the drum. That may not affect the peddle issue but it sure affects the braking on the track. When I have seen this issue before it was the adjustment in the linkage either at the peddle or the rod that goes up to the bell crank behind the booster.
  11. The math is absolutely correct (less the typo) but my feeling is 617psi will not adequately stop (slow down) a race car or a street car in panic stop mode. Generally I think a brake system should be able to produce at least 1200psi or a bit more.
  12. I put a pressure gauge on my front Volvo calipers on my race car. I was getting 1000 - 1100 psi.
  13. Beautiful work. How does it work? Is your leg strong enough to stop the car?
  14. 42 degrees of ignition advance??? Have you checked it with a timing light?
  15. Years ago I tried the Porsche 911 aluminum calipers on my 2002 race car. The calipers flex a lot so the peddle feel is soft. You could try the early 911 calipers for solid discs or the 320i (e21) calipers. Some 80's Alfas had aluminum versions of the 320i caliper for vented rotors.

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