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  1. YES We will have kits to turn your regular (left hand drive) steering box into a close ratio box.
  2. I was saving this for later when we had a final date for delivery. BUT -- We have already contracted with them to manufacture the CR gears for the left hand drive steering boxes. We supplied a good sample for them to work with. I'm guessing we should have kits in about 30 days. That's probably why they can do the right hand drive as it is probably just a mirror image of the left hand.
  3. Show us a picture from the side. Side cover with 4 bolts and big bolt in center = 2002. On driver side toward the nose stamped 40 11 = 3.64 ratio.
  4. I have the same setup on a race car. Peddle travel before solid engagement is maybe 3/8" to 1/2" Assuming the parking brake is working -- Engage the parking brake and test the brake feel with engine running. Does it feel different/better? If so the issue is in the rear. If not the issue may be the linkage from the peddle box to the booster.
  5. It looks like you have a 1.8i head and E12 pistons.
  6. Are you sure your 1984 head has the 1984 cam?
  7. The down pipe for an automatic trans will solve you problem
  8. If you want to use a 2002 distributor you'll need to use the correct cam. Your cam is for the later distributor. You can use the cam with the later 320i distributor which has the electronic pickup and use the 320i ignition module. Wiring is simple and will work well.
  9. You need to set the timing at 3000+ rpm so you have full advance. Full advance timing is the only thing you can control. The rest is up to the curve in the distributor. You can always check or plot the curve after setting the full advance. I suggest 32-34 at full advance.
  10. You are in Latvia? I've been there several times. Love the Rockabilly House. Sounds like the basic issue the too much body roll. You should aim to keep the rear tire on the ground. The car is falling over on it's nose. More front roll stiffness is needed.
  11. Why not just buy one from us at a much lower cost? Jeff
  12. Nice work on the model. I grew up south of Dayton. In the old days the planes at the museum were open an I could climb inside. You can't do that any more.
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