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  1. Thanks . ----- . It is good to get real world info. I now can move forward. I'll post pictures in a few days.
  2. As an alternative - We could leave the thrust rod bushing on the control arm and use a rod end on the other end of the thrust rod at the subframe.
  3. We are playing with several setups. Some with factory arm and some with a tubular arm. I have seen a couple configurations like Russ posted. Nice and simple. I just questioned hard bolting the thrust rod to the control arm at the ball joint. As the arm moves through it's arc it seems like there would be a fair amount of twisting force. I'm leaning toward using a rod end on both ends of the thrust rod.
  4. I found some Isetta stuff in a local back yard. Transmission, oil pan, clutch, speedo, carb with intake, 2 tail lights. None of it is pretty.
  5. I'm in. Highly recommended. If anyone in the USA is going contact me. I am familiar with the area and can help with logistics.
  6. They used ones are not on the website. Why not just call?
  7. We have some used old style shifters or new short shifters. Ireland Engineering
  8. This spring we will have polished aluminum door sills for both the early and late 2002's. They are in production now.
  9. With stock fenders you'll want the tire/wheel in as far as possible to have the best clearance at the fender lip. 6.5" wheel is really 7.5 over all width. So back space is 7.5/2 + 1.18" (30mm) = 4.93" You will likely need a small 1/8" or 3/16" spacer to keep the tire off the strut. A 195 tire should be fine.
  10. Rear shocks are no problem. We have them. Still waiting for the Bilstein front strut inserts but Koni's are available.
  11. I have some 700 parts that I don't need for my project. Let me know if you see something you need. Jeff Ireland 626-359-7674
  12. Came across an interesting brake booster today on a '76 2002. It is a single diaphragm unit but is about 3/4" smaller in diameter that the normal 2002 unit. It is marked ATE T51 same as the regular 2002 units.
  13. We will be able to sell a few individual belt line pieces but they are really sets. At this point I believe clips are included. Hoods and doors are on the list for the future but probably not right away. I'm told the BMW factory is supposed to be making a run of these. Of course at a "factory" price.
  14. Dash boards have been discussed but tooling is costly and there are several types. Probably not on the short list.

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