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  1. Nice work on the model. I grew up south of Dayton. In the old days the planes at the museum were open an I could climb inside. You can't do that any more.
  2. Schrick claims that the 292 will clear stock pistons. In my experience this is true but the piston to valve clearance is tight. If the head and/or block have been milled more than a tiny bit it probably will be a problem. Using a thicker head gasket to get things back to stock would be advisable. Or of course you could just use pistons with valve reliefs.
  3. Yes the factory fitting has fairly small opening. Our hose also has a reduced size opening.
  4. We have some pretty good used lines. How about $25. Or we have one made up with SS braded hose at $40
  5. I vote for vacuum leak from booster. Pinch off the hose and see. Get a proper timing light and a infrared thermometer. It's pennies compared to what you spent.
  6. Not a big deal. Razor Blade. WD40 or bumper sticker remover helps. I coat paper gaskets with oil before installing. Softens them for a good seal and makes removal easy.
  7. The responses so far have not answered the basic question. Lee's system is way easier than putting in hanging pedals. I'm sure that is why he is asking this question. I have one of of Lee's dual master booster delete setups. I have not installed it, but I will say it is very well made and should work well. I suggest a front master cylinder size of 0.70" would be a good starting point. That is what I have on the hanging pedals on one our our race cars.
  8. I assume you have tried more than one plug. Look in the hole. Is there any thing stuck in the threads? Get a tap or thread chaser and clean the threads. You can find thread chasers on Google or ever Auto Zone.
  9. You need the ones with the wide 60 degree seat. We have several choices.
  10. Introductory price for nose panels = $995 sending units are $130
  11. The 2002 nose panels just arrived. We have regular 2002 and Tii (sans snorkel). Also we now have the belt line trim and some fuel tank sending units.
  12. Go to an auto parts store or good hardware store and get a copper or aluminum washer.
  13. Thanks . ----- . It is good to get real world info. I now can move forward. I'll post pictures in a few days.
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