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  1. That is a Great Story! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I need one of these or both sizes. How can we make this happen. My personal email is [email protected] I can send Paypal also.
  3. Where do I sign up? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I'd like a couple of the Respect your Elders stickers. How can that be accomplished?
  6. Great work. Love this outline of the process. I took the easy way out. http://iceautoair.com/index-1BMW.html Pricey, but I can attest to its reliability. I live in Texas and my wife rides with me sometimes. Enough said.
  7. Great Advice Gentlemen (Maurice and Mike) I thought thats all it could be, but I just a wanted some sage advice from proven professionals. I appreciate it. Take care
  8. Any Diagnosis Information: Brand new Korman Motor. Just broken in last week. AC works and blows hard and cold, but when accelerating or idling and warming up, This is what I hear. My guess is a loose belt? Water pump is new. The entire engine and AC is new. (AC approximately 1.5 years old from http://www.iceautoair.com) It has performed well. Any thoughts? Beltsqueal.MOV
  9. I think I've seen you in the parking lot of UTSA last summer? I'm friendly too.
  10. It's in. And it's sounding great. I've put about 150 delicate miles on it.
  11. Thanks LarryS and everyone else for the info. I may just pick up the 34R per my Mechanics recommendation. Thanks everyone
  12. I've researched the site and found that the Optima Redtop 34R is the way to go. I'm going that way, but the Optima battery site does not list it for the 1976 02 and the Autozone site says it won't fit the 2002? I've tried Advance Auto, Costco, and the Pepboys site, and they don't have the 34R. Advance Auto Parts had the 34, but not the 34R. Will the 34 fit? I hate ordering batteries online. My mechanic told me I should get an Optima Redtop for this new Motor. Any suggestions for a Optima Redtop 34R in San Antonio Texas?
  13. K&N AIR FILTER 40 DCOE. 13725332/part #. Price was $182.04 for two. Taken directly from the receipt.. Ace Andrew Great idea.. Thanks.
  14. Preface- I lack the technical knowledge to detail the specs. Korman is much better than I am. As you know and have told me, "IT IS NOT CHEAP AND IT COSTS TOP DOLLAR" It's on the lift, and being installed. The initial test drives should happen by next week. No track, no racing, no gymkhana may equal NO FUN to some, but my plan is simply to cruise the country side and show off my new motor. Same 5 year old Paint Job for now. Not ready to show the car yet. I just want to drive it. First views of new Korman motor in the engine bay.

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