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  1. This is a rust free spare tire well from a 75 2002. It was cut with plenty of margin to be used for a replacement. There are many 02s out there that have a pretty rust free body but extra rusty in the spare tire well area. These do not come about that often. I could arrange shipping if necessary. Thanks for checking this out.
  2. This is for a nice nose panel from a Pastelblau 75 - 2002. No rust holes and would make a nice replacement for a rusty or crushed one.
  3. Hello, how do I order a set for my 02?
  4. WTB - Early 13" steel wheel (qty 1) Stan 503-891-3959
  5. The three I have are 1969 dated but honestly I would take a single of any date that matches the steel model.
  6. Looking for a single early steel wheel. Stan 503-891-3959
  7. Anyone have a spare early 13" steelie that takes the hub cap? Stan 503-891-3959
  8. Please send me your contact info so that we can coordinate or send me a message at 503-891-3959 Thanks! Stan
  9. I can pick it up tues or wed next week if that works.
  10. I will be taking pictures of this assembly. It was powder coated and put away. I ended up not using it because I chose to tow with a touring which required a different tow unit. This unit was a BMW factory part as it still had the faded bmw part number sticker on it but since the paint was worn in spots I had it powder coated. These are extremely hard to find and not only look good but are functional for small trailers. Let me know if you are interested and I can sen you pictures. Price is $1200. Stan 503-891-3959
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