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  1. So I am now beginning to think that I may have done too many things at once. Here's what I did, all at once: Remove AC, Remove EGR, reject carb to cdiesel prescription, refresh cooling system, rebuild heater box Here's what I should have done, one at a time, not necessarily in this order 1) check timing 2) adjust/reject carb 3) remove EGR 4) Repeat steps 1+2 5) Remove AC and refresh cooling system Not only would this have kept the car running and driving for more of the time, but now I'm am in a bit of a predicament.
  2. Do you have the transmission and driveshaft? Willing to pull off the clutch and flywheel?
  3. I'm also looking for a good 4 speed trans if someone has one local
  4. Looking for a good condition driveshaft for a manual transmission. Also interested in any other manual transmission swap parts. I have pedals, just need the rest.
  5. Let me start with the brick wall I've hit. The EGR pipe adapter in the exhaust manifold is one stubborn S.O.B. It will not budge. I am down to 3 foreseearble options: 1) More heat, I need to let the torch cook it for longer. I always get antsy when torching. 2) Cut off the head of the fitting and hope it is seized on the face, not the threads. (If it is a tapered thread this would not be a good idea) 3) Remove the exhaust manifold and replace it. Luckily it is not holding me back too much because I'm waiting on parts. The other day I was cataloging and rep
  6. Willing to let it go for free if someone is interested. Otherwise it'll get junked next week.
  7. My car's previous owner supplied me with this cylinder head. He said it was removed from a 2002 engine. The head is a 1.8i head with injector ports sealed. I don't have any info on the cam or age. Open to offers, buyer pays shipping
  8. Price is 100% negotiable, all the way down to free if you think that's fair. All of the 1974 egr components are available. Had to cut the exhaust side of the egr tube so there is some damage there. Full wiring harness, missing a couple connectors. Whatever doesn't leave is getting trashed. Let me know if you're interested. Buyer pays shipping
  9. Let me start by saying that I don't know what this system is worth. I am willing to take whatever someone will give me for it. Maybe it should be free, I don't know, I trust you. I am willing to split it up, whatever doesn't leave is getting trashed. Condition is mostly unknown, the condenser fan does work, but that is all I know. The wiring harness appears to be intact, may be missing one connector. All hoses included. Full center console (except the hazard switch) is included. There are cracks in some of the plastic. The compressor did spin freely with the clutch disengaged. Not sure if it works or not. Please make any offers you think are reasonable.
  10. Is the shifter console, mount etc still available?
  11. After yesterdays blog post I got to work getting the rest of the AC system out as well as the EGR system. I removed the AC compressor, which I'm pretty sure could run a small motorcycle, through the bottom without having to put the car up on jackstands which was nice. I was also able to pick up where my wife left off and pull the full center console out. I honestly think it looks pretty good without a console and I may leave it out in the future. As I noted in a comment on my last post I did end up cutting the EGR tube at the exhaust manifold. Unfortunately, try as I m
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