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  1. I thought the sold tag would have given it away
  2. As I mentioned at the end of my last post, my immediate drive line plans are to ditch the m10. The ideal choice for me was an m20 because nothing beats a bmw i6. Backup choice, and all around easier swap, is the m42. Facebook marketplace made that decision a lot easier for me with a $400 m42+g240 about 15 miles away. The engine has about 200k on it so at the very least a minor refresh is in order. I decided to pull the head and oil pan to inspect everything. I'm glad I did. No catastrophic damage, but damage did exist and it was only a matter of time. The root cause o
  3. I will take this if it's still available, sending a pm
  4. Last call before I take this to the dump.
  5. ... because it's the little things that count. So to build from my last post. I did some of what I said I should do. #1 I got the car warmed up and made sure the coolant was all set. Good to go there. In an effort to eliminate a potential vacuum leak I disconnected and plugged the vacuum line to the distributor and then set out on tuning the idle. I screwed the mixture screw in probably 1+ full turns until the idle came up. So i dropped down a jet size and did it again until it was basically dead at 2 turns out. Right in the sweet spot. I then hooked up the distributor
  6. So I am now beginning to think that I may have done too many things at once. Here's what I did, all at once: Remove AC, Remove EGR, reject carb to cdiesel prescription, refresh cooling system, rebuild heater box Here's what I should have done, one at a time, not necessarily in this order 1) check timing 2) adjust/reject carb 3) remove EGR 4) Repeat steps 1+2 5) Remove AC and refresh cooling system Not only would this have kept the car running and driving for more of the time, but now I'm am in a bit of a predicament.
  7. Do you have the transmission and driveshaft? Willing to pull off the clutch and flywheel?
  8. I'm also looking for a good 4 speed trans if someone has one local
  9. Looking for a good condition driveshaft for a manual transmission. Also interested in any other manual transmission swap parts. I have pedals, just need the rest.
  10. Let me start with the brick wall I've hit. The EGR pipe adapter in the exhaust manifold is one stubborn S.O.B. It will not budge. I am down to 3 foreseearble options: 1) More heat, I need to let the torch cook it for longer. I always get antsy when torching. 2) Cut off the head of the fitting and hope it is seized on the face, not the threads. (If it is a tapered thread this would not be a good idea) 3) Remove the exhaust manifold and replace it. Luckily it is not holding me back too much because I'm waiting on parts. The other day I was cataloging and rep
  11. Willing to let it go for free if someone is interested. Otherwise it'll get junked next week.
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