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  1. Well after years of saying I was going to get around to it I never did. Was recently promoted and have to move to VA and have to move the family there within the next 6 months. So this car is up for sale. Originally was a gift from a family friend who recently passed away from cancer. It sat in a storage unit for years along with an E9 coupe he had waiting for restoration. He gave it to me and I have never had a chance to do anything with it. I have no title which is why I am listing it as a parts car. Everything is there. I have taken out the old carpets and sagging headliner and removed the interior to see what the rust looked like. The rockers are shot and there is a hole in the driver side A pillar. Odometer reads 81518. He said it ran when he put it in storage. Small dent in the front quarter. Originally Was Fjord blue and a tree fell on it so he had local dealer put a factory sunroof in it and did a respray. Its bubbling now. It appears to be Baikal blue metallic but not sure on that one. Has sweet Momo porsche design steering wheel in good shape and period correct momo hub adapter. Pics of the car from a few years ago and some from a few minutes ago can be found here. I have taken off the taillights and the rear bumper but have everything. The interior is in good shape except for the tear in the drivers seat. That is completely out of the car and has been stored on shelves in the garage for quite some time. I'm asking $1000 OBO and would love to get rid of it asap! My wife wants to use that side of the garage to stage our move. http://s1052.photobucket.com/albums/s456/pkelly1us/
  2. hmmm. make an offer on both. The windshield is still on it but we could get it out. Its in good shape no cracks or chips. You can stop by to see both if you would like.
  3. I have a period correct MOMO Porsche Design steering wheel for sale. Some cracking at 10 and 2 but overall in good shape. Have BMW horn button included. Its on ebay but make an offer. I also have the period correct MOMO hub that I need to get off the car still that I will also be selling.
  4. Well after picking up the car a few years ago it has sat in the garage gathering dust. Literally got the car for nothing from a family friend but he has since passed away and I have no title. Car sat before for at least 7 years. All parts are there. Body has a ton of rust. Originally it was fjord blue but repainted I believe Bakal. Sunroof added after an accident involving a falling tree in the mid 80's. All blue interior is in good shape. Let me know if anyone locally in the MidAtlantic wants anything before I start a full dismantle and ebay flurry. Thanks, PK
  5. Thanks Casey. I will get in touch with the guy here in Bmore. I do have the garage space and have started purchasing tools (compressor and assorted other things). I am mechanically inclined and have always done the work on my own cars (honda and old VW). If I get the car prepped for paint I can get a sick paint job for around 2k. So its just a question of getting the body work done. Do you have Mike Hannigans contact info and a little about him. Where is his shop? Does he only do 02's, or older BMW's? Thanks for your help!! Pat
  6. Thanks everyone. Was laid off and given a nice severance check to go along with the money I had saved for the car to begin with. Just accepted a new job so I can move forward with the car. I could spend the money on a nice tii and keep the one I have for parts, but there is something really appealing about restoring the car. Maybe just get the body done and do the rest myself. Keep in mind I don't want a concourse queen. I want something to drive on weekends and autox's. I have a company car for everyday driving. Always dreamed of having a fun 2002 with motorsport/alcantara refinished e21 recaros in it, along with some nice bbs 3 peice wheels.. In Inca orange.. Thats the dream car. Just don't know the best way to go about it.
  7. Thanks. These are the kinds of idea's I need. I guess I could ship my one owner tii and a shell and have him transer everything over? I will contact him this week. Thanks
  8. I have a 72 that I have posted pics of a month or so ago and had a quick question. If I sent my tii out to a place like Korman, what is an estimated cost. Needs new rockers rear shock tower (drivers side) Door repairs rusted on bottom New floor boards Sunroof has rust issues.. It wont open currently Engine hasn't run in ten but it drover into the storage unit so I would assume that wouldn't be too much to get it going. In general when someone sends one in for a resto what does it cost? I currently have $9500 but will probably have another 5k in the next month to put into it. Does that even come close? Or should I start doing the work on my own with the help of some friends? Thanks,
  9. Casey, Thanks and I am sure you will be getting lots of questions from me. Wow your 02 is beautiful. You live up in Harford County right? Where abouts? I grew up in BelAir. Thanks, Pat
  10. Well I finally picked the car up yesterday! Its going to be a lot of work, but I am thinking its going to be fun. Original owner 81k original miles. Some rusty areas found already... Good thing my buddy can weld and is going to teach me. I have realistic goals for the car. I am hoping on a year and a half to finish it. I don't want it to be a perfect stock car but some tasteful upgrades and a fun driver. First things first is to get it running. It has been in storage for 8 or so years. Once its running then take it from there. Was originally Fjord and repainted what appears to be Baikal. I am thinking Golf Yellow or Inca Orange. I was also thinking maybe Imola to match our 04 330 zhp.
  11. Bill, Please add me to the list also. I pick up my tii on Sunday. [email protected] Thanks
  12. Picking it up next weekend from the storage unit. I am sure I am going to have a lot of fun with this one! I got it for a steal. He just wanted to see it go to a good home. Now I just have to get it running. I am sure I am going to have a million questions once I start getting it into running order.
  13. I am going to do what I can with the car. I will try to get it running on my own (with the help of a friend) and take it from there. I don't have too much experience working on older cars but figured this would be a great place to start learning. I feel comfortable with fixing suspension/brake/interior stuff but not as comfortable with the engine compartment. These cars aren't too complicated from what I gather and there are a ton of 2002 enthusiasts out there, so I figure why not. It will be a long project I am sure... But should be fun.
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