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  1. inkatouring

    Turbo on Ebay

    A quick google images search indicates no snorkel on turbos. Economical listing it is!
  2. inkatouring

    New Momo aftermarket horn button

  3. inkatouring

    Mounting Cibie Oscars

    Regretfully -- regretful in so many ways and the Super Oscar are the least of it! -- I do not have the inka touring any more, so I can't provide any better pictures. Delia may remember. I do recall that there were two brackets, one on each side, that bolted to the bumper support on the outboard side and I think through the grill to the radiator supports on the inboard side. I've tried to buy it back, but to no avail. But there are other 02s out there. I've had at least 8 (I think that count is right....) and will have at least one more......
  4. inkatouring

    Mounting Cibie Oscars

    I had Delia Wolffe make up some nice sturdy brackets for Super Oscars on my inka touring. On my sahara 73 tii, I used the holes already drilled in the bumper for the wimpy little Hellas. On my next, yet to be purchased 02 project, the Super Oscars I have in my garage will be mounted some how. Not sure exactly how, yet. Yes, I have a problem, but they just look too right on these cars.....
  5. inkatouring

    Anyone in San Diego area????

    I'm not sure what is cheap for a decent tii now adays. The more I think about the car (and my lack of garage space) the less it makes sense.....
  6. inkatouring

    Anyone in San Diego area????

    It is that one (and thank you for posting in the classifieds). Do you know what mechanical restoration they did? Rust?
  7. inkatouring

    292 cam in a 1600

    I've never used a 300* factory cam but that is what Alpina used on the A4/tii four throttle system. Generally speaking, the longer cam the duration, the less torque. That can be made up with displacement so on the A4 system I built with a Schrick 304, I used an S14 crank (2200cc) and it ran great. Also, I have heard that the 300* cam is not as smooth as Schricks in general but have no personal experience. With that information, if I were retaining 1.6 liters displacement, I would go with the 292, not a 300.
  8. There's a tii I'm considering in the area and would like a set of eyes on it sometime soon, maybe this weekend? Since I'm in the SF Bay Area and busy this weekend, that's difficult for me. There's beer (or wine, your choice) in it for you!
  9. There's a car I want checked out in Santa Barbara. Anyone near there with good eyes and some spare time? If so, please email me directly at Thanks!
  10. I'm sure some of our fine fellow members know something about this touring on eBay. Please share any personal or hearsay information with me directly ( or here, please. Thanks. Linkie here!
  11. inkatouring

    My restoration blog

    The intake manifold is going to be ported, not the head. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. inkatouring

    e12 Alpina B7 blog

    Check out my newly minted web site for the 1981 Alpina B7 I recently acquired:
  13. inkatouring

    My restoration blog

    When the motor was picked up the head was torqued down. The head gasket is metal and may not look compressed.
  14. inkatouring

    My restoration blog

    My latest blog post. Enjoy.
  15. inkatouring

    My restoration blog

    I did just kinda drop a bomb there. Wasn't sure how to bring it up subtly, so there it was! Thanks for all the kind thoughts, gents. All is going well now. Modern medicine is a truly amazing thing.