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  1. Enjoy my latest blog entry: https://www.alpinab7.com/blog/getting-it-running-right-and-wondering-if-it-will-last
  2. I built similar to this, but 2.5 block. I think the block doesn't matter much myself. In my blog (link below) are posts about building the engine, including the final specs. TD crank, custom pistons, a nice cam (depending on your injection system) and you're good to go! BTW, I think it was originally thought up by somebody at Alpina, as that is what they used for the C1 2.7......
  3. Up for sale on eBay for about the 23,976th time..... I've texted exhaustively with the seller, talked to the mechanic who has worked on the car and have negotiated extensively about price. Happy to share my experiences with a serious buyer. In my opinion, if you live in California it has some value being already registered here but is about $10k overpriced still.....
  4. Cahsel doesn't have any right now (or didn't when I checked a few months ago) -- they always have it listed on the site IIRC. I'm sure coupeking is asking -- pun intended -- a king's ransom for that project car.....
  5. I'm not. I usually snipe eBay auctions right at the end but was busy Sunday so I bid earlier in the morning. If I "needed" to have another A4 system, I would have made a hole in my day at the time the auction was ending. I don't need it though. Like you, I have other projects that have been going on too long and, more importantly, no 2002 to put it in. I'll be surprised if the latter "problem" isn't solved sooner instead of later, but I've got the C1 to finish up and the B7 to massage. Do I "need" an A4 system when I have no 02, three project cars, one daily driver, my wife's car and only two garage spaces?
  6. When you decide to sell it, you know who to contact first (that would be me!).....
  7. I was the second highest bidder and am both disappointed and happy I did not continue bidding. A lot of money, yes. But I've owned 3 and the last one, Mark's old system that is now on the Inka touring, cost me $5,000 for complete system (with pump), like this one about ten years ago. Prices for 2002s have about doubled in that time, so I'm not surprised the price for this, much rarer than a 2002, has doubled as well. Would have been nice to build another one.....
  8. I bought my inka touring from Laurens and then visited him when I was in Holland. Would buy again from him without hesitation. Oh, Laurens, any word on that car we've been emailing about?
  9. I cycle through cars a bit too much -- I finish a project and after a few years move on to the next. That's fun but there are a few cars I regret selling: The Golf yellow CSL, the inka touring, and the Sahara tii. Can you get that one back for me?
  10. The two A4 systems I ran, one had 9.5/292/2.0 (Sahara 73tii) and the other was 10:1/304/s14 crank/2.2 (Inka touring). Both ran better than any tii I had....
  11. A quick google images search indicates no snorkel on turbos. Economical listing it is!
  12. Regretfully -- regretful in so many ways and the Super Oscar are the least of it! -- I do not have the inka touring any more, so I can't provide any better pictures. Delia may remember. I do recall that there were two brackets, one on each side, that bolted to the bumper support on the outboard side and I think through the grill to the radiator supports on the inboard side. I've tried to buy it back, but to no avail. But there are other 02s out there. I've had at least 8 (I think that count is right....) and will have at least one more......
  13. I had Delia Wolffe make up some nice sturdy brackets for Super Oscars on my inka touring. On my sahara 73 tii, I used the holes already drilled in the bumper for the wimpy little Hellas. On my next, yet to be purchased 02 project, the Super Oscars I have in my garage will be mounted some how. Not sure exactly how, yet. Yes, I have a problem, but they just look too right on these cars.....
  14. I'm not sure what is cheap for a decent tii now adays. The more I think about the car (and my lack of garage space) the less it makes sense.....

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