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  1. I built similar to this, but 2.5 block. I think the block doesn't matter much myself. In my blog (link below) are posts about building the engine, including the final specs. TD crank, custom pistons, a nice cam (depending on your injection system) and you're good to go! BTW, I think it was originally thought up by somebody at Alpina, as that is what they used for the C1 2.7......
  2. Up for sale on eBay for about the 23,976th time..... I've texted exhaustively with the seller, talked to the mechanic who has worked on the car and have negotiated extensively about price. Happy to share my experiences with a serious buyer. In my opinion, if you live in California it has some value being already registered here but is about $10k overpriced still.....
  3. inkatouring


  4. There is absolutely no rational reason for an oil cooler in a relatively stock street tii like yours. That said, it looks really cool and I've installed one on virtually every '02 I modded.
  5. Need an e21 dash and no one seems to be selling a good used one, so....... How are justdashes.com's products? Do you know? Have you tried one? Thanks.
  6. My goal -- which may be unrealistic -- is to drive the C1 down to Monterey. Maybe we'll both get to debut the cars together?
  7. It was a random pic he sent -- last pic he sent was of my e21 323i 5-speed c/r tranny in pieces, which it still is months later. Now, in his defense, he knows I'm in no rush (the car is in pieces, too) so it's not a problem. He's fast around the track but not necessarily with his hand-crafted work. That's fine. The work is worth the wait to my experience. I hope it is your experience too....
  8. I ran California 91 octane pump gas on a motor with 10:1 pistons and 304 schrick. It had a s14 crank for 2.2 liters and an Alpina A4 injection, but a 2.0 liter crank and webers should not be much different in terms of whether the gas works. There was little or no pinging and it ran well. Not ideal, but well. If it is for street use, I would consider the 9.5 and 292 unless you bump up the displacement just to get some low-end torque to compensate for the 304's high end profile, but plenty of folks have use 304s on the street with 2.0 cranks....
  9. I recall old ALPINA catalogs listing both Weber and Solex. There's no linkage or the rubber boots between the cabs and airbox; the former is hard to find an original ALPINA one. In the end, there are two real ALPINA parts in there -- the intake manifold and the airbox...
  10. The gauges are VDO, but I was referring to the holder/cluster. Regardless, the value could be all over the map but I would seriously consider an auction on Bring-a-Trailer. You should squarely hit the enthusiast market there......
  11. I agree with most of what Mike said. It may have some Alpina parts, may not. The gauge cluster looks to be a VDO rubber unit. Does it have a back or is it about 1.5 inches thick and rear exposed? If latter, VDO certainly. Alpina one looked different, like this: I've heard that Alpina does not have records from mid-80s back but they were able to verify that my 1982 c1 2.3 is in fact an Alpina. But they were unable or unwilling to provide any details. I expect that your car was not modified at ALpina and thus they will have no records on it, period. Here is the email address of the person who did (Elizabeth Steck): e.steck@alpina.de One more thing -- that umbrella look to be a genuine Alpina one!
  12. It is indeed. There was much chatter in the comments about whether it was genuine, but an email to Alpina verified it is. Needs a lot of work.....
  13. This arrived Tuesday. It is a 1982 Alpina C1 2.3 that is very -- very -- rough. The mechanical resto is going to be a long, fun process. Paint is so bad it's almost cool (my wife says to leave it is as is) and the interior needs work (anyone have a good crack-free dash?). But most importantly, it has a BAR sticker and smog-legal in California!
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