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  1. It's jeff mulchahey and he introduced me to A4 systems and I spent a lot of time lusting over his Ceylon tii. Beautiful car. He sold the tii and got an e21 Hartge 323i and then moved on to Ferarris. Lost touch with him but he's in Indiana now IIRC.
  2. No airbox or throttle linkage. But it does look like it was touched by the hands of God -- or at least Alpina.....
  3. I have two new posts on my restoration blog for the the BMW/Alpina B7. There should be a third in a day or two on the suspension refresh. Hope you enjoy these: https://www.alpinab7.com/post/the-saga-of-the-seats and https://www.alpinab7.com/post/two-down-two-to-go-pandemic-progress
  4. inkatouring

    Bay Area 02 02/02/02 Drive

    my 73 tii on 02/02/02 drive
  5. I'll take the risk. Please sign me up. My email is [email protected] -- ymail, not gmail.
  6. I replaced the overdrive 5-speed on my 323i with a close-ratio transmission. Car had 129k when swapped and the overdrive unit shifted perfectly, no bearing noise. Asking $1000 but will listen to offers -- especially if I'm off on the price. Please email at [email protected] (yes, Ymail, not Gmail). Please NO pms or messages here as I don't check as often as I should. No pics yet but it looks like a dirty, oily transmission.
  7. The cow was impressive but what really caught my eye was that you have a lower CCA number than me! I'm 14583 (IIRC, I know it's 145xx).
  8. Enjoy my latest blog entry: https://www.alpinab7.com/blog/getting-it-running-right-and-wondering-if-it-will-last
  9. I built similar to this, but 2.5 block. I think the block doesn't matter much myself. In my blog (link below) are posts about building the engine, including the final specs. TD crank, custom pistons, a nice cam (depending on your injection system) and you're good to go! BTW, I think it was originally thought up by somebody at Alpina, as that is what they used for the C1 2.7......
  10. Up for sale on eBay for about the 23,976th time..... I've texted exhaustively with the seller, talked to the mechanic who has worked on the car and have negotiated extensively about price. Happy to share my experiences with a serious buyer. In my opinion, if you live in California it has some value being already registered here but is about $10k overpriced still.....
  11. Cahsel doesn't have any right now (or didn't when I checked a few months ago) -- they always have it listed on the site IIRC. I'm sure coupeking is asking -- pun intended -- a king's ransom for that project car.....
  12. I'm not. I usually snipe eBay auctions right at the end but was busy Sunday so I bid earlier in the morning. If I "needed" to have another A4 system, I would have made a hole in my day at the time the auction was ending. I don't need it though. Like you, I have other projects that have been going on too long and, more importantly, no 2002 to put it in. I'll be surprised if the latter "problem" isn't solved sooner instead of later, but I've got the C1 to finish up and the B7 to massage. Do I "need" an A4 system when I have no 02, three project cars, one daily driver, my wife's car and only two garage spaces?
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