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  1. martinsmith

    not Webasto sunroof???

    David what's your email... I seem to have an old one???...
  2. martinsmith

    2002 IMSA racing '69 to '72 DC area?

    love Summit point!... it's where I got my IMSA licence... great pictures Mark thanks I shall scour them...
  3. martinsmith

    2002 IMSA racing '69 to '72 DC area?

    they were a small shop owned by the two drivers... they had a two tone paint job on their 02... I think blue and something else... I need to look at my old super 8mm and check it out...
  4. martinsmith

    2002 IMSA racing '69 to '72 DC area?

    used to go to all the east coast IMSA races in that truck...
  5. martinsmith

    2002 IMSA racing '69 to '72 DC area?

    no Smith Nichols Racing was me... I'm the one on the right...and the truck was a Chevrolet Carryall... '62 if I remember correctly... the guys racing a 2002 IMSA group 2 where the ones building my race car... somewhere near Fairfax, VA
  6. Anyone here racing a 2002 in the late 60s early 70s with IMSA who was from Northern Virginia ie. DC suburb.... had a shop that prepped cars including my Renault Matra DJet 6... ? I owned my first 2002 in 69 and loaned them my headers after theirs blew out I think at Summit point?
  7. martinsmith

    Aussie 2002 drive

  8. martinsmith

    Touring Alpina??

    anyone know this car?...
  9. built in June 1975 delivered to the UK couple month later...
  10. martinsmith

    BBS RZ Wheels Pictures

    don't think these are exactly the same?...
  11. martinsmith

    $40K driver 2002 at RM Amelia

    my UK '75 RHD Tii has no names on knobs just symbols....