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  1. thanks... the handle mechanism looks different... it might be a Webasto...
  2. thanks!!.... this was a "brand" of sunroof that was manufactured for a few years...
  3. does anyone have a Safari sunroof installed in the UK!
  4. martinsmith


  5. RHD Tii manufactured June 1975 for the UK ... now in Los Angeles...
  6. got this in an email today from PINTEREST!...
  7. thanks Lars & Steve.... my seat pads do need replacing.... my Tii Lux was built in June 1975... all the best... Martin
  8. are the seat from model 71 the same as model 73?
  9. well I bow to your superior knowledge... I bought the car in 1985/86 in the UK (now in California) and had some work done on it including the seats by JAMIC in the UK.. I would have thought they would have put the right material on the seats as their catalogue, that I still have, mentions the LUX seat material for the model 73 ... here are a number of shots I just took...
  10. since then the latch has broken and wont close/lock
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