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  1. I decided to go with the "all of the above" placement... 6" Hella behind the grill, and 4 inch yellow on the bumper.
  2. Thanks, I ended up going with silver (posted below) I like it.
  3. Well, I went with silver. I quite like it on the verona car. (white would have been terrible, even if I had got white rims)
  4. If you find yourself in central WA, Canyon Road, between Ellensburg and Yakima (hi way 821) is a nice departure from the main drag. heres the map
  5. Yeah, I like the idea of back-dating it, though I'm tempted to go full chrome like the look of the Neue Klasse.
  6. yeah... I had a suspicion they would -especially since I've never seen it done. However, It is possible to have plastic chromed -which does look quite good, kinda like the Neue Klasse.. but most likely prohibitively expensive.
  7. I'm just about to get my BBS rims stripped and powder coated.. and I'm considering breaking from traditional silver and going with white... I've got this idea to paint the grilles (not the kidney) white to match (the car is verona) -but I can't seem to find a single photo example of someone doing it? -I can't believe it hasn't been done? -Anyone ever seen it?
  8. -Thank you, you answered my question. yes I did search it and, as it often happens, I really just didn't find the answers I was looking for, partially due to lack of time and my laziness - I have a short lunch break and as far as the rebuild, it's a bit rusty and feels a bit sloppy to me. so I was planing to rebush it. RE: maxc, you are correct, my mistake, I meant 32/36. Thanks for the link. I know we have a fantastic archive on this forum -but it's nice to check if there is any "fresh" info/opinions out there. -mike
  9. I found one at NW wrecking before the closed down. Of the 2 people I asked, one said the advance curve was two steep for a stock cam and the other said it works great? I would just put it on and see, but it needs to be rebuilt and the petronix pointless I have dosent fit. I'm running a weber 32/38 petronix ignition stock cam stock exhaust/ with ansa pipe (next month) 5 speed conversion w/ 3.91:1 LSD I'm going to rebuild it anyway (why not, right?) -but I'm reluctant to go buy the ignition kit that fits it, if it will make no difference in performance? What do ya'guys think? -mike
  10. -sorry, turned them in for the core charge -mike
  11. Symptom: as engine/brakes warm up the brake pedal has less and less travel and eventually freezes up resulting in smoking brakes and a very short trip. I first mis-diagnosed this as bad calipers, after new calipers, then followed lines and master cylinder. Each new step made no difference. Ready to throw in the towel, and actually take it somewhere, I stopped at Autosport to see Jon about it. After a few minutes of diagnoses, he pulled off my vacuum hose from the booster and dipped a zip tie down the hole - it came up covered in brake fluid! It turned out I had about a 1/2 cup of brake fluid IN my booster! It now all made sence, I was convinced that the problem happened as the engine warmed up, with no relation to the brake usage - witch defied my logic and basic knowledge of the brake system. I had never thought of the old MC leaking into the booster. just thought I'd share, mike
  12. Another vote for Autosport, not just for the fantastic machine work and service- But I buy all my parts from them as well. Brad and Jonnie know just about everything about 2002s and will gladly share knowledge with any one who is interested, the down side (not really) I can NEVER get out of there in less than 20 mins - but I always leave enlightened. also, for the quality and care they provide, I feel their prices reasonable -mike
  13. I'm working on putting together the components for my fuel injection project wich will later become my turbo project. I have the intake manifold from the '81 1.8 engine, is it possible to tap it for injectors? I'd really like to use it, 1: because I have it already 2: I like the way they look, better than the 77-79 manifolds 3: I don't want to use the 1.8l head and lower my compression Which fuel distributor should I look for? or is this just not possible? -mike
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