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  1. Thanks for the tip - I used your troubleshooting technique and it was indeed the fuel pump. New pump sourced from https://www.blunttech.com/ and installed today - up and running!
  2. I have a 1971 2002 with the single-piece mechanical fuel pump. After sitting for several months and then attempting to start, I'm not getting fuel to the carb. The fuel line to the tank is not plugged. I've checked the filter inside the fuel pump and it is not plugged. After reassembling the pump on the workbench, I checked for leaks by blowing into the inlet port while holding my finger over the outlet port. No leaks arond gasket or via weep hole. Push rod is moving when I turn the engine over. Installed back on car and still no fuel flow. When I hold my finger over the inlet port I don't feel any suction at all. Anything else to check before replacing the pump? Thanks...Tom
  3. super nice car. can you post some photos of the engine and trunk? this is the price range i'm looking in. thanks...tom
  4. http://www.twc.edu/sites/default/files/Promise_Fall_2010_8.5x11_0.pdf See photo on page 5 captioned "Southern Mississippi student Rachael Crawford interns for Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) and proudly presents him with the Pillar Award for Leadership." [/url]
  5. well put, and yes, i'll be keeping my eyes open for another 2002!
  6. LOL! oh i'm sure everybody's intentions are noble. :-)
  7. got her bachelor's in economics from university of southern mississippi - starts next month on her masters in transportation and logistics.
  8. my daughter, now a college graduate, is the proud new owner!
  9. i should have posted that this is was resolved. the pertronix module was the problem.
  10. looking for the round, 3-prong connect washer/wiper relay for 1971 2002. thanks...tom
  11. nice car. i too, like the look without the trim. reminds me of my first bimmer, a '69 with fender flares, front air dam, and big fat BF Goodrich TAs. roger koby's first project car back in the early 80s. good luck with the sale.
  12. i really like this car, but my discretionary fund is little low right now. i'll be keeping my eye on this though. good luck!
  13. don't rule out worn joints on tie-rods and drag (center) link.
  14. how did you return to the fuel tank? my '71 has an unused return line but it is routed to a plastic expansion tank in the trunk, which is routed to the fuel filler neck. i don't think this is suitable for a liquid return, but i suppose i could eliminate the expansion tank. or can i just dump it back into the supply line from the tank, before the fuel pump?
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