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  1. sorry for the delay. the driver side also has a little fading on the outside(left) of the back. -chris [email protected]
  2. Tan front hi back bucket seats from 1976 both with working slide and tilt mechanism in very good shape other than small tear. matching back seats also in very good shape other than small tear over left shoulder of driver side. front seats: $60 each or $100 for both back seat $50 buy everything and i will include stock retractable seat belts local pickup only in a business park in hegenburger/Oakland area
  3. i am pretty stuck diagnosing a problem i am having with my '76 2002... it overheated and i thought blew a head gasket, it was leaking oil and cylinders were filling with water when turning over. i replaced the head gasket and the problem with water persisted. anyone ever encounter this or have a piece of knowledge i dont about what this might be? i am figuring at this point it is either the head being warped or having internal water passage damage, or the intake having damaged water passages....?
  4. was a good running daily driver until three months ago when i thought i blew a head gasket, after turning the engine over it filled the cylinders with water, but i changed the gasket and the problem is persisting. this tells me the problem either lies in the intake manifold or the head possibly the block so i am selling as is. everything else is in good working order. all stock 32/36 dgav ca smog. was great daily driven smog passer before, clean straight body no rust. Chris [email protected]
  5. im also very interested. what is the registration staus and where in the bay area are you? [email protected]
  6. sorry didnt mean to neglect my own post haha, i replaced the coil along with tracing wires from point to point cleaning all connections. i then added extra grounding to the starter (a wire from bracket to block, bracket not enough grounding? hmm strange) anyway she fired up like nothin with the authority i expected from my new starter (better actually). now just tunning and what not then to 880 North for the "ton up" test.
  7. hi i recently upgraded my starter to the m3 unit and i was able to wire it up and it turns but very weakly with a brand new battery. every other post makes mention of either a black or red wire going to terminal 50 but i have two black w/ yellow striped wires crimped into one connector on t50, is this right? in any case i want to know where the wire runs to on the other end so i could just do a test replacement to see if new wires will help.
  8. that was my first reaction but the battery is giving 12v and i just charged it today and right after it was exactly the same still.
  9. hi i am having trouble with my electrical system in my 76 o2, i recently replaced my alternator with a higher amp unit, a new starter the srx71 i believe, and got a new battery. since these changes i have drove a few miles on it and it drove great then i accidentally broke the outlet on my radiator. it sat for about a week then i put the new radiator in it and it wouldn't start. it turns over but very weakly and slowly(strange to me since elec. is mostly new now) i cant get a strong spark on the ht side of the coil but it does have a very small spark when it first turns over. any thoughts?
  10. both in good shape, working great when pulled them out my car just needed an upgrade. make me an offer
  11. i am in need of a good working egr valve, not the entire smog system just the valve...
  12. hello all, i am going through my EGR system as after testing (vac pump...engine stumble... ect...) i realize it isnt doing anything, maybe blocked or something but after finally getting that stuborn little valve away from the engine i noticed that even with vac applied it isnt letting air through and also there is a little bolt in the outlet of the valve that screws out and has kind of a little pin on the end of it... is this normal? so if im correct so far and my EGR valve has a little bolt that i think is mistakenly put in the outlet, and should let air move freely when vac is applied (which it holds) but isnt therfore the EGR valve is at fault here. could i fix/clean the valve or is it junk? thanks in advance for the awesome help i always get from site members
  13. they aren't required in CA for a '76 are they? i mean on visual? if you could pass emissions without it do you still need it?
  14. yes the PO put a cat in. does it affect the NOX is all i need to know, thanks in advance
  15. would taking out my cat. lower my cylinder temp by giving better asperation? i failed smog but only the NO(PPM%) the actual emmisions were burning rediculously clean so im willing to compromise if it would help.

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