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  1. Hi guys Have some parts for sale here Bumpers will be $250 each shipped (w/in reason) or $450 for both. They are not perfect but will clean up very nice. fp!
  2. Armrests are black. They're not in great condition, but "beat up" is a bit strong.
  3. Armrests are black. They're not in great condition, but "beat up" is a bit strong.
  4. Here's a link to a bunch of 2002 parts I have laying around. There are front and rear old style bumpers, mostly complete and in decent condition, as well as some door cards and other odds n' ends. No prices yet so make me an offer. Happy holidays!
  5. Hi guys- Sorry for the tease and delay. The car is sold, but I have pulled a few choice items off of it (door cards, bumpers). If you are interested in anything else from my previous posts, please contact Aric, either through the faq or Ebay. I have his contact stuff if you don't. If you were interested in the items I mentioned above, either expect to be contacted by me or look for a new post. Cheers fp
  6. CAR IS SOLD! it has gone on to a better place. I will just be making vroom vroom sounds in my 535 from now on.
  7. Hi everyone- Thanks for your interest. I am going to get up some pictures soon. I may have some interest in the whole car, so parts needed to drive the car will probably stay with it. Other cosmetic stuff will be posted soon!
  8. Selling the whole shebang for $2500, but I get to pull some of the cosmetic parts (bumpers, door cards). It's a goddamn steal goddammit. I'm tearing up!
  9. Good question! I won't take anything mechanical- just the easy to pull stuff like bumpers and door cards. The carbs are 40s. I have to check my documentation about the differential.
  10. Yes, the brake setup is custom, installed by the PO. I'm not sure which rotors and calipers we're talking about exactly, I think it may be the Ireland Engineering BBK (volvo). There is a bias valve (as you pointed out) and I believe the master cylinder is from a five series. One thing is for sure, it stops the car very powerfully.
  11. Respondito'd. I'll get some pics taken later this week. I believe the center console is in good shape.
  12. Hi guys- I have for sale (or for parts) my street rod 72. A while back I smoked a curb with it while doing something stupid and sideways and I've never gotten around to fixing it. There is a little controversy about how bad the damage really is, but I personally think it's a better candidate for transplant into a better body, since the mechanicals are all in good shape and pretty badass, but the body wasn't that super to begin with. If I can pull a few items off of the car, I'll take $2500 for it. Here's a link to my original thread http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,357587/highlight,/ And here are the pics http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157626679412696/with/5702408210/ that is all. fp
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