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  1. For $45k I would at least expect the engine compartment to be clean.
  2. Oooh. Original owner. Golf. Sunroof. Tii. $45k? Not in my budget. If money was not the issue, this one would clean up nice and I'd have fun doing it. Damn.
  3. Just trying to understand. Did you register the car and do you have a title with your name on it?
  4. Will be watching this one closely. Awesome car. Great color. Is it one owner or two? When I drop my bag of cash on this car am I the 2nd or 3rd owner? And how big does the bag need to be? I'm guessing quite large. Good luck!
  5. This luggage rack came with my car when I bought it this summer. It has no manufacturer markings of any kind. It appears that it is period correct and is not a reproduction. I have done lots of searches and have not seen another one like this with the bent side rails. Yes, it was made that way. I'd sure like to know who made it before it goes back up in the attic. Thanks for looking.
  6. I have been suspicious of same. Just haven't done anything to test them yet. CSV was allegedly tested a few years ago according to records I got with the car but it could be acting up. Car always starts so I have been working on cosmetic and other stuff.
  7. Decided to pull the spark plugs on my 72 tii that I've had for 2 months. I found the plugs in decent shape, kinda brownish color and not awful. But does anyone know a good reason to run 3 platinum plugs (BPR6EGP) and one standard plug (BPR6ES) like I pulled out of mine? Is it good or bad? The car ran pretty well, idled smoothly, but it has always had a long crank time at cold start and would stumble if I didn't give it gas right after it fired. Most starts required longer crank times I guess. The car came with spare parts, like some Bosch WR9DC plugs which I put in today. Car seems to run strong. Maybe stronger. The cold start crank time was long again, but when it lit, it idled smooth at around 2000 then smoothed into a nice 900-1000 idle when warm. The next warm start was almost instant fire on maybe one crank. The chart says these plugs also replace NGK BPR5ES. Any opinions?
  8. To each his/her own. I like a lot of cars and trucks slammed. Not an 02 though. Hard pass for me.
  9. Yes, please. One for me. Thanks!
  10. One of the best ads I've ever seen. Tempting . . .
  11. Good luck. All my bulbs are fresh, fuses and grounds clean, new relay and my left signal flashes endless green and the right signal usually flashes 6 times, then quits. I need to turn right quicker I guess. When I was getting only one flash from the right, I replaced the hazard switch and it temporarily worked 100%.
  12. This is the cap I have. Dingy translucent. Turns out the problem was a piece of black, reinforced radiator hose wedged in there from a previous owner. Why? Homemade funnel gizmo? Who knows. Very difficult to remove. Here's the fun part. When it finally came loose, it went in, not out. Panic. Horror. I siphoned out some fluid and found it inside with various needle-nosed tools. How much contamination remains in the box? Time will tell I guess. There was a skip in the steering before this fiasco anyway. Man, these cars are fun.
  13. The cap I pulled off is not broken, and it's white-ish, so I have no idea what that is in there. Didn't seem right to me. Thanks.
  14. I was able to pull the steering box plug without using any prying tool, just reached in and grabbed it. That tells me it was not fully seated. After topping off the fluid, I can't push the cap back in flush. Is it normal to have what looks like a black piece of tubing sticking up from the fill hole? Hard to see in this picture, but I haven't seen this on any photos I searched. This is keeping the plug from seating. It wasn't leaking before, that I know of. Anybody?
  15. This car, with the same photos, was on CL in June. I inquired several times and never got a response from texts, emails or calls. Not sure what the problem is. I assumed it was a scammer. Maybe someone can find out.

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