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  1. The best advice so far is, do you really want a 2002 for a daily driver. The money aspect is right on. Dependability of an old car is what it is. But in my mind, you get no airbags, no structural integrity like newer models, no electronic controls, no smog control (usually), and no safety features to help in emergency driving situations. They are even hard to see from behind with their tiny lights (no high mount stop light). The 2002 is the perfect weekend car. A 2002 hits it out of the park for an enjoyable weekend car. That's its sweet spot. Good luck whatever you choose.
  2. For many of us, the prize is sitting in the garage.
  3. Until things change, always bet the over.
  4. I'll be brief. I prefer no mods but this is a very nice looking car (minus the chin spoiler). The "no reserve" strategy will result in lots of late bidding. It's BAT. $44k. (and of course, the mods could make me way wrong)
  5. Finally took the car in and got the head gasket replaced. That was the oil leak. The engine internals were in excellent condition and now it is leak-free. Oil change, new coolant. Car runs great. Spring is sprung. Life is good.
  6. I'll pass. But thanks for reading my post. Have a great quarantined day!
  7. No way this car makes it to BAT. But, if it did, the conversations with the seller would be, um, lively. I'd go $3,200. There's a penalty for having to deal with this seller.
  8. I'm really late to the party here, but I'm glad this thread was not deleted. Lots of good historical info. Thanks for posting, Fixer!
  9. Nice car. Agreed. Nicely done. I just want matching numbers for 33k. I know from personal experience you can get your cake and matching numbers if you look somewhere other than bat. Do the legwork, find the cars. I also agree that the seller should be one happy soul.
  10. Non-tii. Nice car. But $33k? I'm missing something. Looks like I got back into the 2002 ownership just in time (August) because these prices are crazy. But that's me.
  11. Agave please. Have a great Thanksgiving!
  12. I'm reading his comment a little bit differently. Sometimes, when you come through a serious medical scare, you come out realizing there is no better time to buy that car you always wanted. My tii is proof. This guy seems to either be full of himself or he's gonna buy every car he ever dreamed of. Personally, I think this car is cool but the bidding should have ended a few thousand dollars ago. But, that's me. The seller is smiling.
  13. Been storing cars in unheated garages for many years. Battery tender, loose fitting cover to avoid bumping and scratching the paint in tight spaces, and plastic on the concrete floor to avoid the moisture issue from below. I sometimes put bounce dryer sheets inside the car for a fresh scent and I sometimes throw some mothballs under the car on the floor. Mice supposedly don't like the smell. I give them plenty of D-con to eat and never had a problem with them smelling up the joint. D-Con I thought is supposed to eat them up from the inside to keep the smell down. Once found a collection of bird seed in a crease on the back of the car cover but have been lucky they have stayed out of my cars.
  14. Not mine. no affiliation. Four bad photos. Among the many unusual words and claims, the ad begins with the statement: "Paraphrased from another ad but is applicable:" https://cleveland.craigslist.org/cto/d/broadview-heights-1972-bmw-2002-tii/6997751053.html
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