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  1. Looks really sharp with those factory alloys!
  2. anyone bringing: early trunk lid '73 stock drivers seat modell 71 right front fender modell 71 right door sheet metal under rear window Thx
  3. LMK if you still have an early trunk lid and those '73 seats.
  4. Got mine the other day, will be a while before I put 'em in but they look super nice. Thx for making these available Al. Cheers, Ryan
  5. Later version (circa ~'69 & later?), flatter, more squared spokes (as opposed to earlier more rounded spokes, and flat mounting area (no raised flanges around the edges) From The Samba by Roger Lockhart Thu Dec 10, 2009 (edited): "Sweden's first (and only?) manufacturer of custom wheels made some interesting wheels for VW and Porsche in the 60's and 70's. The company JP-wheels was started by a Swede with the name of Jack Possnert. During the 60's he lived in California and got introduced to light alloy wheels. He thought custom wheels would make a great business potential also in Sweden. In 1966 he got back to Sweden and started making cast aluminum wheels at his fathers foundry called Tunaverken in Eskilstuna. They were marketed under the name JP, taken from his initials. The wheels got very popular and were made for several type of cars, BMW, Volvo, Chevrolet etc. But here I will concentrate on the four- and five-spoke versions for VW 4/130 and Porsche 5/130. There exist at least two styles of the wheels. The early with more rounded spokes and outer rims, and the later with flatter spokes and almost square outer rims. The later are also made in a harder alloy, which is quite obvious when you try to polish them. The early ones is probably made of a very pure aluminum. JP also made a slotmag wheel for VW that was very popular in the 70's. It was quite flat and, frankly, quite ugly. Another wheel was a special wheel for trikes using VW 4/130 pattern. The wheel is similar to the Halibrand mag-wheels and were made in the dimension 13X10" (correct me if I am wrong). It is just recently that the JP-wheels from the 60's and 70's has got any recognition. There are still some of the later style around in Sweden, but the early style wheels has become very rare. this is taken from Tobias Lindbäck:s homepage..... Note... they are pretty common for Volvo in sweden... but rare for Porsche.... @golf73 Removed images from original post as they are for VW/Porsche applications with differences to the BMW wheel. Link below is dead as of this edit. http://hem1.passagen.se/tobiasax/jp.htm
  6. The LIGA wheels are interesting, look like they don't use lug nuts though. Do you have caps for them?
  7. What is the diameter of the light? Can you post a picture of the wiring, or does it need to be re-wired?
  8. Remind me of the late 60s-early 70s Lamborghini knockoff alloys found on the Miura, Islero and Espada!
  9. These would look cool with the recessed portions satin-blacked out!
  10. Did early 1600's not have any rocker moulding? Very handsome/pretty car!
  11. You might wanna buy a new hazard switch, they tend to have issues. Most likely associated with you turn signals not working. You can keep your old one as a spare or sell it. If you need help figuring out your wiring, try Ralph Hoch at Import Specialities in Walnut Creek. He's a great mechanic and an honest guy. I've known him for over 25 years. He's also listed in the BA02 toolbox but he's recently moved from 2nd Ave to Mayhew Way on the border of Pleasant Hill.
  12. Are these sold? If not, PM me merci beaucoup
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