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  1. i've had pretty good results on sandblasted steel wheels, blowing with compressed air, wiping down with mineral spirits, spraying self-etching primer and then Eastwood Argent Silver wheel paint, and following up with their diamond clear satin coat. several coats of each, with light wiping with tack cloth to remove the dust if you wait too long between coats
  2. Might consider spraying the lenses a clear amber hobby paint on the outside (Tamiya clear orange model paint or amber "stained glass" Krylon) and maybe go over that with a UV resistant clearcoat over it to protect the finish and against rapid fading. Havent personally done this but could be an option for you to freshen them up. maybe practice first on a US bulbous version as nobody wants those anymore, until everyone has the Euro ones and the US ones are all gone. I'm thinking of trying this method on some extra faded side marker reflectors i have.
  3. Next time don't take a deposit (unless you choose to prepare a legal document like others have suggested) People are too flaky these days.
  4. Which ones are you yourself, leaning towards? Do you care more about appearance or originality, both or neither? It's your car, do what makes you happy. However, I'd just keep whatever was on the car originally if you're malleable and need another opinion.
  5. My car won't start after sitting for a while. Not sad, just kind of annoyed. Actually, like really annoyed. Because I don't know how to fix it. 😭
  6. Please don't assume any currently produced BMW Group part is made in Germany. We're in 2020 and that is the reality
  7. Some people don't care about the look nor the handling, some do, some looks, some not, some handling, some not! Let's kill this thread as the original poster asked about 165 R70-13 size tires, and hasn't responded to any of the comments. Go buy some Achilles tires on Amazon.
  8. There's nothing wrong with the Vredsteins, in fact, they are fine tires. But with the CN36s $30 USD cheaper than the Vreds from TireSmack, geez get the damn Pirellis from Lucas and don't look back.
  9. granatrot! with a black interior! nice.
  10. How come you're selling this one?
  11. thanks @johnpeter the owner finally got rid of it. i used to see sit parked on fell street/fillmore street area in the oughts. of course, flipped by a well-known car salesman.
  12. How come Vern doesn't have the pointy front bumper guards? Is the rear bumper further out from the body, too, with those black rubber bracket covers?
  13. golf73


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