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  1. @Guy Cocquyt They are no longer available from BMW Classic, like most everything else, becoming difficult to find, and I just want the clips. I'm willing to try to salvage good parts from otherwise unrestorable wheel covers. If it doesn't work out, then I will look for a good wheel cover.
  2. Need a scraped and bent or otherwise unrestorable 1973 and earlier wheel cover to cull the rusty mounting clips on the back side to try make a restorable wheel cover usable. Please no wheel covers with bent/damaged or cancerous rust clips. Would be good if it had 3 clips so if i F up drilling out the first one or 2 I can get one good clip. I can deal with the rust if it's just surface rust.
  3. I toyed with the idea of painting the areas of the steel wheels black when restoring the early tii steelies I acquired a while back. Mainly to eliminate the distracting seam described by Steve and letting the venting holes of the attached trim rings to the hub cap to stand out a little more. Had my wheels sandblasted and have so far primed and given several coats of Argent Silver wheel paint and will probably just stick with Argent Silver/Silver Argent/Argent Argent/Silver Silver lol. I also think several coats of satin clear coat will help it last longer I have also been thinking about restoring my wheel covers, getting a leather sandbag/mallet, etc. since there is slim chance finding better ones. Noticed that on one of them, I'm missing one of the 3 mounting pieces that are riveted to the wheel cover to secure it to the wheel. NLA, of course? Don't even think these have a P/N? Find old unrepairable wheel cover, drill out rivets to scavenge the piece, rivet to mine?
  4. Is there anyone out there still using the 2-barrel Solex carbs on the modell 71 cars? The Weber on my car is a POS...Was nice at first, and after tuning works fine for a while but then starts dying at idle/coming to a stop. Haven't driven too many miles since last tuning, and it's dying out again. I have the original water choke Solex carb in a box. Wondering if there are reliable outfits out there that can rebuild the Solex. Ideally I want to keep my car stock.
  5. Looks really sharp with those factory alloys!
  6. anyone bringing: early trunk lid '73 stock drivers seat modell 71 right front fender modell 71 right door sheet metal under rear window Thx
  7. LMK if you still have an early trunk lid and those '73 seats.
  8. Got mine the other day, will be a while before I put 'em in but they look super nice. Thx for making these available Al. Cheers, Ryan
  9. Last time i ordered from them last summer I got bamboozled during the checkout procedure into some discount thing where it ended up that i was supposed to get 4 magazine subscriptions...it was a scam. I thought what the heck I'll just put 'em in the break room at work...haven't received a single issue yet. What a dumbass i was.
  10. Thank yeu most def's but it's only steel panels for Golfie
  11. Wow I didn't know they closed down. Thanks for saving me a trip over there. Yeah, the place in Pomona has decent stuff - it's kept indoors. Last time I was there a few years ago sheet metal was priced half of what new costed. Now that new is becoming unavail, their prices have gone up. Not surprising...
  12. Trunk lids are NLA? Guess I'll be going to Double 02 or 2002 AD

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