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  1. Thanks Steve! I might have told Golfie the same thing last year - but this year the Bavarian stars are aligning and am ready! Parts, I need more parts...Double 02 Salvage and 2002 AD here I come... Ryan
  2. It's actually pretty damn amazing that these are still available - like the early 02 alloys (I really need to get a set before they are NLA)! But you can't get license plate lamps LOL @dynosoar1 I didn't know they made the turbines for E21's in 14" - unless they were a non-OEM make?
  3. It sez "Alot", like Jim Carrey's character Lloyd said to Mary "Samsonite" Swanson in the climax scene of the Cult Classic film Dumb and Dumber
  4. No mention of gears being replaced, probably just a re-seal
  5. golf73

    Rear fog lights

    Just a comment on these @Artboakrill: Post the dimensions of each lamp. I have similar Hella lamps, the first one is really wide (in the original box, with switch) , and they vary in size - my second one is "for a 911 SC", like your second one, but is smaller, has a contoured lens and has a chrome back. I haven't mounted any yet pending my impending restoration - but will install one, probably the "Porsche" one! As an aside, some like to wire these as 3rd brake lights, as they are pretty bright!
  6. There has been a shortage of steering box gears for some time now, it is a "now" issue. High quality replacements would do a great deal of good for the 2002 community, others please tell me if I'm wrong...but if replacements were made, they better be GOOD!
  7. golf73

    Carburetor idiocy

    Kudos to @Einspritz , don't know who he is but always enjoy reading his knowledgeable posts. Yes change the oil and filter next chance you have
  8. I went out to the garage and told Golfie, I love you, and your restoration will be starting in 2019
  9. golf73

    Carburetor idiocy

    Right on, dude! No problem then. I've never smelled my dipstick (LOL!) but this is a good opportunity for you to change your oil & filter tomorrow, unless you don't have 20W/50 oil and a quality filter on hand...your local FLAPS probably won't be open! Until the next problem!
  10. Nice work! But what's it gonna take to get BMW Classic to get the steering box worm gears available again? Most people have steering boxes with no adjustment left...The demand is there...
  11. golf73

    Quarter Window Seals

    So you're looking for the rear pop-out window seals and not the front vent window seals, right? check out put in the rest of your info and then look around. you can save the part #'s and search elsewhere for the best prices if that link doesn't work just go to, choose Classic and follow the white and blue brick road
  12. golf73

    Wow this thing handles

    A MUST READ for every new 2002 owner!!! AND the Hymnals editorial. AND the factory manual LOL
  13. golf73

    Carburetor idiocy

    Are you unable to open your garage door for 5-10 minutes to try to start the car and let it run for a few minutes? Is it blizzarding outside?
  14. Complete, assembled, STOCK 1973 driver's side seat wanted. If does not need restoration, correct black vinyl only. If not, needs to function properly and have black metal hinges and unbroken frame and springs. No sagging due to broken metal seat back tab! Worn/torn/missing upholstery, padding and headrest OK (but must have holes for headrest pins - I kept my old headrest assembly - no Euro seats). Broken/missing "chromed" headrest and side seat back release lever escutcheons OK - I have new replacements. SF Bay Area location only, want to be able to pick up, not interested in shipping from out of state or more than 120 miles from SF County...Thanks!
  15. How long have you owned an 02? At least they're still available. Parts are getting hard to find and expensive. Suck it up and buy the whole assembly and have fun drilling out those shear bolts. Then get your door lock cylinders matched to your new ignition key, and you're all set.