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  1. Latest update: Cleaned the plugs and drove the car today - ran really well - no hesitation and smooth(er) idle. A friend sent me this NGK trouble shooting page and its obvious why my car was running rough with so much soot on the plugs! http://www.ngk-sparkplugs.jp/english/techinfo/troubleshooting/03/index.html Obviously, still need to sort the potential too rich setup but as suggested i'll check timing and valves and then tweak carb.
  2. Thanks all! Valves, timing, carbs - understood cheers
  3. Hi all, Couldn't find a definitive answer via 'Search' so here I am... I have a standard Baur set up, but with a single Weber carb, new coil and leads and Powerspark Module in Distributor have been fitted. I was working on my engine over the weekend and had the car running at idle for a while - (checking charging issues and various leaks). The car always starts well, but does idle a bit lumpy and has recently been 'missing' on acceleration - I did suspect one cylinder was inactive? When I checked the plugs, they were all as pictured. So to my limited experience, I suspect my car is running 'rich' but this is the first time I've had the plugs out and the car hasn't had a good run recently. Just checking what process I should use to troubleshoot, such as... Should I take the car for a good run at speed and then check plugs for a true reading? Is timing and ignition crucial before playing with carb settings? etc. As alway, any advice much appreciated regards Franc
  4. Trim looks great and so does the car, but I am intrigued why your rear euro bumper sticks out so far from the rear panel - looks odd?
  5. Radio was purchased from here: I'm amazed at the spec for the money: bluetooth, hands free phone, reasonable sound quality and volume and it even has a remote control! Lets see how long it lasts but so far, so good! I did notice the back became a tad hot in louder volume use - maybe normal? but I added a cooling fan just in case to help keep things cool. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401583055071?ul_noapp=true Gauge piece is available as a free download from Thingiverse to 3D print: https://www.thingiverse.com search 'BMW 2002' Print cost in material is a few £s I reckon and a can of textured paint to finish
  6. Finally fitted my 3D printed radio and ashtray surrounds and the £14 Bluetooth radio is a real gem! Just need to source a small speaker to fit at the base and maybe connect those additional gauges as well! 🙄 IMG_3004.MOV
  7. Understood. I was only wondering because i have pressure bled the entire system from back to front and both servos but i still have a frustratingly slightly soft pedal that does firm up if pump the brake, so it seems air is still in the system. No fluid loss and rear drums are adjusted correctly. I will persevere...
  8. So if I just cracked that open, that couldn't be used to purge any air from the brake cylinder using a pressure bleeder? Just wondering...
  9. Intrigued what this small bolt is for on the RHD brake master cylinder?
  10. Thanks for all the advice - much appreciated! i’ll research further. The guy that recommissioned the car is very knowledgable regarding the 2002 so there was a valid reason why he fitted those collared versions to my alloys - that’s what concerns me - he knew what he was doing! I’ll check the holes for enlargement, but I don’t think they are? I’ll also call the mechanic to check. All very intriguing!
  11. So I have the correct W&N part. 36 13 1 113 134 But still intrigued by the narrow width compared to the old nuts? Does make me slightly nervous 😬
  12. No, the collars on the old nuts are free to rotate but can't be removed?
  13. Hi forum, I'm hoping there are some wheel nut (lug nut) experts out there able to clarify a query I have... The Mahle alloys on my Baur have a set of rather grubby wheel nuts that the restoration shop previously put on specifically for those alloys. However, I've always been intrigued why they have a separate collar that strangely, on some of the nuts still spins feely when the nuts are tightened to torque? Anyhow, I thought I'd treat the car to a new set purchase from W&N, but comparing new to old, the new nuts have a slimmer shoulder taper? The old nuts fill the hole in the alloy where as the new ones look too slim? I'm slightly concerned these new nuts are incorrect for the Mahle alloys and worst-case scenario may pull-through the wheels? Does anyone have any suggestions on which is correct please? I did check against the W&N part diagram and they are specified as correct part?
  14. A personal 3D project i've been working on for a while now whilst my car was being recommissioned. Now i have my car back, I've finally got around to rendering out a few test images. For those interested... 3D modelled with Maxon C4D Rendered with Octane I think the wheels are too large? i'll take measurements to check.
  15. Hi 02 Baur people, Has anyone seen a version or used a wind deflector in their 02 Baur? sort of thing: I know this wasn't an original option but i'm sure i've seen a 02 Baur with one fitted - maybe an early 3 series version? I love the top down motoring but it does spoil my hair!

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