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  1. I’m with Slav. Been saying this for a few years now. The fun is gone, it’s all about money for everyone these days, even the guys who didn’t own them for value. Makes me want to run my cars into a wall, just to watch the value obsessed cry dollar signs. (So to speak)
  2. Nice. But we can’t leave until after Karie has her finale show at uptown arts to end the school year, at 5 on Thursday. Have fun guys! Be safe. See you Friday morning.
  3. As of today all paid items have shipped and will be in your hands Saturday at the latest.
  4. Super cool wheels.. The story I got was that when Hayashi was sold, that is when the HRE name became official, and remains HRE today. Your centers look very similar to the early HRE 501s I have on my red car. 20 hole, just the same. Mine, with titanium fasteners.. that is how they came to me. And judging by the promo photo here, they are the original fasteners. These came to me completely misconfigured. Someone took a staggered set of wheels and tried to make them square.. it was weird. When I split them and did what made sense. and as it turns out, they were perfect for my weld in flares.. with no spacers. I was super lucky.
  5. That's nice. Do you have a photo of it installed? I would probably get it installed and situated with the sheet metal screws, and then finish it with a set of captive head studs, down through the pedal/floor and put a nut on the underside. For that clean look.
  6. Haven't heard from you. I will be making these available again if you don't correspond soon.
  7. Because Racecar. !!
  8. You're the Mayor of Dallas, I see..  ;)  Hope you 've been well Nick!!!

    2018-11-20 10 00 00.png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. eurotrash



      Yeah, I was just wondering if you knew which 15s you had used.. 



      Which reminds me.. for posterity.  I need to ask if you recall which Ford wheels you used for the NK 15x7 wheel build?

    3. nbristow01


      I am looking for some body panels...have any?


    4. eurotrash
  9. That one is actually engineered to be as equal length as possible, and the opposing cylinders attached to the respective throat of the carb.
  10. Also, over the summer she got a dealer badge from the motherland, an ATi2 Indianapolis steering wheel like in the parts catalog (and the original Trogdor style horn button, later), better stahl header to replace the rusted through generic piece, a little PVGP, complete with a new gorel friend, a big brother homecoming .. Oh and an old, crusty jewel tip!
  11. To add to the snobbery.. The Italian alloys at 13x5.5 with 205/60 sprint classics. Vs the e21 weaves with cheap 185/70s. She’s now in in full effect. 🤓
  12. That mounting method is a design long used. Originally by Alpina, and others since. Mine is cut from a sketch I got from a man with an original Alpina piece. Its 1/8" steel and plenty strong. It hovers over the box over Tii booster by about 1/4". I presume the Tii, and earlier Ti air box body mounting points are the same, but the boxes themselves are different. The Tii is smaller in diameter. I have both in the garage and tested the Tii brackets that hit the body on my Ti box.. no go. If you want a winner as a part offering, make stacks that connect Weber/Dellorto carbs to the boots of the Ti air box. (Can I get an Amen?!) The original connecting stacks were for Solex carburetors, and they have a different footprint. So the stacks don't bolt to anything but Solex... Its a bish of a solution that has been the bane of many a Ti air box owner.. And to add to the good times, if you happen to be using a IE or Korman short intake manifold, it becomes even more fun.. so two designs, one for BMW manifolds and one for the latter would be the ticket. The ID of the rubber boots is 60mm, if I remember correctly. So a potential new part would be good for 40 or 45mm carbs. The 1600Ti/2002Ti stacks differ from the NK variety in that they angle up. So be aware of that..
  13. This I can get behind. I'm in for a set if I can find a pair of brackets for the air box itself...

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