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  1. wow.. Post editing is NOT working well
  2. Ha! After having sold the Ford, and going a few years without.. we recently updated our vannin' good times.. IMG_8389.mpg
  3. funny thing. Later, we bought a 64 ford falcon.. I didn’t have the heart to cut it..
  4. Ana, I haven’t had time to comment, but I wanted to pop in and tell you that the car looks amazing, and I think what you’re doing is a fitting and wonderful tribute.. to both family, father and all their history together. I love it. Keep on keepin on. .. good call on the intermediary wheels, btw. Maybe see if the beauty rings are still available. That will set them off nicely, and tie in the bright work. (As seen here on the #beersnob02 at Vintage back in ‘16.) Cheers! (Jason Gipson)
  5. It’s the only BMW in the world that won the only autoX at Vintage, ever. .. there’s that. and guys, BJ has been around this scene longer than a good percentage of the owners on this page. You all know him. If not personally, either by name or face. The car came to him titled as is. No harm no foul. And I am sure his reference to early parts are purely hyperbole. Eeeesh
  6. Indeed. I sell adapters laser cut to bolt to the seats and accept stock 2002 sliders. www.boltonbliss.com/products
  7. Installing E21 recaro seats for a friend and we have two passenger side adjusters. Figured this out after pulling his old seats (Corbeau w/ Corbeau sliders) and the car is torn apart! Thanks all!
  8. I’m with Slav. Been saying this for a few years now. The fun is gone, it’s all about money for everyone these days, even the guys who didn’t own them for value. Makes me want to run my cars into a wall, just to watch the value obsessed cry dollar signs. (So to speak)
  9. Nice. But we can’t leave until after Karie has her finale show at uptown arts to end the school year, at 5 on Thursday. Have fun guys! Be safe. See you Friday morning.
  10. As of today all paid items have shipped and will be in your hands Saturday at the latest.
  11. Super cool wheels.. The story I got was that when Hayashi was sold, that is when the HRE name became official, and remains HRE today. Your centers look very similar to the early HRE 501s I have on my red car. 20 hole, just the same. Mine, with titanium fasteners.. that is how they came to me. And judging by the promo photo here, they are the original fasteners. These came to me completely misconfigured. Someone took a staggered set of wheels and tried to make them square.. it was weird. When I split them and did what made sense. and as it turns out, they were perfect for my weld in flares.. with no spacers. I was super lucky.
  12. That's nice. Do you have a photo of it installed? I would probably get it installed and situated with the sheet metal screws, and then finish it with a set of captive head studs, down through the pedal/floor and put a nut on the underside. For that clean look.
  13. Haven't heard from you. I will be making these available again if you don't correspond soon.
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