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  1. 1971 BMW 2002 (E10) “Roundie” Survivor Southern California Car New Frigiking A/C Installed when New Mostly Original Paint VIN # 167xxxx ENG# 257xxxx (June of 1971) 47,300 Original Miles Chamonix (085) on Blue/Black Leatherette 4-Speed Manual Transmission Clean and Clear California Title BMWCCA Member Owned Southern California/Southwest from New Very Dry Survivor Mostly Original Paint $32,990 This 2002 was built on November 2nd, 1970 and sold new on February 5th, 1971 by C. Bob Autrey Motors, Inc. of Long Beach, California to a Mr. John Reeder of Downey, California. Upon delivery, the BMW dealer installed Frigiking air-conditioning. It appears that the car stayed in Southern California until it was sold to a Mr. Jim Schmidt of Phoenix, Arizona on February 4th, 1987 with 24k-original miles. In Mr. Schmidt’s care, the carburetor was rebuilt as well as transmission work. It appears that the next owner of record was a Mr. James Workinger of Scottsdale, Arizona. He purchased this 2002 on December 23rd, 2003 with 44k-miles. Although he only owned the car for a few years and a couple thousand miles, he employed Carl Nelson of La Jolla Independent to perform the following significant services: Water pump, repair radiator, flush cooling system Tie rods Rear brake drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, and master cylinder Rebuild shift lever Major service/tune-up Replace most rubber seals (doors, hood, trunk, glass) Also, repairs performed by local Scottsdale shops include: Rebuild complete A/C system (dryer, compressor, hoses, evap) Replace engine connecting rod bearings New heater control valve Rebuild carburetor Replace drive shaft, center support, and u-joints Nardi wood steering wheel installed The car was then sold to Donnie Crevier of Orange County, California. Donnie was the owner of one of SoCal’s largest BMW dealers and he also owns a classic car storage facility. He was attracted to the originality and low miles of this example. Over the 5-years he owned it, he rarely drove it and added less than 1,000-miles. He sold it on October 22nd, 2012 with 45,512 original miles to the current Orange County owner/BMW Car Club of America member. For the last 7-years, the current owner has invested well over $15k bringing this 2002 to the next level both cosmetically and mechanically. Highlights of the services performed include: Front struts and rear shocks (Bilstein) and strut bearings Most body, trim, and glass seals Hood pads Suspension bushings Correct 13x4.5 refurbished steel wheels and restore hubcaps Service A/C system Replace front and rear door/side panels and rear parcel tray Restored Becker Europa radio with iPod connector High beam switch Light refurbishment of engine bay to make correct Motor and trans mounts Fuel lines with correct OE cloth style Clean, prep, and repaint engine block Intake manifold Alternator Refurbish starter motor New Bilstein HD shocks and struts Refurbish and balance drive shaft Replace carburetor with correct stock rebuilt Solex Driver door stop Vintage Hella fog lamps on custom brackets We had our mechanic perform a light inspection and found the car to be in excellent shape and mechanically sound. He did install a rebuilt alternator and wired the fog lights to a switch so they will come on with headlights. Somewhere during the life of this car, the engine was replaced with another 2.0L motor from a 1971 2002 built only 8 months later. We are not sure why, but it appears to have been done a long time ago and possibly in the first year or two of the car’s life. The exterior of this BMW looks amazing. I’ve known this car for nearly a decade and I always thought it was restored. I was surprised to find out that it is mostly original paint (see pics of meter readings). It appears that everything is original except some paintwork on the lower part of the rear fenders and back panel. It is extremely thin and probably done decades ago. Our mechanic recently inspected it and said it looked like the left rear fender was replaced, but the work was very good and no signs of other damage. As you can imagine with nearly 50-year old paint, there are some nicks and minor flaws here and there (see pics). Everything looks right and typical of a well-cared-for 45k orig. mile example. There are minimal signs of wear. The steel wheels and hubcaps look great. They are wearing older correct size white wall tires that have near full tread with no cracks . All the glass, rubber, and brightwork look fantastic. All the exterior lights work properly. The interior is equally as nice and has been partially refreshed. The seats appear original and show minimal signs of wear and are still firm. The headliner is original and in very good shape with only some slight yellowing and a small tear (see pic). The door panels are new and look fantastic. The dash is also original and in really good shape with only a very small crack (see pic). All the gauges work properly as well as heater, fan, and even the A/C blows cold. The Becker radio works great and you can plug an MP3 player into it. The best part about these 2002s is the way they drive. The 2.0L M10 engine sounds fantastic and very robust. It’s hard to believe it is nearly 50-years old. It can easily keep up with traffic and is a joy to row through the gears. This example starts easily with the first try and the choke works. It does not smoke and holds an even idle. Power is surprisingly strong and immediate. The transmission shifts smoothly with no grinding or slipping. Even at higher speeds, this 2002 motor is very smooth. The brakes have a good initial bite with no fading or pulling. Handling is crisp and light. I’ve always said these BMWs make some of the best candidates for vintage touring and still can be used on a daily basis. California registration is paid through October of 2019. This BMW 2002 includes all original extra keys, original spare, fuel filler adapter, original owner’s manuals, original service book, 3-ring binder of many service receipts, original carburetor, Cocomats, and a car cover. **Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud. All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or paul@autokennel.com For tons of pictures, either cut and paste the following URL into your browser, or click here: www.AutoKennel.com
  2. Well...our trip to Monterey this year was a success and the celebration of BMW's 100th anniversary was spectacular. Our 1600 did great on its maiden distance voyage. Thanks goes to Randy Inglis restorations for all their hard work. Enjoy our short video:
  3. Sorry...didn't look. The gasket feels like cork and didn't want to pull to hard and break something.
  4. Is anyone else making this vintage 6V Varta decals?
  5. Hi Steve, Thanks for the info...great stuff. Yeah, I wish I could find the original bill of sale...that would be amazing. However, we know the car sat not being driven in San Diego at least a decade or more before it came to our circle of friends. Best estimates of 25-30 years of the car not being on the road. Still searching...one day Cheers, Paul
  6. Ok...I've been lazy doing any updates on our project...but Mr. Magoo the 1600 is done!! We did a few hundred miles of shakedown driving over the weekend and Randy at Randy Inglis Restorations is doing some last minute tweeks before our 300-mile backroad drive to Monterey tomorrow...woohoo! Besides the countless hours researching parts, fabricating, etc., we have been discovering more details about our car. It was a September 1966 delivery and the first 1600 delivered to the U.S. It was sold new around December of 1966 by a SoCal BMW dealer (don't know which one as I don't know how many BMW dealers were in business selling cars in 1966 in SoCal...we think it might have been Vasek Polak). Also, thanks to Anders for much needed details. And, countless socal Bavarian brothers for insight and parts...it takes a village. Here is a link to the video of Mr. Magoo (my wife named it) on it's debut drive by Randy:
  7. We are just about finished with the final touches on our BMW 1600 that is driving to Monterey tomorrow. The car is a 1966 build and very early. It came with the unusual gas cap seen in the pic below. This cap is very well made and is quite heavy (2-3x more than a regular gas cap). I did some research and could not find one like it anywhere online. Does anyone know what the deal with it is? Furthermore, we would like to be able to use the locking mechanism but it is missing the tumbler and key. We took it to a locksmith and he said it looks like a vintage BMW motorcycle steering lock unit. I did some searching and although the shape is similar, the motorcycle ones look too big. Does anyone know how to make this thing lock? Thanks Paul
  8. I'm looking for a 4-1/2" x 13" steel wheel (preferably date stamped 1966) but will consider others. Also, early 1600 owners manual and tool kit. Thanks. Paul me@paulkramer.com 714-335-4911
  9. Thank you all for your help...my buddy Carl Nelson from La Jolla had a brand new one and he is local. Thanks Blunt...I plan to bookmark your page and use you in the future. Also, I am looking for a decent spare wheel for the car. I would prefer the correct early 14" 1600 steel wheel if someone has one.
  10. Great...please send me details...interested. Thanks. paul paul@autokennel.com
  11. Thanks Steve. I posted something to Anders and have been in touch with him. He has been very helpful. After much research and many exchanges with BMW classic, we (although not 100%) are fairly certain that this example was the very first 1600 delivered new to the U.S. It's been a 10-year off/on restoration, but we are now on the home stretch and hope to drive it on a 400-mile Journey north to Monterey for the Legends of the Autobahn this August...fingers crossed. Cheers, paul
  12. We are finishing up assembling our early BMW 1600 and we are missing the chrome piece that is curved and goes by the driver door on the dash (see pic below). We have one piece, but it is in really bad shape and no way to rechrome without loosing the cool arrows for the controls. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Paul 714-335-4911 or me@paulkramer.com
  13. Randy Inglis gets the motor running. First time in decades a running motor has been in Mr. Magoo's engine bay. https://youtu.be/umvamCMr8nc [sharedmedia=videos:videos:142]
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