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  1. We took a deposit already...sale is pending. Thanks for the emails. Cheers, Paul
  2. No, it comes with everything you see. It is a mild/gentleman's hotrod/rally inspired build similar to what might have been built in period. The goal was to make it fun to drive, reliable, and comfortable for longer distance vintage tours.
  3. 1967 BMW 2000 Tilux Sedan 5-Speed Manual Transmission Fresh 2.0L M10 w/Dual Side Draft Webers Built by Tighe Productions Custom Interior by Juan Ortiz VIN # 145xxxx 15,200 Miles (24,500 Kilometers) on Odometer and Build 12,000 Miles on Fresh Engine Bristol Grey on Black Leatherette w/Corduroy Inserts 5-Speed Manual Transmission (E21) Clean and Clear Colorado Title (Titled as 1969) BMWCCA Member Owned Very Dry and Straight / Bare Metal Restoration $39,990 This BMW 2000 Tilux was manufactured on July 5th, 1967 and delivered new to its first customer in Switzerland on December 6th, 1967. Although not much is known about its early history, it did not spend very much time in Europe as it was imported to California very early. The car wears a California BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) decal from the 1970’s (see pic). This project began on May 15th, 2011. The current owners are some of my closest friends and they have shared countless miles with us on vintage tours. However, this is really what started it all. These owners had been enjoying track events and off-road desert stuff for decades but had really never participated in vintage fun rallies like the Targa California. They needed something older that was fun, comfortable, reliable, and preferably pre-1973. At the time, we shared our automotive campus with Jeff Tighe of Tighe Productions, a local vintage BMW specialist. Jeff had a knack for squirreling away rare older BMWs and parts. As a result, the chassis of this car sat in our secret parking area for years just behind our shop. This was a rare 2000 Tilux that was surprisingly straight and dry. It was just begging for a cool restoration/build. It was originally delivered from BMW in Chamonix (white), but we felt that a period BMW race color like Bristol Grey was better suited for this rally inspired build. Highlights of this build include: Exterior: Strip body, repair any rust (minor), refinish in Bristol Grey Source any missing trim pieces/refurbish as needed existing trim All new rubber Run electrical for all lights Clean original headlights and other lenses Wire and prepare front bumper for fog lights Install rear fog light Source rare NOS Personal Italian 6 x14” wheels (5 total) Finish in satin black with anodized lip Clean/polish all glass/new windshield Clean and refinish underside Stainless steel Talbot-style side mirror Interior: Custom full interior by Juan Ortiz Interiors Square weave carpet BMW Cocomats® Hand finished birdseye maple wood trim Restored gauges New correct ivory headliner Period Konig sport seats restored with corduroy inserts Restored rear seat and parcel shelf Door panels with textured map pockets NK 2000 steering wheel Restored dash Hidden stereo head unit (behind ash tray) Custom trunk boards Hardwired for Valentine One radar detector (V1 not included) Modern retractable seatbelts (3-point) Mechanicals: Engine build (replaced in 2015) Hot rod street motor 2.0L (9.5:1 compression) 248 Ireland cam Fresh head gasket Fresh main and rod bearings Fresh piston rings Headers Refurbished 3.0CS fuel tank (18.5 gallons) Rebuilt brake system Front ventilated discs Rear drums Rebuilt brake booster New steel lines 5-speed gearbox from E21 Bilstein suspension (shocks/struts/springs) Sway bars and bushings New control arms and spindles Refurbished subframes The project was completed just in time for Monterey Car Week in August of 2012. After this 1,000-mile shakedown, the car was fine-tuned and prepared for its first Targa California vintage tour in the Spring of 2013. These owners enjoyed the car for about 4,000-miles of fun vintage drives before the motor broke. In 2015, a replacement hotrod motor was installed by Tighe (see above for details). There is about 11k-trouble free miles on this motor. In 2015, 2002 Garage Werks in Ontario, California did some further engine/carburetor work including: Installed twin Weber DCOE TIPO 40 side draft carburetors Tune and set linkage UNI sock foam air filters Spark plugs Set timing/valve adjustment 5-speed billet dogbone and shift mount rebuild kit Rebuild shifter assembly Fortunately, these owners’ neighbor was Randy Inglis Restoration. Randy has been supporting many Targa California events and has helped build/prepare many of the cars. He did most of the routine maintenance and services this Tilux needed. Some of the work performed included: Regular oil services and brake fluid flushes Inspections in between touring events Spindle bearings Repair window regulator Custom stereo system This BMW has truly been enjoyed and has been a big part of the owners’ automotive social life for the past 8-years. They have joined us on many drives and are a familiar site in our mirrors and windshield. The car has been incredibly reliable, easy to drive, and surprisingly fast. In fact, through the twisty bits, they are one of the quickest cars on these tours. The car has been on mostly Targa California and Targa Baja events as well as several drives to Monterey. It has been displayed at The Legends of the Autobahn lawn as well. The exterior looks very nice and has certainly held up well. Of course, there are minor nicks here and there from normal use, but the quality of the paint job has been fantastic. The wheels have no curb rash and are wearing sticky NT01 tires that are at the wear indicator but are only a few years old. The front brakes have 75% life left. All of the glass (including the windshield) is original and in very good shape with no major chips or cracks. The interior looks amazingly fresh and certainly a testament to the quality of work by Juan Ortiz. The seats show little to no wear at all. The headliner is in perfect shape with no stains or tears. Even the original sun visors are in decent condition. The square weave carpet has no stains and has certainly held up well. The door panels look fresh and the custom hand finished maple wood trim still looks great. The dash is perfect with no cracks or warping. The rare NK steering wheel is original and in great shape. Even the horn works. The gauges all work except the clock. The Alpine Bluetooth radio sounds great and is nice for long drives. Of course, the best part of this unique BMW is the way it drives. It is very tight and well sorted. Plus, it’s very easy to drive and a lot of fun. It starts easily on the first try with no smoking and holds an even idle. The power is very responsive and it has nice low-end torque. It easily climbs through the rev range. The tachometer bounces a bit and isn’t the most accurate but it looks great. The brakes have plenty of stopping power with immediate bite and no fading. The transmission shifts smoothly with no grinding or slipping. The clutch is very light and super easy to use. The handling is really where this Tilux shines. It is no surprise these cars were fierce competitors in European saloon and rally racing. The car gobbles up corners and is a joy on the tightest of back roads. Whether you are looking for something fun, reliable, and unique to start joining us on vintage drives or simply a fun vintage car for more local events, this example fits almost any need. This Tilux comes with an extra key which is the rare original folding one, full size spare on matching Personal wheel, most receipts since build, and jack. **Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud. All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or [email protected] For tons of pictures, either cut and paste the following URL into your browser, or click here: www.AutoKennel.com
  4. 1971 BMW 2002 (E10) “Roundie” Survivor Southern California Car New Frigiking A/C Installed when New Mostly Original Paint VIN # 167xxxx ENG# 257xxxx (June of 1971) 47,300 Original Miles Chamonix (085) on Blue/Black Leatherette 4-Speed Manual Transmission Clean and Clear California Title BMWCCA Member Owned Southern California/Southwest from New Very Dry Survivor Mostly Original Paint $32,990 This 2002 was built on November 2nd, 1970 and sold new on February 5th, 1971 by C. Bob Autrey Motors, Inc. of Long Beach, California to a Mr. John Reeder of Downey, California. Upon delivery, the BMW dealer installed Frigiking air-conditioning. It appears that the car stayed in Southern California until it was sold to a Mr. Jim Schmidt of Phoenix, Arizona on February 4th, 1987 with 24k-original miles. In Mr. Schmidt’s care, the carburetor was rebuilt as well as transmission work. It appears that the next owner of record was a Mr. James Workinger of Scottsdale, Arizona. He purchased this 2002 on December 23rd, 2003 with 44k-miles. Although he only owned the car for a few years and a couple thousand miles, he employed Carl Nelson of La Jolla Independent to perform the following significant services: Water pump, repair radiator, flush cooling system Tie rods Rear brake drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, and master cylinder Rebuild shift lever Major service/tune-up Replace most rubber seals (doors, hood, trunk, glass) Also, repairs performed by local Scottsdale shops include: Rebuild complete A/C system (dryer, compressor, hoses, evap) Replace engine connecting rod bearings New heater control valve Rebuild carburetor Replace drive shaft, center support, and u-joints Nardi wood steering wheel installed The car was then sold to Donnie Crevier of Orange County, California. Donnie was the owner of one of SoCal’s largest BMW dealers and he also owns a classic car storage facility. He was attracted to the originality and low miles of this example. Over the 5-years he owned it, he rarely drove it and added less than 1,000-miles. He sold it on October 22nd, 2012 with 45,512 original miles to the current Orange County owner/BMW Car Club of America member. For the last 7-years, the current owner has invested well over $15k bringing this 2002 to the next level both cosmetically and mechanically. Highlights of the services performed include: Front struts and rear shocks (Bilstein) and strut bearings Most body, trim, and glass seals Hood pads Suspension bushings Correct 13x4.5 refurbished steel wheels and restore hubcaps Service A/C system Replace front and rear door/side panels and rear parcel tray Restored Becker Europa radio with iPod connector High beam switch Light refurbishment of engine bay to make correct Motor and trans mounts Fuel lines with correct OE cloth style Clean, prep, and repaint engine block Intake manifold Alternator Refurbish starter motor New Bilstein HD shocks and struts Refurbish and balance drive shaft Replace carburetor with correct stock rebuilt Solex Driver door stop Vintage Hella fog lamps on custom brackets We had our mechanic perform a light inspection and found the car to be in excellent shape and mechanically sound. He did install a rebuilt alternator and wired the fog lights to a switch so they will come on with headlights. Somewhere during the life of this car, the engine was replaced with another 2.0L motor from a 1971 2002 built only 8 months later. We are not sure why, but it appears to have been done a long time ago and possibly in the first year or two of the car’s life. The exterior of this BMW looks amazing. I’ve known this car for nearly a decade and I always thought it was restored. I was surprised to find out that it is mostly original paint (see pics of meter readings). It appears that everything is original except some paintwork on the lower part of the rear fenders and back panel. It is extremely thin and probably done decades ago. Our mechanic recently inspected it and said it looked like the left rear fender was replaced, but the work was very good and no signs of other damage. As you can imagine with nearly 50-year old paint, there are some nicks and minor flaws here and there (see pics). Everything looks right and typical of a well-cared-for 45k orig. mile example. There are minimal signs of wear. The steel wheels and hubcaps look great. They are wearing older correct size white wall tires that have near full tread with no cracks . All the glass, rubber, and brightwork look fantastic. All the exterior lights work properly. The interior is equally as nice and has been partially refreshed. The seats appear original and show minimal signs of wear and are still firm. The headliner is original and in very good shape with only some slight yellowing and a small tear (see pic). The door panels are new and look fantastic. The dash is also original and in really good shape with only a very small crack (see pic). All the gauges work properly as well as heater, fan, and even the A/C blows cold. The Becker radio works great and you can plug an MP3 player into it. The best part about these 2002s is the way they drive. The 2.0L M10 engine sounds fantastic and very robust. It’s hard to believe it is nearly 50-years old. It can easily keep up with traffic and is a joy to row through the gears. This example starts easily with the first try and the choke works. It does not smoke and holds an even idle. Power is surprisingly strong and immediate. The transmission shifts smoothly with no grinding or slipping. Even at higher speeds, this 2002 motor is very smooth. The brakes have a good initial bite with no fading or pulling. Handling is crisp and light. I’ve always said these BMWs make some of the best candidates for vintage touring and still can be used on a daily basis. California registration is paid through October of 2019. This BMW 2002 includes all original extra keys, original spare, fuel filler adapter, original owner’s manuals, original service book, 3-ring binder of many service receipts, original carburetor, Cocomats, and a car cover. **Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud. All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or [email protected] For tons of pictures, either cut and paste the following URL into your browser, or click here: www.AutoKennel.com
  5. I figured since we started listing this across the web today, it would end up here. Most of the local SoCal BMW vintage community knows this example and the owner. Here are the details: 1967 BMW 1600 2 Door Sedan Low Original Miles/Rare Survivor Very Complete/Never Disassembled One of Earliest Surviving 1600s in the U.S. I've Seen. $29,990 VIN # 1530xxx 41,500 Original Miles Florida Green (Code 066) on Dark Brown Leatherette 4-speed Manual Transmission Clean and Clear California Title Numbers Matching This car was manufactured on June 30th, 1967 and imported by Hoffman Motors Corporation of New York City on July 5th, 1967. Although not much is known about this early 1600, it was found about 5-years ago at a home (next to a barn) in Idaho. We believe it was with that family, if not from new then at least for most of its life. Sometime in the late 1990’s the water pump seized and the car was parked. At the time, they thought something really bad happened to the motor so they didn’t even bother with it. Recently it was found by an enthusiast who saved it and got it in the hands of one of the most knowledgeable vintage BMW collectors on the West Coast. This current owner knew how hard it was to not only find a dry and straight early BMW “roundie,” but to also find one complete with all the super rare and unusual early production pieces. Highlights of some of the original unrestored rare pieces on this example include: All grills, belt line, and deco trim Window frames/trim Bumpers “5-bar” kidney grill Correct front nose trim Hood and trunk badges/insignias Stainless steel hub caps with fragile and rare beauty rings (5 qty) All wheels are original and date stamped correct (including the spare) Gauges The engine and engine head are all numbers matching to the car Door hardware Chrome dash trim Rear and side view mirrors Carpet and upholstery (both no longer available) Water hose to the manifold with the red stripe (you NEVER see these) VDO windshield washer reservoir (narrow style) Two piece muffler Correct rear axles with clear boots (new boots) Airbox/air intake Complete interior 6-Volt system Generator All glass including windshield Chrome wiper arms Since the car sat dormant for so long, this owner’s team began going through all the mechanical systems. Their goal was to get the car running properly and be safe for a long journey. They also wanted everything to work properly. They were extremely careful to preserve as much originality as possible. Highlights of the recent work performed includes: Replaced all bushings in the suspension Services steering system including upper and lower bushings All new rubber seals throughout Flushed cooling system and cleaned out radiator Flushed out fuel system and cleaned out tank/new fuel lines Replaced drive shaft guibo Restored original rear axles with correct clear CV boots New Michelin XWX tires (all 5) Serviced stub axles with needle bearings Complete brake system overhaul including brake cylinders Refurbished original gauges. Full major service/tune-up New battery with correct mount system Furthermore, a compression test was performed and the results were outstanding: 150 even across all 4 cylinders The fact that this BMW exists at all is remarkable. The 1600-2 was BMWs big breakthrough into the U.S. market. These two door sport sedans were really what helped BMW get a dealership stronghold in the U.S. market. They started to trickle into the States by late ’67. Most were 1968 model years. Furthermore, over the years if they did survive rust and damage, most were modified or at the very least, picked apart. This example remarkably is incredibly dry, straight, and complete. It does not appear to have had a rough life. Most likely it slept in a dry garage for many years untouched. The chassis shows nothing more than some light surface corrosion on the raw metal parts. There are no signs of serious rot. The spare tire well and gas tank are in great shape. The incredibly rare and original two piece muffler is still in place. It’s a testament to how this BMW was stored as most just rusted off the car. The engine further supports this example’s low survivor miles. Unobtanium bits like the rare radiator rubber hoses are still in great shape. The front nose does not show signs of even being slightly tapped as most were back in the day. The exterior looks very nice and has that original survivor-driver vibe. The paint is not original; it has had one light exterior repaint. The trim and glass were removed first. New seals were reinstalled. The paint has a nice soft glow to it. It is not super polished shiny as the intention was to keep with the original look theme. There are small chips here and there throughout the car (see pics). The wheels are in good shape with just some minor signs of wear on the original paint. The rare beauty rings and center caps have been carefully straightened and polished. They are wearing new Michelin period correct tires and new brakes. All the glass is original including the windshield. All the chrome and brightwork is original and in remarkable unrestored condition. There are some light spots of surface corrosion in few places on the bumpers, but that’s all. The trim is very straight. All the exterior lights work properly except the reverse lights. The interior is completely original as it left Munich 52-years ago. It is showing typical signs of wear. The driver seat has a tear on the bottom as and the cushion is a bit saggy. The top of the rear seat has cracks from the sun. The headliner is in decent shape and also original. It has a tear by the rear view mirror. The sun visors are in great original condition. The carpet shows just some light signs of wear with no significant stains or tears. The door panels are very original and have all their original and rare hardware. There are some signs of mild wear including some of the silver material fading on the passenger side. The interior door spears are in good shape. The interior and dash lights work. The dash has never been removed and is the rare 3-piece unit with some cracks. The instrument cluster is in great condition and all the gauges work properly including the clock. The correct and rare hazard light switch/mount shows no cracks and works properly. The chrome pieces across the dash show some light wear. These pieces are very hard to find in this good of original condition. This 1600 drives fantastic. Most people don’t realize that the early 1600s/2002s were lighter than the post '71 examples. Plus, the 1600s had a more spirited rear end differential. They were down 15 or 20hp, but they made up for it in a couple hundred pounds of less weight than later cars and better gearing. This example starts easily with the first turn, does not smoke and holds an even idle. The manual choke works great. The engine runs very smooth with no issues. The 4-speed transmission shifts nicely with gentle shifting and there is no slipping of the clutch. The brakes have a wonderful pedal feel with good initial bite. Everything about the way this 1600 drives is very tight and indicative of a low-mileage survivor example. This 1600 would be wonderful on vintage tour or just local cruising. California registration is current and paid through January of 2020. This BMW comes with one set of keys, an original owner’s manual (in German), original spare wheel/tire, original jack, tool kit, emergency triangle, and original lug wrench. **Note: VIN and other numbers withheld to protect against fraud. All numbers including VIN, Engine, and color will be provided to serious buyers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or [email protected] For tons of pictures, either cut and paste the following URL into your browser, or click here: www.AutoKennel.com
  6. Hi pkchopp Actually, that's my car from when I took it to Trancas last year. Cheers, Paul
  7. This is awesome...thanks so much Hollowridge for the info. I'm going to try and purchase one...fingers crossed. Cheers, Paul
  8. I'm looking for a smooth valve cover for an early 1600 engine. Any condition is fine (so long as not broken or cracked). Below is a pic of a sample of what I need. Thanks. Paul 714-335-4911
  9. It's time to join us this Saturday (11/11/17) for our monthly L.A.G (Lazy AutoKennel Gathering). Click here for more pics and details Come by this Saturday morning (11/11/17) for our monthly LAG. We will be opening the AutoKennel at 9:00am. This is a SPECIAL day. It's Veteran's Day. We will be honoring those who have served by providing "Enthusiast Coffee" from our friends at Corsa Lusso. Corsa Lusso is a car-themed coffee company that loves combining the worlds of exceptional cars with exquisite coffee. So instead of brewing our "Bunn" style diner coffee, come down and enjoy some "real" roasted coffee. Life is too short to drink bad coffee and drive boring cars! At 9:15, we will have one of the best local breakfast food trucks arriving to feed us. They will only be here until 9:45am. All makes and models are welcome. Our location is: 1974 Charle Street Costa Mesa, CA 92627 There is an alley on the side of the building. Come on down the alley and enter the courtyard on your left. Try and park against the perimeter to make room for all. If the courtyard is full, you are free to park (and double park) in front of our building. There is also open parking on the street. Feel free to invite your other car friends. If a friend forwarded this email to you and you would like to receive these emails directly, please click here to sign up. Cheers, Paul -- Paul & Ed Kramer www.AutoKennel.com 714-335-4911
  10. paul-hb


    Horns look nice. Will they work with 6V? Is there a pair where it has one high tone and one low tone? thanks. Paul
  11. Well...our trip to Monterey this year was a success and the celebration of BMW's 100th anniversary was spectacular. Our 1600 did great on its maiden distance voyage. Thanks goes to Randy Inglis restorations for all their hard work. Enjoy our short video:
  12. Sorry...didn't look. The gasket feels like cork and didn't want to pull to hard and break something.
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