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  1. Yer appreciated Les. You’ve certainly done this for many years. Been away for a few years. When did you retire.
  2. Probably a polished turd. But nothing like that fool in Dallas.
  3. Could be. Won’t know wether it’s a polished turd or monies were spent on it until it’s inspected. I’m sure the dealer didn’t buy it to put money into it. Thought maybe the previous owner might have been on here and could shed some light. Never hurts to look at them all.
  4. Thanks Les. I was hoping you’d see this. Knew you would have the vin. I’ll pass this along and they can get it on a hoist to see the trouble spots you mentioned.
  5. Anybody know of any history on this 74 Tii sitting in a Palm Springs dealership by chance? Sorry no Vin #. Sister looked at it and is now in another town. Thanks guys. Know it’s a long shot with no vin.
  6. I thought I had the 2002 first aid. Is that box the one that came from the dealer for the 2002? ive got a couple of the boxed ones.
  7. 02tradition... you’re are a fool.its obvious you haven’t a clue of what it takes to produce an item. $40 won’t pay for the gas to go pick them up.
  8. Pehlivano came up with a nice reproduction and a very reasonable price I would say. For the nay sayers saying that the price is too high then pass on these and go find a NOS set. Report back at the deal you found. For the not original material guys. Your right. These aren’t original so it may not be the same. Give the guy credit. He reproduced something we all wanted. Job well done Pehlivano. I have a NOS set in my box but will probably be contacting you for another set before BMW shuts it down for copyright infringement like they have with so many of my VW repros. They look good and are at just the right price. Thanks for doing this.
  9. got 10 acres by the school. Know ridge rd well and most the people. Hopefully they are on the lake.
  10. Cool guys. Filth. Where do the folks have a place. I’m their UPS driver. Last name?
  11. Not worth wasting your time with it. They fucked us and we wrote them off and took our loss. Now we’re suppose to kiss n make up?
  12. Three quick questions as I’m not near my car. Why would the mold be different? Wouldn’t it be the same as the old BMW mold even if the original mold wore out? Can you remove this part from your car without destroying it or it or should I just get a new one. Is the Tii identical to this one pictured. Thanks guys. Edit: D.Martijn. It looks like the foil is missing on the far right side. Was that scraped and tore off or did it come like that? Pretty shabby if it is like that new for BMW to ship out.
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