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  1. penth2o

    Michigan member roll call

    got 10 acres by the school. Know ridge rd well and most the people. Hopefully they are on the lake.
  2. penth2o

    Michigan member roll call

    Cool guys. Filth. Where do the folks have a place. I’m their UPS driver. Last name?
  3. Not worth wasting your time with it. They fucked us and we wrote them off and took our loss. Now we’re suppose to kiss n make up?
  4. Three quick questions as I’m not near my car. Why would the mold be different? Wouldn’t it be the same as the old BMW mold even if the original mold wore out? Can you remove this part from your car without destroying it or it or should I just get a new one. Is the Tii identical to this one pictured. Thanks guys. Edit: D.Martijn. It looks like the foil is missing on the far right side. Was that scraped and tore off or did it come like that? Pretty shabby if it is like that new for BMW to ship out.
  5. Bat would chew this guy up n spit him out.
  6. penth2o

    Supercharged Tii on Bat.

    Hey Skip..... took a few years break from the Tii and groups. Got lost as it’s been many years. Starting to think about sticking it on a rotisserie and had to refresh and rethink. Get in the 02 groove again. Forgot a lot of shit about these things. Hope all is good for you and all the old names on here.
  7. penth2o

    NLA Part Production. Poll Request.

    Maybe blunt needs to stock these Paul. Worth a try.
  8. One of ours?????
  9. penth2o

    NLA Part Production. Poll Request.

    I’ll take one also Paul. Too lazy to go look at my car but I’m sure I’ll screw mine up when I rip into my car. Thanks. Are these zinc plated or brass plated like yer drawing?
  10. I’m sorry. I couldn’t take it. I read a few lines and closed the page. I’ll get the description from your posts here. WTF? going to look at the pics now but from your few posts here it sounds like it needs a restoration. Edit: Glad I did that... Not. That thing is brutal. Esty would shoot herself if she lived out there and had to deal with clients like that. Nice engine bay. One windshield pisser pointing down to the drain tube n the other one missing. Yep. Needs total restoration. Nice coffee can.
  11. Asked for close up hi res engine and undercarriage pics. For $45,000 this is what I get.
  12. Throw a paintjob on it and it’s a $24,000 02. Oh. It’s a Tii. $50,000. Someone is going to be disappointed if they do a buy it now.
  13. Isn’t Blunt over that way? Maybe he knows something about it.
  14. Andrew. Do you know what size the Fiche are? I have the reader for a couple other cars I have but I could start looking for the bmw fiche. Thanks.