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  2. Very sorry for not responding to the inquiries above. For some reason the FAQ didn't email me when the last few replies posted. Sorry, but I did sell the seats. Thanks for the interest.
  3. Right on! I'm a big fan of 'Mister Oliver Henry' and the Soledad Brothers. Still am, really. Saw them twice here in Minneapolis back in the day. Was pretty gutted when they split up. I caught Brian Olive open for the Black Keys at First Ave this summer. He put on an killer show and I got to chat with him briefly. Super cool, super talented dude. I hope he does another album soon. Would love for the Soledads to reform someday, but not sure that's likely. Seats are still available guys. Discount for rock n roll fans. Make me an offer, I don't want to be tripping over these things in the garage all winter.
  4. I'd say 'took' is a strong word. Ramps are sold to fund my Scheel purchase.
  5. Hey all....I have a set of FloFit seats out of my '74 tii that I would like to sell. They are in excellent condition and are basically like new. They appear solid black in the pics but are really more of a charcoal with a black insert. It's very subtle and hard to notice the variation but you can see a slight difference in the pics if you look closely to get an idea. Comfortable & firm but not rock hard. Bladders to inflate the lower lumbar work perfect. Bottoms of the seats are excellent. The foam is like new and I should've included a pic underneath but I'm happy to send high res pics to anyone genuinely interested. Included are the brackets shown. I misplaced the hardware that connects the seats to the brackets but it's common hardware you can get a a local hardware store or online. I'll likely find the missing the bits in my disorganized garage and of course will send along when/if I find them. I'd like $500 for the pair which I believe is fair given their condition. Will work with any shipper that buyer prefers. Ask that buyer pay actual shipping. Sorry I'm not sure what cost would be, but I'm guessing $60 - 80 each?? Weight of each seat is between 40-45 lbs, shipping from zip 55413. I live in Minneapolis and would be willing to roadtrip a few hours to meet for an exchange. Any questions please let me know. Thanks! - Kyle
  6. I don't have a Nerdi hub but may I buy your old (M-Technik?) steering wheel for Kara's car? Actually with my current tab I may need to inquire about your layaway plan.
  7. Damn! Late to the party again. Congrats to the lucky buyer, those will be a nice addition.
  8. Congrats Steve on the site, it looks great! I know it's been a lot of work! My only complaint is I can't find the part # or price for the Scheel seats pictured in your gallery cars. 8====)
  9. nice to see it back on the road dude.....looks schweet. That car changes wheels more than I change my undies.
  10. likewise Joel it was great to meet you, see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. Thanks for sharing the pics and to all who made our trip a good time. Kent, Ben, ZF Industires and all who volunteered their time & energy....thanks!!!
  11. Thanks Toby. In terms of tire size I'm running 225/50/15 in front and 245/50/15 in the rear with I believe a 5/16 spacer. Before Steve and I tore the suspension out I was getting some slight rubbing under heavy cornering on the inside rear. I'm hoping with the new suspension that issue will be remedied. I could probably go with a slightly bigger spacer in the rear, we'll see. I can't wait to see how the car will sit when we finally get it on the ground, as it appeared to have stock springs & pads when we pulled them out.
  12. haha....well my "helper" is really the "doer" on this project. I just order all the parts from him and comes over to install them. This is on a limited basis however. I'd say we're averaging around 30, maybe 35 minutes a month over the past few years. It's hard to get my helper to leave his fiefdom of cars & lattes. I blame Jonny. Thanks for your kind comments guys. I'm hopeful we'll get it out for a few test drives before the snow flies.
  13. Victor where exactly is your left hand in that 2nd pic?? I'm with Blunt. Looks like Victor Jr. married Miss Universe. Congratulations and cheers to the happy couple.
  14. Well it has my vote for America's Coolest 2002. 02's--especially of this caliber--are so rare here in the Midwest. I feel fortunate to have watched the progression of Steve's build and to have ridden in the car a few times. Really is a work of art.
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