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  1. VIN: 4270365 Year: 73 build (74 squarie shape) Model: 2002 Colour: Chamonix Currently road registered with an auto box. Soon to be upgraded to 45mm Webers and a 5 speed Getrag. Bilstein shocks, lower King Springs, IE bushings all around, 6 series rear seats, 320is steering wheel, BBS Euroweaves.
  2. devilspace

    Aussie built for drifting.

    Nice process mate! Any thoughts yet on interior? Given this will be a true track car, any chance you'll do a dump pipe straight out the side of the car, V8 Supercar style?
  3. devilspace

    Gretchen72 - Project SR2002 Touring

    Very impressive build! Great to see more 2002 owners from NSW! Have you joined the BMW 2002 Owners Club, Australia in Facebook yet?
  4. devilspace

    Parts to Australia

    If you're not already a member of the Australian Facebook club, think about joining. Search for BMW 2002 Owners Club, Australia.
  5. devilspace

    Aussie built for drifting.

    Love the build! I'm in Sydney as well, so if you need parts or a spare set of hands, give me a shout. If you're on Facebook, think about joining a page I set up for Aussie '02 owners - BMW 2002 Owners Club, Australia. One of the members is doing an S15 SR20DET swap at the moment, so you'll have some company.
  6. devilspace

    First restoration - 1973 BMW 2002 - Chamonix

    A small update: Suspension and front end I've started collecting parts for an overhaul of the suspension. - I've got a full set of Bilstein Sport shocks (thanks to Blunt) - New tie rods - A set of adjustable camber plates are on the way from IE - A set of King springs (25mm lower) are sitting at the workshop waiting to be installed - Top End performance just delivered a lovely front end strut brace (VERY hardcore!) Just contemplating getting a set of bushes to replace the old ones while I'm mucking about with everything else. Any thoughts? Intake I've also managed to get a set of 45mm DCOE Webers to replace the stock Solex. They're pretty messy at the moment so need to get a set of kits for them. Any thoughts on best choke tube size?
  7. Has anyone ever used the German-made Remotec wheels like the model attached? Any thought's on fitment? These are 15x7 et25.
  8. devilspace

    Aussie 1971 Chamonix 2002

    Hi mate Think about joining up to our new Australian 02 Owners FB page:
  9. Depending on where you live in Oz will determine how much of a community there is surrounding your passion/addiction (your 02). For instance, the Victorians are awesome, but the New South Welshmen are hopeless. In order to fill this gap a little, I thought it would be a great idea to create an Australian 02 oweners Facebook group for us to get together, talk 02s, organise meets and trade parts (very similar to what our Colombian friends). Here's the link to the group:!/groups/316528471765582/ Also happy for any others from overseas to join our community.
  10. devilspace

    First restoration - 1973 BMW 2002 - Chamonix

    Not much of an update because I've been playing with some new cars. Finally looking to start on the 5 speed conversion, but checked the casing of the box I have and its not the 245 I had hoped, so looking for a new one. Finally started to rebuild Weber 40s this weekend. Hopefully installing a hoist in the workshop soon which will make everything quicker. Upcoming plans: 5 speed conversion Webers Extractors Sports exhaust Upgraded head with lumpy cam (about to order parts from IE)
  11. devilspace

    salvaging parts from an E21?

    Here's the link: No Recaris but the seller has messaged me to say it's a 5 speed.
  12. There's an E21 for sale near me form $1500 ono. Apparently it has a 5speed in it. That's really all I need from it, so just wondering what other parts can be salvaged for my 2002. Apparently it has a blown head.[/u]
  13. Some Bilstein shocks are probably next on the list... At the moment I don't see the need for coilovers. Also have a thickver sway bar and rear strut brace (with battery relocation) to go in.
  14. Thanks for the replies guys. As I'll be keeping the bottom end predominantly stock and want dome decent mid range power and don't want to vibrate the fillings out of my teeth, the 292 is sounding pretty sensible. I'll certainly give the IE guys a call to talk through the build. I think oversized valves and stronger springs (or double) is also on the cards. I'be got a set of extractors sitting at home as well to let her breathe a bit better. Not sure yet what I'll mate them too, but will take your advice that 2.5' might be a little loud. Had anyone had their head gas-flowed etc? Out here its probably going to cost me about $1500 to get flowing etc.done, along with the build. Worth it?
  15. Thanks Bob! Is 304 too aggresive for street use? I was a bit worried so was going to go for 292. Did you go for Schrick or IE?