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  1. Do you still have this??? Original alpina header??
  2. Looking for a new or NOS late model 2002 Driver’s side grill. Have looked everywhere and it seems to be on back order from BMW at the moment, I have purchased a brand new Right side and NOS center grill and would love to have a matching Left side grill as well. 51-13-1-826-593 is the part number. Also looking for a NOS or New OE tail light assembly for a late model as well. I don’t know why everything on the left side is either NLA or back ordered but the right is not! Thank you for your help in advance! Hoping someone might have one stashed away!
  3. Any chance they wanna sell some of the new parts like the grills? Highly interested in those!
  4. I bought this 75’ pastellblau about a month ago. I’ve been looking for this specific color and year for a while as my Dad had one of these when he was younger. Looking to do a full restoration with a little bit of alpina flair. Also looking to build a little bit of a hot motor to have a little canyon runner for the weekends! So far I’ve bought a set of E12 NOS MAHLE 9.5:1 pistons, looking to build a bit of a higher compression motor with dual weber 45s. I have also sourced a set of 13x6.5 Alpinas for it. The car is an original california car that has been sitting for a good 10-15 years in a yard under a tree. Its got plenty of surface rust. The front floors are rusted through as well as the tire well from just sitting, but nothing significant. Gonna be gathering as many new OE parts for it as I can, and upgrade where necessary. First thing I did when it arrived at my house was take those bumpers off! Gonna be going with a shorty euro in the rear, euro front with an alpina front spoiler. Here she is, let me know what you guys think!
  5. im going to be out of town this week end, any way i could come see the car next week? im in northridge. also how would one aquire a title with a bill of sale?
  6. vme30m3@gmail.com im already a customer, have most of your shirts and hoodies actually. please let me know when new stuff comes out!
  7. what brand are those pig cheeks? they look like they sit pretty nice...
  8. where did you get the filter on the turbo? been looking for one of those.
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